Happy Thanksgiving… Maybe not for all: A gentle reminder.

Okay I went to court, for NO reason today, have to go back on the 30th. Atleast the Judge called me first instead of waiting til the end of the day so I go all my errands done.

Last night was good, since I found the info I provided to the city’s witness right on line, almost word for word on her own blog! Actually I found it a while ago but never read it because it was just more of her crazy rants but I just realized last night she had the emails I sent her posted on there as well.

I haven’t been online or home all day long, but came home tonight & found a notice from SnoCo Animal Control, Christine James called AC on me because I am sure the cops have been out to her house about the dogs she stole from me. So it looks like I am going to have to go to court to get the dogs back. Doesn’t matter too much because all I have is the 2 dogs & my foster dog so there won’t be a news story there. I think the nut job still thinks I have the Merced dogs, like I am that crazy… NOT!

Anyway I get online, & find out SnoCo AC has been on my rescue page twice today, which is normal just checking me out which is expected, but Everett has been on my rescue page, my petfinder page, my Everett page, my Taamu V Everett page & my blog. Cheeze Whiz already!!! Making the rounds or what?

People it is after 5p.m. go home already, go have some turkey & eggnog, quit thinking about me. Give some time to your family & friends, it is not healthy to fixate on me like this. Really my life is not as exciting as you might imagine it is… Don’t worry you all are going to have to deal with me for years to come, I am not going away any time soon.

To everyone else, please take time this Holiday to remember all of the things that you have to be thankful for, so many people are having such a hard time right now, if you have anything, then you have more than someone else, even if it is simply your life. For those of you that are by yourself: go to a local nursing home, go to a soup kitchen, go to a local church, go down to the Occupy Everett or Occupy Seattle sites & share the day with someone there. It is so easy to get depressed or stressed right now so please take the time to take care of yourself, don’t take on too much, & don’t take too much personally right now. If you are in trouble or need someone to chat with you can email me at finallyhomerescue@yahoo.com.

Please remember that all of the misery that others try to cause you is just a symptom of the misery they are in, especially at this time of year, it just seems to be magnified during Holidays. Instead of taking it to heart remember these are the people who think about you constantly, they have nothing, no one, just you to focus on, to think about, because they imagine your life is so much better than their’s or you have something they want that they can’t have… It is pathetic, instead of taking it personally just take it for what it is. A sad lonely miserable pathetic lacking person. Pray for them, YES that is what I said, pray for them, it will make you a better person, will make you feel better & who knows maybe it will help them so that they won’t bring so much misery to everyone elses lives. Every night when I go to sleep I pray for my kids, for my family, for my dogs, for my cat, & then I pray for all of the people who are trying to destroy me. Why? Because if I don’t I am in very real danger of becoming like them, or thinking like them, or feeling like them. You have to know, no matter what your faith: that in the end we all pay for our sins, just think of what their punishment will be… In the end everyone pays for their sins.

Just because you are doing well don’t look down on others, they are doing the best they can with what they have. Most people are 1 paycheck away from financial ruin, & those people that have little will most likely be the ones who are the most willing to help you when you have nothing. Holidays can be a very painful time for people, people who have lost family or children, or are estranged from them, people who have no money to go out & blow a grand on black Friday, or are facing terminal illness, or that of a child, people who are missing family members, there are so many reasons why the Holidays only bring misery. Just for the next 40 days, when you ask someone “How are you doing” look them in the eye, take the time to listen & mean what you say, it only takes a few minutes out of your day & that may be the only human contact they have, the only concern someone shows for them, if you see someone who looks sad, ASK them what is wrong, even if you can’t fix it, just let them know you care, that you will listen. It might just save a life, a precious life.

If you are blessed think about “Paying it Forward” when you go to get a Coffee, buy a coffee for someone behind you, when you go get fast food, pay for someone elses tab if you can, if you see someone who looks sad pay them a compliment, give them an honest smile. Do something, anything. Sometimes the smallest things mean more than any thing. Remember to practice Random Act of Kindness & Senseless Beauty this Holiday Season!

Yes it hurts me, it makes me sad when people turn on me, it kills me that my animals have suffered & are suffering because of hateful conniving people, when they call agencies to start trouble for me, when they lie to my face, when they steal from me, by now you would think I should learn not to trust people, but here’s the thing: If I act like them, think like them,  start to hate, start to mistrust people then I become just like them, that would be the death of me, it would be the end of who I am. As angry as I get, as much as I rant & rave, as many times as I get screwed over, I have to have faith that there are good people, & the people I have met that I call my friends, they are proof that I am not always wrong, that there are good, kind,  caring, honest, & trustworthy people still left in this world

Reverend,      Brandia Ta’amu

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