Goodbye cruel world…


Real Eyes…Realize… Real Lies

Tomorrow I go to court again for no good reason, then I go again next week for no good reason. Then I go to trial probably with no expert witness, probably without 1/2 of my witnesses because I am not going to endanger their lives coming across the pass because these peices of shit couldn’t get it together. My attorney is not getting back to me, his email is bouncing & the only one who is responding to me is another prosecutor to tell me they can’t respond to me…

There is a certain freedom in just not giving a shit anymore, I have been fighting dirty, underhanded corrupt people, they have DECADES of experience in breaking the law, violating peoples rights & bringing false charges. I have only dealt with this level of crap once in my life. There has to be something so inherently evil in someone to take a life, to destroy a life, & then to go off at the end of the day smiling because they are so proud of themselves, to gloat over the fact that they can win against a legally “unarmed” person.

I see the City got a better proxy server so I don’t have to watch them stalk me every day. I just don’t look at the counter that they haven’t beat yet.

So how long do you think it will take them to try to charge me with posting “false statements” on line against their little bitch? Yes I said BITCH, now try to prove that is a lie!!! She can post lies about me all over craigslist, send out 100’s of emails & lie some more but I can’t post facts that are a matter of public record to defend myself??? Yeah… Okay. Just be warned this time I know better, I will IMMEDIATELY file for a change of venue & I will NOT accept a public defender & we can do the damn thing.

Believe it or not I have bit my tongue so hard it has bled at times, but I am done with that. Now whether or not I am having a nervous breakdown I don’t know, I don’t care… but I think the day I am in court I am going to have someone start posting ALL of the info I have been given over the last 11 months of this bullshit case.


Their psycho has been on my page so much she should have it MEMORIZED by now… the dumbass actually claims “her work is sanctioned by HSUS” WTF? Really? Do they know this? Here is the LINK so you can’t say I am posting false information (Oh & I have already copied & pasted this woman’s entire blog to show the pattern of abuse she has been using for YEARS so telling her to erase it is NOT GONNA WORK!!!) Dipsticks… all of them & their leader is a Dipshit.


I am an experienced animal advocate and puppy mill investigator. My work is sanctioned by the HSUS, the ASPCA, BEST FRIENDS, LAST CHANCE FOR ANIMALS and CAPS, I have also worked with law enforcement on animal cruelty cases. I think it is great that those posting probably really do care about animals and we really appreciate that, we need more like you. Having said that, please pay close attention; this is quick course in puppy mills. We are not telling you this in a disparaging way, we just think the facts are critically important to this discussion: First of all Sierra Fish & Pets is not a puppy mill, the y are a pet store that buys their puppies from puppy mills and if a pet store is not offering rescues, their dogs are coming from puppy mills. This is indisputable as responsible breeders DO NOT SELL TO PET STORES! SF&P work with a broker that is located in Iowa. Through this broker, whom also owns a puppy mill, puppies are purchased from other mills. The majority of SF&P puppies are purchased from Iowa, the rest, from other midwest states, or the “puppy mill belt of the US.” How do we know? Because we have investigated them. We have spoken with the owner of SF&P, and he does not have photos of where the puppies are coming from, in fact, he admitted, “he did not realize any of this.” Further, in terms of breeding facilties, USDA licensed and inspected DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT A PUPPY MILL. The definition of a puppy mill is a “breeding facility that breeds for profit,” that is it, and they are legal. They are not always dirty facilities, some are clean, nevertheless, they are what we consider prisons. Do you think your dog would like to live it’s life in a cage? We don’t. According to the Animal Welfare Act, which is the only law enforced by the USDA, dogs may be confined 24/7, with no exercise, (only an “exercise plan” is necessary and this cannot be enforced.) They may have as many as 12 dogs per cage, with an allowed space of 6″ beyond each dogs measurement. Also, there are 10,000 facilities that are monitored by the USDA and only 70 investigators. They are not mandated to go to a breeding facility twice a year, and in MOST CASES, do not. They don’t have the man-power. Next, “papers” do not guarantee purebreed or anything else. Most of the time they are falsified and inaccurate. For $25., the AKC will give you your “papers”, and are not able to verify any of the information. The most unfortunate part of this puppy mill primer is that pet stores can say anything they want because they do not have to be accountable to anyone. There is no oversight whatsoever, and store owners can tell customers anything without worry of any harm. It has been going on for decades. Not only does the public fall victim to the lies, but well-intentioned, animal-loving store-employees fall victim as well. That is why store protests are occurring across the country and the movement is growing. For this reason, for the first time, store-owners will have to be accountable for their lies. One last item, to dispel the myth about rescues vs. store-bought dogs. 30% of all dogs available in rescue are purebreeds. And, dogs purchased in pet stores come from puppy mills and as a result, more often than not, come with horrific health problems. I won’t go into stats, but it’s a fact. Thank you for caring. Please Google puppy mills, and learn the real truth.
Posted by Animal Lover at 7:35 PM
Now I am going to sound like an info-mercial cause folks “That’s not all” I never really bothered with this idiot, I had bigger problems but now that I know of about 6 of her aliases, I found so much stuff on line that it is going to take an entire BOX of printing paper to print it all out to show just what a nutbag this person is. I can also prove stalking by just how many times a day she is on my site, & she tried to make a comment on my page which went to my spam folder which verified her IP address so we can print that out too but it will take at least 1 ream of paper if not more.
So while I might be ranting like a crazy woman they are the IDIOTS being led around by the nose hairs straight to the depths of financial ruin & destruction.
So if the citizens of Everett are wondering why there are no social services, why your seniors are eating dog food & splitting pills, it is because the leaders in your city are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars to placate their ego’s, & to violate pretty much the entire Bill of Rights, just to prosecute lil’ ol’ me…
I just realized, with my real eyes, the real lies: What would you do without me? How would you spend your days? What else would you have to think about? Is that why you keep dragging this on?
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