What good are “Oaths” if they are not kept…

So in the course of following up leads & tips on certain people  I stumbled across the Oaths that public/official officers must make, sign & declare before taking office. The wording is very specific, there can be no alternative meaning for the oaths, they are very simple & straight-forward.

They also are not even worth the paper they were written on from where I sit. It states:

I ________ do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution and the laws of the State of the United States and the Constitution of the laws of the State of Washington and that I will faithfully and impartially perform an discharge the duties of the Office of the City of Everett Municipal Court Position #2 for a 4-year term according to law to the best of my abilities

There goes that pesky little Constitutional thingy again. I am so discouraged, I like so many other stupid American’s actually believed that you actually could believe in truth, justice & liberty in this country. I don’t know why these people are continuing with this sham of a case, why they are so hellbent on trying to destroy me to soothe their own ego’s or why it is so important for them to try to destroy lives. It sickens me, it saddens me that people lie so easily, that they use their positions of authority to abuse other people. So was this man laughing while he took this oath? Obviously he had NO intention of upholding it. By looking at my case you can tell that much.

We hear a lot of “talk” of Ethics in Public Service, & it is a joke, a simple mockery. Tell the people what they want to hear to get in the door & then do whatever you want after your in. This is an elected position as are many of the one’s in my case, so people, citizens CHOSE this person, they support his actions. That is why I am filing a Tort Claim, & why it makes no difference to me what the economic backlash will be, it is called “Aiding & Abetting” people don’t think about who they elect, they don’t get involved in the process, they are just mindless autobots. “Check this box & go away… & while your at it leave your checkbook here with us, we’ll take care of it: We Promise”

By the Judge FORCING me to come to the hearing on the 23rd, Pro Se BUT denying me the right to represent myself, he has made one more case for appeal. (My attorney can’t be there but the Judge has still ordered me to show up) This is how power corrupts. You can take my Liberty, you can take my Freedoms, you can even take my Life but you can not prevail in the “Court of the Highest Power” you will be accountable to that court at the cost of your souls.

If this was a simple matter over a ticket I could take some joy in winning, but it has cost the last few precious days of life I could’ve had with my dog George. It may cost the lives of the rest of my animals. The more you push me the HARDER I will push back, you have taken everything that means something to me, what else is left for me to do but fight?

This is not just one person… It is a concerted effort by a group of people. Starting with Animal Control Officer Lori Trask, then onto the Prosecutor Mike Fisher, then onto the City Attorney James Iles, then the City Mayor, Ray Stephanson, then onto the City of Everett Councilmembers, Hatloe, Moore, Roberts, Gipson, Stonecipher, Affholter, & Neilsen. At some level they all had to agree on this course of action, they all had to okay it. NO ONE SPENDS 350,000.00 ON A SIMPLE MISDEMEANOR WITHOUT THEIR APPROVAL. The Judge has the power to look at it & say this is bull & dismiss it. Yeah right, that’ll happen. (((not)))

Atleast now I know why Superior Court Commissioner Waggoner screwed me over, the City Judge is also a Pro-Tem Judge for Snohomish County Superior Court, so I don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting Justice from the Superior Court level either so if this is going to be won it will be at the State Appellate level, unless by some miracle I end up in front of someone who actually cares about the laws or even upholding them. The point is NO ONE could do this on their own, it has to be a group effort. This behavior is condoned by all who participate in it. What a sad pathetic commentary on our “Justice System”…

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