ACK!!! I just figured out the root cause of Homophobia!

Leave it up to me… Getting ready for the family day today & I have an epiphany!

I was listening to the TV some guy talking about being molested by a former coach, a story that is becoming more common as the days go by. Or is it??? As a foster mom & mother of 6 sons, I have ALWAYS believed that boys got molested far more than girls. There was not one boy who passed through my home that had NOT been molested at some point in their lives, but most disturbing of all is that most had been molested by multiple people more so than any of the girls. Girls have support groups, there is no astigmatism attached to it anymore, it is seen as what it is. A sick person violating a child, but for little boys it is not that simple, they don’t have support groups, they don’t even have peer support most times, most are made to feel like they are gay, like they deserved it, like they wanted it. Boys don’t talk about it, what better victims are there than that???

So what does that have to do with Homophobia? Well let’s consider the Women’s movement, men didn’t want women to have rights, they wanted us to continue to be viewed as property so they could rape, molest & beat us at their will, now we have rights, support groups, domestic violence laws, we can have a divorce, we can have an abortion, we can have a career, we can do something about it when a man puts his hands on us.

Child molesters have relied on the silence of little boys to continue doing what they do, once Homosexuality becomes accepted, once society comes to understand & accept it then where are the child molesters going to find their victims at??? I submit those who fight the Gay Movement the loudest, with the most vengeance are nothing more than child molesters who are afraid to lose their “Corner on that market”. Maybe they are even gay themselves, as well & can’t admit it.

It means we have to fight our own demons, our own programming from others, we have to accept & love eachother for what we are, whether we agree or not, we are duty bound to love one another, once we can start doing that, once we can truly understand that we are all worthy of love & compassion, even of acceptance, then we can begin to take back our little boys from the priests, the coaches, the fathers & stepfathers, from the boy scout leaders, the teachers & the volunteers who put themselves in children’s lives to abuse them.

I will tell you what set this off in my mind: I seen the boys, young men rather telling their story, then there was another story on-line about some preacher that was MR anti-gay preacher who it turns out was molesting kids & then it hit me! If we keep being gay a big taboo, that no one talks about then they keep boys quiet. Kind of goes along with the military’s premise “Don’t ask, don’t tell” pretty sinister when you think about it.

It also irritates me when people who “Claim” to be Christian bash other people. That guy, you know the one, the one who went around talking, saying stuff, & then getting nailed to a cross, I believe he explicitly said “Love one another as I have loved you” there were no disclaimers in that sentence, he didn’t say anything about sexual orientation, religion or race being excluded from that love, he also said “Judge NOT lest YE be judged” so how does any kind of hatred from a church make any sense??? That is why I am an interfaith minister, I don’t associate with hypocrites if I don’t have to, I love them from a distance, but I don’t get into their opinions.

I worked at the infamous Monostary as a young girl & about 80% of my friends were gay, me being who I am I asked them ALL why are you gay, everyone of them without fail all said: My teacher, my preacher, my father, my Uncle, my babysitter, my coach, molested me. So do I believe that people are only gay because they were molested? No, I believe we are all born the way we are, unfortunately I do believe that if a youngster is born gay that it can somehow be sensed by a predator & they capitalize on that very essence, & turn something innocent into something hateful & shameful. I also don’t think a predator cares what the child’s sexual orientation is, they are only looking for victims. I know plenty of straight men who have been molested, as a matter of fact most of them have been as well.

I wanted to share this, I have a busy day ahead of me, but I want you to consider what I am telling you, accepting another human being could save literally HUNDREDS of little boys from a child molester, it is a simple act, to love & to accept, & it could mean so much in the life of so many children. a typical molesters can have between 20 to 150 victims in his or her life, think about that, then look at your sons, your brothers, your father, your nephew, they have all probably been victimized. We have to stop the madness, we have to learn how to love so we can learn not to hurt. It is time to stand up for our little boys, they are vulnerable too, & they need our love & protection.

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