Another foster stealing dogs… The drama never ends

The situation I am going to tell you about is not the “Exception” it is the “Norm” I am tired of it, I am done kissing butt, biting my tongue, or trying to be nice. I am done with all of the drama that is rescue every day

Rescue is hard enough, it is heartbreaking enough, but horrid people involved in rescue make it far worse than it has to be.

Since I have been in “Rescue” I have met more ugly, hateful people than I ever have in my entire life combined. My heart has been broken more times than I can count. I have watched hundreds of dogs die for no other reason than evil women playing ego games.

NOT because of careless owners, but because of ego’s. I am sure anyone who has ever applied to a rescue has come across some of these women, the women who scrutinize every aspect of, every part of your life, you go through the exhaustive & extensive adoption process to be turned down because you live in apt, you don’t have a fence, you don’t feed the right food, you don’t drive the right car, you aren’t independently wealthy, you don’t shop at the stores they do, or you wear white after labor day (((GASP))). Let me tell you a secret: You have just met one of the miserable bitches of rescue!

God forbid you lose your home, or become the victim of domestic violence, or have to make a choice between keeping your kids living indoors to get a place to live, then you are immediately placed on a DO NOT ADOPT LIST, seriously just for funsies, join one of these yahoo rescue groups & see the reason’s some people will DNA someone. Yes if you dump a dog every time you move, or you call us 2 days before you have to move, & get mad because we won’t take your dog, or if you want a new dog because your old one didn’t match the new furniture, you are an idiot, you’re not getting a dog, you’re not getting a cat, you’re not even getting a Pet Rock because you might hurt yourself with it. It honestly hurts my heart when I have people who call or email to ask about a dog & they start out with apologies, & list all of the things they might be wrong with themselves. THOSE are usually the FIRST people I consider for adoption because in spite of being turned down by others & being put down, their hearts want so badly to have & love this animal that they are willing to take the chance of getting shot down again just to have this little soul.

I also don’t even have to like you personally as a human being to adopt a dog to you, if the dog loves you at the meet & greet, then what the hell does it really matter how I feel about you? At the end of the day when you are snuggled in with your new furkid, you are not even thinking about me, & soon he or she will forget about me & your lives will go on. Whether you live in a 6 figure home or a ramshackle apartment the love & care you have for that creature is ALL that matters, a yard, money, a fancy car, & where you shop does NOT predict what kind of an owner you will be, I have had people give me dogs they paid thousands of dollars for because they barked, or they were too much work, or they didn’t like being tied to the tree all the time (surprise). In order to make themselves feel better these women get themselves a rich husband or at least one that is well off, so that they can feel better about themselves, then that is not enough, then they get into rescue & lo & behold they have a whole new crop of victims to berate, belittle & look down upon!

I have been called a hoarder, been turned into Animal Control over 78 times, been slandered & libeled about 12 different ways, I have watched dogs die, hundreds of dogs die because of the games these sick people play, including 1 of my own dogs. If you are considering getting into rescue for the Love of God work by yourself, don’t tell anyone any of your business, don’t give anyone your home address, & don’t tell anyone anything you don’t want them to repeat, & twist around. They will still talk crap about you but they won’t be able to hurt you or your animals.

But I digress, this post is about a crazy woman who steals dogs, talks crap & thinks she is so much better than anyone. When in truth she is a miserable person who does nothing but complain all day long about how I should feel so sorry for her because she is in a loveless marriage with an abusive mean alcoholic, who has supported her, her children & her rescue endeavors, built her a beautiful enclosure & yard for her dogs, remodeled their entire house to suit her needs, paid 25K (or more) in vet bills, put up with all of her crazy crap when she refused to give a dog back to Animals First Foundation, yep he sounds like a real piece of crap to me… She talks crap about her own husband, think about that for a moment, your life partner, the man who supports you & your kids, that puts up with all of your lies, games & deceit & that is the thanks he gets. WOW!

Then she pulled a dog in a rescue’s name that didn’t authorize it or even know about it til the dogs were on their way & then responded by LYING about the rescue. She called everyone & talked crap about this rescue but thank God the woman she duped realized it & blocked her, too. But not without her almost destroying this rescue.

So here is her can of crazy… One day it is she will bring the dogs back, the next minute it is, she wants to take them to the Humane Society, but the next breath she doesn’t see any reason for them to go there. What? DON’T LEND THIS WOMAN ANYTHING YOU EVER WANT BACK!!!

OCTOBER 29TH…I am going to get you the dogs back.  I am not a thief.  And then I want to be left alone by anybody in the rescue world.  I don’t want anybody in the rescue world asking me to drive to a shelter to save a dog on her last day and pay the pull fees (Roxy), I don’t want anybody asking me for gas money so they can meet a transporter, I don’t want anybody agreeing to take dogs from another state.  I don’t want any of it.


NOVEMBER 10TH… I will not be giving any dogs back to you.  I would rather take them to the humane society than give them to you in the squalor you live in.  I see no reason that they need to go to the humane society, though, they are fine here for now.  they will get all the vetting they need and they will be placed in good forever homes with thorough back ground checks done.


Please keep in mind the “squalor” I live in is a 1 bedroom apt, that is on the same property of a hotel, but she thinks that if you don’t have a yard you are a horrid mean cruel person. So because I haven’t found an all day sucker to pay all my bills, that I can abuse, talk crap about, lie to & use for an endless bank account, I’m not good enough for her… but she constantly reminds me of how sorry I should feel for her because she is “trapped” in a loveless marriage to a mean cruel drunk. Yeah let me go run & find the world’s smallest violin & play you a tune. The dogs are pictured below, if you take these dogs, post these dogs, or try to adopt these dogs from this woman you are aiding & abetting a criminal &/or receiving stolen property & I will make sure you are also prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Period.


Dogs stolen by Christine James



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