Don’t fall for the HSUS & ASPCA campaigns- Donate locally!!!

So I have finally gotten up to turn off the TV, I am so sick & tired of the HSUS & ASPCA campaigns, I haven’t been able to watch one single thing today without at least 3 commercials from them & it just terrifies me.


There are so many shelters right here in our state who desperately need help, there are so many rescues who could turn a hundred bucks into food, supplies & lives saved. I have turned down FOURTEEN animals today, they will most likely die, I can’t do anything about it. Why? Because I can only afford 1 dog at a time, our foster home stole 2 of our dogs who could’ve made 75.00 to save 2 or 3 more dogs, with each adoption. I’ve already committed to a chihuahua with mange, who is finally starting to grow hair but isn’t adoptable, & demodex mange can take up to 3 months to resolve since she didn’t respond to Ivermectin. Does that stupid woman care that she just caused the lives of 6 dogs? No. she does not.

If you donate to HSUS or ASPCA you are taking money from a dog or cat who is in your local shelter, who’s very life depends on that money, instead you are funding their 401’s, the corporate salaries, the lobbying to destroy your civil rights & the right to own an animal at all.

Walk into your local shelter, ask them what they need & get your church, your neighborhood, your community involved, start a food drive for pets for food banks so that people don’t have to give up their animals while they are down on their luck, find a vet in your area that will give you reduced spays, neuters, chips, shots, & flea treatment & start a collection at work to fund some of them & ask other companies to match those funds.

It takes a village to save an animals, be a village that does!

Just look on or to find a local shelter or rescue near you!

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