HOLY COW!!! I’m out now :~)

I just got out of Jail! If I had of known that going to jail would get me over 2000 hits a day on my web page & this blog I would’ve went a long time ago! Yep! They cancelled my trial & gave me a 5100.00 warrant for a 1000 misdemeanor, because we don’t have discovery yet to get a expert witness. I went to go turn myself in next door & Rose Adams & Jennifer Speelmon were sitting outside telling me I better fuckin run, & evidently they thought I would. So I went in, to the police station next door & they couldn’t find the warrant, but the two hags are sitting outside, so they made them go get the clerk & find it, so I went to jail, went to court, & now I’m home. Simple. But in the meantime this bitch who stole 2 of my foster dogs & 3 of the Merced dogs they tried to set me up with: calls my room-mate & tells her she is sending animal control over to my house to get all of the dogs. Stupid shit still thinks I have the dogs!What a pathetic bunch of women, but at least I will never have to be like them ever.

Again I have to tell you the Everett Police Dept rocks! Seriously, the Officers I turned myself into were so nice, they made it seem like a day in the park, they were so freaked out that I had such a high bail for a misdemeanor that they were all asking me what happened so they were extra nice to me, we were joking around, they explained everything that went along with the whole process, & all oohing & aahing over my pictures of my dogs & once they seen the paperwork & seen what was going on THEY were apologizing to me!!! I felt bad for them because they didn’t want to take me in. I told them it was okay, I expected the courts to pull some kind of crap & in the end it would all work out. They even stuck around with me for a while to let the jailers know what was going on, so even the jailers were extra nice to me. All in all if you’re going to go to jail, I would tell you to do it in Everett, but really you should avoid jail all together if you can 8)

Quick recap, 2 rescues asked me to pull some dogs from Merced, I said yes for the gas money. They flaked out on me, I was told they didn’t have all the paperwork they needed, but the law was somewhat vague on it, so I emailed the USDA/WSDA & asked them & told them what was going on. Meanwhile these same people were calling them on me. I got set up pure & simple, but evidently I beat them to the punch. I think they thought I knew what the requirements were, so I would hide the dogs, but I didn’t, so I got a hold of the authorities myself to find out because the LAST thing I need right now is trouble.


In the meantime I had a lady who fosters for DRAW rescue that just started a bunch of shit for them too, I asked her to foster 2 of my foster poodles, she did. Then she offered to foster some of these Merced dogs, took a bunch & brought all but 3 of them back. She kept emailing me telling me I should just let her keep the dogs, & she’ll pay the vetting for them. I told her she could keep the 3 once they had been cleared by the USDA but that the 2 poodles weren’t mine & she had to bring them back. Instead she gets on board with crazy Rose again & were off on a whole new drama.Sitting in jail gives you time to think… I just realized that the foster & crazy Rose were in on this crap together the whole time (((DUH)))

This is the crap you can expect when you get into rescue with everyone’s ego’s & their menopause. So this week I am going after everyone. I have really had it with all of this bullshit & all of the drama. All I ever wanted to do was save dogs, but these witches are so worried that someone will one up them that they will destroy another human being, & they will most certainly get dogs killed if that is what it takes. So if you are thinking about getting in to rescue, do it alone, work with shelters & private adopters only. These women will lie, cheat, steal, call CPS, call Animal Control, call the USDA, call anyone they can think of & lie. & if they can’t get you that way they will get you another way. On a side note I finally got Rose’s son in laws, name so now I know who to contact to tell him that she is calling CPS on them constantly lying about it.

The bad news here is this will make my case go on for another month & a half. The good news is that now that their stupid witnesses were threatening me & I have witnesses that destroys their credibility. Still it means more time before I get to see my babies.

I’ve got all the paperwork to file the suit against the foster mother, her husband & her company so as promised once I file it, it becomes public record so I will post it all here so you don’t get mixed up with this can of crazy yourself. The most worrisome thing above & beyond this is that she kept emailing me saying one of the puppies has constant diarreah, these are shelter dogs, diarreah can mean MANY things, Giardia, Parvo, or something as simple as change of food or diet. So while she is arguing with me about how much better she is than I am she is not getting these dogs she is trying to steal any medical care, so I have no idea what has happened with this little one, or if he is okay. I know they had parvo & giardia previously at their house. I also know that one of the dogs she had & brought back tested a faint positive for parvo, meaning he had just recently been exposed. None of the dogs I had here did, & they tested them ALL twice just to be sure. I know because we had to do the drop off in 3 stages, dogs who had been with me at all times, dogs that had been with her in one area & the big dog that was allowed to go into her common areas.

Oh & just to let you know, it is true what they say: Jail food sucks! Someone needs to get more funding to the jail & get rid of Aramark foods. For me it was a 24 hour thing but there are girls in there who are pregnant, & people with health problems. I don’t think I ever want to go there again. It was so sad for me, my room-mate cried all night for her babies, the girls i went to court with were  in tears, I tried to comfort them but there wasn’t much I could do for them. Young girls, so many of them who’s lives were just destroyed by drugs, alcohol & abuse, any one of those girls could’ve been my daughter, so while I sit here blogging away, it is 1 a.m. & I know that that little girl is probably crying her heart out, & her babies are wondering where their momma is. yes she did it to herself, yes those girls brought their problems on themselves, but they are so young, they have had such hard starts in life & not everyone has the strength to overcome some of the things they have had to go through. It was different for me, I was older, I am a Minister, I could reach out to them, & even the hardest of them who came to talk to me, they broke down, & they were all just scared little girls, in a world so out of control that they barely had time to recover. The most disturbing trend was most of them had no hope, no hope that they could succeed, no hope that they could do better, have better, no hope that they even deserved anything better. So as I rode the bus home tonight & seen all the girls walking down the “Ho Stroll” I knew those girls, I knew what was inside of them, I knew how hopeless & afraid they were & it made me cry. So before you look down your nose at someone just remember that could’ve been you I met in the last 24 hours, it could be your daughter. I don’t know if it is one defining moments or a series of moments in your life that turns you the wrong way, whatever it is it is a long & lonely & painful existence, no one deserves that, no one. Especially not the children.

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