Ugh… Flu season is here, right in time for elections & political games.

So you are probably reading a post from a fugitive… I have been throwing up since yesterday & I’m pretty sure there is a lung laying around the house somewhere, so I missed court, tried to call but no one tells me anything or EMAILS me back.

Please keep in mind you are now reading Nyquil induced words, Nyquil with Benadryl because it contains alcohol & I am allergic to alcohol. WOO HOO! This is the closest I become to being drunk there is.

Drugged up or not: but did anyone BUT ME notice the state’s last feeble attempt at beating the liquor initiative I-1183 I think. Governor Gregiore released the budget (right before election time to show us what bad bad people we are if we vote for it) it is the equivalent of “Emotional & Financial Blackmail”. So in the next 10 days expect to see the ads touting what we have “lost” if we vote for I-1183.

I told you all I have family & friends on all sides of the law. Did anyone but me also notice that Washington has had only ONE major crime family here? Oh sure there are pockets here & there but all the Bosses in Nevada & California all say the same thing. They don’t have crap on Washington, they call it “Maffioshington” seriously, they can’t run liquor, the state has the market on that, they can’t run drugs the Canadians & the Mexicans have that covered & they can’t run cars, the Russians have the corner on that, & they can’t run any extortion or rackets, the Government has that monopolized. There’s no money to take from anyone. The only thing that makes them nervous is if they legalize marijuana & prostitution, then they’ll run them out of business in a 5 state area. Not my words but they may be true. Frank God rest his soul, was always very impressed with the state goverment.

Now that I really think about it, the Government is the biggest & best racquet of the trade. Seriously think about it, you have to pay the banks to keep your money, then they take it from you, then they take more to get you a house, & then here comes the states officials they take their share & the Officers & Officials have their own set of goons to come & take it from you if you don’t pay, then Uncle Sam takes his cut, right from your wallet, you don’t even get to touch your money. If you have a 40 hour work week you are working for your state & Uncle Sam, along with your town or city 10 hours per week sometimes more. Hey! I should start a Government!

Yep, the Nyquil is kicking back in.

Madoff ain’t got NOTHIN on the Social Security Administration, someone said it the other day, then someone else got all pissy about it. Social Security is the biggest Ponzi scheme there is, it’s true, you pay money to retire, but when you want to the govt doesn’t want to give it to you so they tell you to go back to work for another 5 to 20 yrs hoping you’ll just drop dead before then then you won’t notice the money is all gone… Oops. Do you know what my job was at the Social Security Office??? To give people forms, when they filled those out, to give them more forms, & if that failed give them even more forms in hopes that they would just go away, I was a rogue, I gave people the right forms & helped them with what they needed cause I’m just a big jerk like that.Why are people who have never worked a day in their lives, or say they are crazy, or are just plain lazy: Why are they on Social Security &: When did they start sucking people’s retirements dry who worked their WHOLE lives for it? What the heck did I miss???

I think we should put this on the ballot initiatives for next year. Let’s pay all the politicians MINIMUM WAGE!!! Or put them on the workings man salary, say about 40K a year, that’s the cap. First off there would be no more politicians & we could start all over fresh & new! YAY! If you find me floating down the river with a bullet hole in the back of my head remember it WAS NOT suicide, seriously.

Well the Nyquil & Benedryl is kicking my a** so I should shut up now. Happy Friday or whatever it is by now. Have a good great awesome weekend! I’m going to get some sleep & try to find homes for 18 dogs. Ugh….

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