Here is just a sampling of the time that the City of Everett wastes sitting on my page.

You have 3 more days to make some changes in your City, your vote counts, unless you want 4 more years of the same garbage. The city is facing a TEN MILLION dollar budget shortfall yet the city can spend a 1/4 to a 1/2 million dollars to prosecute me, cyber stalk me & harass me!!!


I will post all of the times & dates that the City sits on my page as soon as the court is over but here is just a smidge of the last 2 days. This is what the tax-payers are paying for, it represents the lost wages the city is wasting for a misdemeanor charge, it represents the stalking that is legally sanctioned. The harassment that is the way that the City of Everett does business. Even if I lose the maximum fine is 1000.00 & 90 days in jail which will be cut down to 30 days which the City will have to PAY for, per their contract with the Snohomish county jail. I will immediately appeal the decision which will take this to Snohomish Superior court which YOU the tax payers will also have to pay for per their contract with Snohomish County.

I have withheld the amount of time spent on the sites for my own court case,& info BUT you can request this info as a Public Disclosure Request for your own information. Anytime a City computer is used it is the public’s right to know. Also keep in mind that the City KNEW I was in jail on November 3rd & 4th so what did they think was going to change? They don’t have internet in jail & even if they did I wouldn’t enter anything you had to use a password for.

Also keep in mind there are 3 other IP’s they use but I am not posting them here as they don’t know that I know which one’s they are using, so yes; there is a lot more visits, a lot more hours spent on my site every day. Including nights, weekends, & holidays.

Is this really how you want your heard earned tax dollars spent?

Is this really what you want to pay for? Is this the reason YOU went to work today?

I can tell you that the prosecutor makes about 62.00 per hr, this is ONLY 2 days, it represents well over 12 hours, so when you look at your property tax bill, your paycheck, or your receipts,  just remember that you are paying for them to sit online. This represents 634.00 of YOUR money.

This is only for my web page, not for this blog… If I do the blog you will really come unhinged!!!

I am including the people who have sanctioned this & who are doing this. here are there emails so you can write to them & maybe they can explain to YOU how they can justify spending your money like this. Yes I know who voted to approve it! Remember politics makes some very strange bedfellows & many many “Frenemies”

Ray Stephanson (Everett City Mayor)

James Iles (Everett City Attorney)

Ron Gipson (Everett City Council)

Shannon Affholter(Everett City Council)

Mike Fisher (Everett City Prosecutor)

Councilmen Roberts & Moore as well but I don’t have their email addresses, but I’ll go look for them. I don’t believe that Council members, Hatloe, Stonecipher or Neilsen had anything to do with it, at least that is what I am being told. (I got a letter shortly after changing my stance on 2 of the candidates, to tell me he was glad I changed my stance because they had nothing to do with this issue at hand, & they said Council member Hatloe was having some family health issues & had nothing to do with any of this)




Visitor Analysis & System Spec
Host Name:     Browser:    IE 8.0
IP Address:    155.67.X.XX — Everett     Operating System:    WinXP
Location:    Everett, Washington, United States
Visit Length:    Multiple visits spread over more than one day     ISP:    City Of Everett

1) 3 Nov

2) 3 Nov

3) 3 Nov

4) 3 Nov

5) 3 Nov

6) 3 Nov

7) 3 Nov

8.) 3 Nov

9) 3 Nov

10) 3 Nov

11) 3 Nov

12) 3 Nov

13) 3 Nov

14) 3 Nov

15) 3 Nov

16) 3 Nov

17) 3 Nov

18) 3 Nov

19) 3 Nov

20) 3 Nov

21) 3 Nov

22) 3 Nov

23) 3 Nov

24) 4 Nov

25) 4 Nov

26) 4 Nov

27) 4 Nov



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