Having one of “Those Days” Corruption & Stupidity Reign

There are so so so so many many things that are so wrong with this case, there are so many things wrong with the way that the City of Everett & it’s employees are conducting themselves, there is something so wrong with the corruption that is running rampant.

I sent in my Final Motion for Dismissal again, it seems every time I think I have it done, I find 10 more things, 10 more laws, or 10 more instances of abuse of law… What started out as a 15 page document is now a 47 page tome. Nevermind how many hundreds of pages of proof & exhibits that go along with it. So… Now what happens? Well no one reads it, they deny it, I take it to Snohomish County Superior Court, they either grant it or they “Are afraid to impinge on the Municipal Court” then it goes to the State Appeals court, which helps me because most of the attorneys willing to help me are appellate attorneys, so that’ll be okay. If I don’t get a dipstick Commissioner, if I can get a real Judge, maybe they will grant it because the next in line to be sued is Snohomish County, so they won’t want the liability & they are already on the line for the fact that it was their courts who sent me to the wrong court.

The most pathetic part of this is that other prosecutors feel so bad for me that they are actually helping me. One actually sent me the list of the Shepherdized cases because I was going to use the wrong ones. So that is comforting to know that not all prosecutors are dirty or corrupt, some actually like to win on the merits of the law. It is almost heart-warming the amount of moral support I have gotten from Council members, Mayors, Prosecutors, Animal Control Agencies, & the Legal professions.

Nothing changes the fact that tonight when I went to sleep I did not know how my babies were doing, I did not get to see their beautiful faces, they were not snuggled in with me tonight, or in any of the hundreds of nights behind me. Nothing changes the fact that the last time I held my George he was terrified, his last moments on earth were spent in pain & terror, that his body was desecrated, & then either lost or thrown out with the trash or even worse yet, sold to a rendering plant to be used to make dog food.

I just realized what these people are trying to do by scheduling me in front of the wrong judge, or continuing this case 12 times, by not giving me the discovery they can prevent me from getting an expert witness, & keep delaying it. By doing this they are hoping to run this to the 1 yr limit so they can walk away from this, & say the statute of limitations had run out to let them off the hook. They can’t win if they have to legally try this case, but if the time runs out they can fight my Tort Claim by saying that I (YES ME!!!) continued the case out, over & over again & I was never found innocent. They know that whether I am found innocent or not they are still liable in a Tort Claim, but it reduces their liability.

Once any jury sees how many times my animals have been injured & endangered while in their care, & how many laws, rules, & amendments they have violated… Guess.

It is no coincidence that this thing with the “Rescue’s” asking me  to get the dogs from Merced for them on Facebook, now their page is down, & of course they flaked out on me & disappeared off of Facebook, at the same EXACT time this Christine James showed back up in my life all of a sudden “Offering to help me” but the one thing I just figured out is EVERYTHING I ever told this woman is all of the lies & bullshit that Rose Adams is spewing. I’m slow but I do catch on eventually. Again if I wouldn’t have contacted the USDA/WSDA myself beforehand, I would’ve been screwed. I didn’t contact them because I even thought I was being set up, I contacted them because I didn’t want to get in trouble right now because that is the last thing I would need. There is no way in hell I am going to jeopardize my dogs for anyone or anything. Honestly it upset me that I had so many dogs from California when we have our own dogs right in this state who are dying everyday, I am a staunch supporter of “cleaning up our own backyards” first, but everyone is scrambling for the cute little adoptable dogs. It is just sad how many rescues are now only saving out of state high money dogs. We have rescuers embezzling funds, stealing dogs, turning other rescues in & lying about them to get them in trouble, & rescues sneaking in dogs from out of state without the right paperwork or vetting. It’s absolutely disgusting.

Sad to say that I have learned many lessons over the past 6 yrs, most of them painful, most of them costly, & most of them at the hands of other POS rescuers. It is the way it is in rescue. I can not wrap my brain around how ugly & hateful these women can be, it still amazes: Yes, I STILL have the nerve to be surprised!!! I have also met a couple people that I wouldn’t trade for my life, they are the ones who keep me going & keep me off of a rooftop, they know who they are, the one’s who love me in spite of me. I might be socially retarded but at least I am not as hateful, ugly & mean-spirited as most of the women in rescue.They can not take from me who I am, they can not destroy me, the City of Everett can not win against me. Corruption & hatred are self destructive, long after they fall I will be standing because I am a stronger woman than they know. I am surrounded by good, kind loving people, I have a wonderful husband who loves me, incredible children who are good people, an abundance of grandchildren who will carry on the lessons I have taught their parents, I have a soul that has been broken by no one, I have wonderful friends, I have a very close family, & I have a brilliant mind. I often wonder about the people who try so hard to destroy me, what is lacking in their lives, what is so deficient in their souls… Do you know the MAJORITY of people on my website & my blog are Rose Adams, the City of Everett, & 2 other rescues? Yep, at least 37% of my traffic is them. How sad it must be to only think about me, all day, & all night, every day of the week, every week of the month, month after month. I don’t know whether to be flattered or nauseated. I just know I am grateful I am not them.

Happy Monday everyone. I’m going to go file theft charges against someone, & get some paperwork for small claims, since the person who stole my dogs is a business owner I an attach the business assets too! Just going to prove that if you’re going to throw stones… Make sure you don’t live in a “Glass House”



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