Arrest in the theft of Takoda, Marysville dog stolen & then returned

The theft of Takoda, the senior Husky being drug away from her home screaming & crying in pain has haunted our dreams at night, but it was all caught on camera so the gutless wonder that took her had her returned, & then the wrong woman was arrested, & finally the right person was arrested. The family & Takoda still live in fear everyday, Takoda still has psychological problems. The wounds she suffered outside have healed but the wounds inside will take much longer. I scarcely doubt her family will soon recover either.

Takoda’s dad told me of her arrest yesterday, but I reserved writing about it until today so that all of the investigations could be done. He told me that Nancy Howard of had stolen the dog because a neighbor had paid her a 1000.00 to steal the dog.

This is troubling on so many different levels for many reasons.

Takoda was not taken because someone was worried about the safety, health & welfare of the dog, she was taken because of a hateful neighbor, & because of greed.

There are scarcely enough cat rescues to cover the 1000’s who die everyday in local shelters, & cats are far more expensive to care for than dogs on a good day. so what does this arrest mean for the cats? My hope is that this person steps down from the rescue altogether, & lets the rest of the people involved carry on to protect & save the cats.

Not all rescues act like this, but all rescues are run by human beings, all humans make mistakes & at times exercise bad judgement. The thing that interested me was the way that the news laid out the groundwork, they were convinced that Old Dog Haven had something to do with it, as evidenced by the fact that the FIRST rescue they interviewed was ODH, then a volunteer from ODH was promptly arrested, always keep in mind any news that you hear or see in the local media is pre-set, staged so to speak, based on what THEY think, after a particularly horrid experience with ODH years ago I was more than willing to believe it myself… that is until they arrested Susie Kush. I understand ALL too well the way that the media operates after my own experience with my kids, I know once they print something-true or not- it stays in print forever, & they are NOT interested in the truth. It was well known that my kids were at a babysitters house because we had a woman with 6 kids staying at my house who had no where to go but her kids were a little too wild so the neighbor watched my kids while I was at work, I sent report after report to confirm this but they never fixed it, they never will. They never slapped it across their front page that Susie had been cleared of all charges either, because they aren’t interested in the truth, they want headlines & since it didn’t go the way they had thought, it wasn’t that interesting to them anymore.

Just to clarify about a question that was asked of me: Do I feel bad about the story I told about my experience with ODH? Ummm NO! Absolutely not, it was my story, it was my experience, I own it & I had to go through it. I don’t like OHD & I never will BUT that really has NOTHING to do with anything. As I said they do a lot of good works for senior animals that would have NO WHERE or NOONE to help them & at the end of the day when a senior dog is wrapped in the arms of a loving foster parent or leashed up & walked out of the door of a shelter: Do you really think my opinion matters to anyone? Do you think we don’t all cry tears of absolute joy that that little precious soul is safe at last? Anyone who doesn’t understand that simply does not understand human nature, or the heart of a rescuer. We are all humans, we have our likes & dislikes, we have different personalities & ideals. Sometimes they CLASH! I guarantee you once a rescue was named every rescuer went into a panic because we knew that in the “court of public opinion” we were all in for a shitstorm. We gathered our little fosters closer & wondered what all of this would mean for their safety & well being & for our rescue efforts & all of us loony bitches all came together to problem solve & do some damage control, because in the end all that matters is the animals, not whether we want to have a slumber party & be girlfriends with each other. BUT when you come across a rescue that is throwing pins & needles AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS, they are NOT in it for the animals, they are in it for the ego.

So back to Takoda & her family… What kind of a shitty neighbor do they have? Why haven’t they been arrested for conspiracy to commit a theft? This Nancy Howard won’t tell who was driving, & what did she do with the 1000 dollars? It always amazes me how far people are willing to go to hurt & destroy another human being, or animal. The crazy woman that is doing this to me, the crazy woman who stole my dogs, they are just a few of many people who act like this on a daily basis, there is no rhyme or reason, they are just ugly, mean-sprirted, hateful people, just lying in wait for their next victim.

According to the Everett Herald this woman was cited with second-degree trespassing, third-degree theft and second-degree animal cruelty. She has since been released and is awaiting prosecution.

What does that mean? It means they started out with the low end of charges, so they will plea it down & the woman will walk away with a slap on the hand. All of these charges should’ve started out with first-degree, then pleaded down. She knowingly with malice entered someone property & stole their property & then further secreted & abused the animal. Right off the top of my head I can think of 9 charges she should’ve faced. The mystery has been solved but it has done little to help the damage done. Every pet owner who has had an animal stolen or had an animal disappear, or even murdered, this opens up so many old wounds for so many.

I will follow this case & keep you updated & yes: You can be sure that I am going to send parts or all of my research to the City Prosecutors to ensure this woman will be convicted at some level.

If you are reading this please remember to Thank a Veteran who gave us the right to free speech.

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