Sailing in an ocean amidst so many ships of fools

Another day in the life, I don’t even have ANY idea why I am still surprised. Stupid I guess.

Today was very exciting, enlightening & very informative. I learned that:

A) It is more of a crime to steal from a business than a person, but I thought that crimes against person were worse but according to the SnoCo Sheriff that is not correct.

B) I also found out that it costs 59.00 to file a claim in Small Claims court.

C) The Snohomish County Sheriff’s are awesome, & they still have a pretty good sense of humor.

D) I found the ONE crabby cop in Everett, but then he was being nice after I explained things to him, that never happened before.

E) I found out that My Little “Anti-Fan Club”, is conspiring against me ONCE AGAIN. It seems to be okay for their witnesses to threaten me, & it even seems to be sanctioned by the City Prosecutor at this point. Evidently Rose & Jennifer went & filed a Police Report that I was posting UNTRUE things about them on my on-line blog… Huh? I believe it as always been crystal clear that I have ONLY posted info I have personal knowledge of and/or that I have documentation of. At least the Officer added MY statement to it, so here is what happens now: Remember I told you that they are going try all the classic Ploys employed by EVERY City pushing for prosecution at all costs? Well this plays into what I said, they are going to try to say it was all me that is picking on poor little Rose & Jennifer, & right before court they will probably try to charge me with harassement & intimidation but once I present the HUNDREDS of emails this psycho sends out about me & get access to the HUNDREDS of posting she has put on Craigslist & all over the net, that shoots that whole theory down. She is posting to defame me, I am posting to protect & defend myself. So the attempt at charging me with “Witness tampering” is shot down. Besides that… What jury would be dumb enough to believe that I could do anything to “intimidate” those women.

This is part of the time where I am going to shut down totally. I will be posting but I will not be associating with anyone now, I am not doing anyone any more “favors” I am not going to be doing any rescue for a while. I have the 2 stolen dogs I need to get back & get fixed so they can be adopted, then we have the cat & the Chihuahua who has to go back to PAWS & that’s it. I sent my little Bully girl to one of my kids so they can’t take her from me & my roommate is moving so they can’t touch her dogs soon… Or maybe she already moved, I guess they will have to figure it out.

Amazing the lengths people will go to just to try to beat me, sad really. The thing that is particularly disturbing is the fact that they don’t have anything to do besides concentrate, & focus on me. Every single moment in their lives revolves around me, if they were someone important I would be flattered but as it stands now it is just down right scary.

So now I am going to photocopy all of the court records I have for them, so they can’t say I am providing “false records” so we can add that into evidence so I can prove everything I have said but remember I was expecting this so I have all of my ducks in a row, I made sure I have all of my documentation saved somewhere else for easy printing. I would like to know HOW they are going to fit everything in for evidence that they are bringing up…

You all know by now that I am autistic, I am agoraphobic & now I am more than clinically depressed… there are days when I venture into suicidal, that is the way this is supposed to be, to destroy me, from the inside, to withhold my animals from me to break me. THIS IS HOW I DEFEND MYSELF. I know that there are days I am so depressed that I am not sure I want to be here for the next day, I know that I had a stroke & my chances of surviving another are dismal at best, I want someone, somewhere to know that this is how the city conducts itself, this is how they do things, & if I am gone my story will always be here.

It is also how I defend others, this way you can see for yourself what kind of garbage you will be facing if you DARE challenge these people. I have never claimed to be cute n snuggly, nor have I ever claimed to be a people person, not once have I ever offered to be a life coach for someone, & there is not one single instance of me EVER applying for a PR job, if there is an etiquette & tact class at your local finishing class, I won’t be your teacher. Most people who have had the misfortune of getting on my bad side usually walk off going WTF is wrong with her??? Since most people can’t handle, the truth, straightforwardness, or any iota of anything they “perceive” to be a threat to their ego’s they just don’t know how to handle me, so most people’s stance has been to try to destroy what they don’t understand… Namely me

The problem is… I like me, I like being me, I like the way I think, the way I perceive things. Being me is very simple: It is Black or White, it either makes sense or it doesn’t, it’s the world & everyone in it who confuses me. It has been said “If you don’t stand for something: You’ll fall for anything” At the rate most people are going they don’t even have legs anymore!!! There is an ugliness inside of people that I will never understand, nor do I want to.

I have met some good people & it is them I will look to in the weeks ahead, it is their opinions that I will value, it is them I will strive to emulate. Now I have too go work on my page, & tomorrow finish up my police report, file another couple of Motions since they are ignoring my Motions via email which is in direct VIOLATION of the American’s with Disabilities Act. Seems like they have a manual of everything NOT to do & they are doing it all at break neck speed (((sigh)))

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