The Reardon Scandal…

As most of you know I have my own opinion about Aaron Reardon, & Kate Reardon. It is not based in any type of Political position, & I have always thought that Kate was the best Candidate for the Mayor’s slot because she is possibly the only one who knows what is going on in the City of Everett. Aaron seems to invoke the petty wrath of many of his constituents so I have always secretly championed for him.

We all heard about the State Patrol investigation, but the new twist is that he was supposedly reported by a woman he was having an affair with. You know me by now I will take a stab at anyone if they show their behinds if they have crossed me. In a state where everyone “claims” that marriage is sacred so they won’t have to let same sex couples get married, we show just how sacred it isn’t…

Please remember those of you who live in glass houses & are throwing stones, there are CHILDREN involved, there is a woman who is innocent who was possibly betrayed. Now I said possibly, whether it is true or not remains to be seen… We have seen many incidents of scandals that were nothing more than lies designed to destroy someone, coupled with the fact that it came up just before the elections, that makes it much less credible.

What I want to talk about is the WHORES we give so much attention to, yes they are nothing but whores, if this woman was indeed having an affair with Mr Reardon, she KNEW he was married, & that makes her a whore, not a celebrity. I know if it ends up being true it all going to be Mr Reardon’s fault, & it is his too, he also KNEW he was married. The definition of a whore covers men & women. This woman supposedly prostituted herself for trips at taxpayers expense, who knows what would’ve motivated him…


n a prostitute or promiscuous woman: often a term of abusevb (intr)

1. to be or act as a prostitute
2. (of a man) to have promiscuous sexual relations, esp with prostitutes
3. (often foll by after) to seek that which is immoral, idolatrous, etc.

Infidelity is a painful subject at best, but for a person in the public eye it must be sheer torture, for the wife, & for the children. Marriage is a sacred institution, when someone steps outside the bounds of that, it is the other person who pays the price. So how does it happen? Why does it happen? This man has the most beautiful children I have ever seen, his wife is smart, strong, beautiful & confident. What more could a man ask for? Well that is where the whores come in, they find a mans weakness & capitalize on it, they wear away at their resolve, their own self-hatred & loathing can only be aleviated by destroying someone or something else, they are masters at the art of destruction, their misery is only surpassed by their hatred.

I seen a woman crying one day, her husband was begging & pleading for her to take him back & then a 3rd woman approached & said to her. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to break up your marriage” I told that woman that there were ONLY two people in a marriage, she did not have that much power, she was not in the marriage so she could not break it up” I took the wife to the side & talked to her about “Those kind of women” & I am glad to report that some 19 yrs later after some intense couples counseling, those 2 same people have gone on to build a beautiful life & home together full of beautiful children, & hopes & dreams for a future… meanwhile the whore has drank herself to death. If in fact Mr Reardon is also guilty of being a whore then I hope he gets what is coming to him, but it needs to be at the hands of the person he sinned against his wife & children, not the “People’s Court”

There are some things the public does not “Need to know” the only thing we need to know is about misappropriation of public funds, we also don’t need to “feed the whore” When her face comes on the TV screen, turn it off, when her statement is included in an article, skip it, when his face comes  on talking about “How sorry he is” just remember if he was so sorry he wouldn’t have done it & the only one he would owe an apology to is his family. He is only accountable to us for public monies.

If in fact this ends in a divorce, then it is the children who will suffer, so all of you taking such great delight in this, remember the children, think about what it feels like to be betrayed. If you can take joy in the suffering of others then you need to removed ASAP from the gene pool altogether, society has no use for you.


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One thought on “The Reardon Scandal…

  1. Two quick things:
    1) Kate is the City spokeswoman, not the Mayor, he just has her funnel all his contacts because he can’t be bothered with us peons, so NO I don’t have any ax to grind with Kate, I almost feel sorry for her for having to put up with him & myself simultaneously. (And now this BS too)

    2) Yes it does appear to me the “Better Woman” won. Look who’s got the ring, the kids & the last name, so it seems even if he is “weak” he is not totally stupid. It only took 20 yrs to figure out, they were the second choice??? Boo Frickin Hoo…


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