Countdown to Everett Elections 2011

So it is almost election time!Are you ready? Do you know ANYTHING about your candidates? You should, they have control over your BANK ACCOUNTS, You go to work every day to pay your taxes to THEM.

There is 1 seat on the school board, the Port Commissioner & 4 seats on the City Council.

The Everett School Board has been like an out of control daycare, there have been physical attacks, personal attacks & a general destruction of faith in the whole board. We’ve got a politician & a mom running for office there. If you would’ve been at the Town Hall meeting it would’ve been apparent who you should vote for. Ms LeSense mirrored the EXACT climate of the School Board & gave me an insight as to why the problems exist that do. The first questions asked Ms LeSense barely answered, in her pre-written speech, & no matter what the question she kept going back to what her opinion was, there was no thoughtful consideration, no real answers just hype. Then we had the “Mom” who actually ANSWERED the questions! I expected her to be less polished, she was, but what I didn’t expect is for her to be so knowledgeable.

I actually got an email from someone asking why I wouldn’t do anything in my power to endorse a black candidate. HUH? I didn’t even take the time to respond. I don’t care what color someone one is if they aren’t qualified & they aren’t in line with the future of what I want for my grandchildren, then I am not going to vote nor advocate for them. Minority, family member, or friend if you are not qualified for a job you shouldn’t be doing it. As most of you know I have said I want to run for office in the City but I want to get rid of the trash before I would even consider moving back, but my children & grandchildren still live there. Problem being I haven’t found a position for which I am QUALIFIED where I can do the best for the tax-payers, next year may be different. I would be running for personal reasons but it will still HAVE to be for the public interest.

I am happy to report however that our own local reporter Scott North at the Everett Herald is getting back to his old self & he is rocking hot with the information. He is digging deep into the whole dynamic that is at the heart of the school board’s problems. You can see his latest article here Please take some time to read it & think long & hard before you put people in charge of your children’s education who don’t have their best interests at heart, only their own personal agendas. Just remember to have the hip waders near by once you read the documents. It seems most of the board & the Super need to be swept out with the rest of the trash or we are going to end up going the way of the Seattle School Board. Can Everett really afford that?

The Everett Port Commissioner: YIKES! At the town hall meeting when Wolken spoke the Port was all Roses, Sunshine & Bubbles, then then Stiger got up & told the truth about all the misspending going on & HOLY COW, it was like two different people from two different countries talking about 2 different ports. Not even close to kidding.  He at least a firm grasp on REALITY. Just because he is not a polished politico doesn’t mean he won’t do some good for the Citizens of Everett. Call me silly but my choice is for the guy who told the TRUTH.

Everett City Council Position #4 Ron Gipson V June Robinson

Okay this is a very interesting race. Out of 40 Council meeting this year, Mr Gipson only showed up for 27 even though he got paid for all of them. He also does not list his C3 or C3 reports which tells us who his contributors are, he just lists his contributions as 14,296K & having spent 12,732K, listed  here everyone else lists theirs. Sometimes the most interesting things about elections are the things that aren’t out there. I might also remind everyone he spent the Town Hall meeting rolling his eyes & staring at the ceiling. June Robinson’s list of contributors can be found here Her contributors make sense, but even more refreshing is the fact that includes NONE of the Mayor’s flunkies & buddies. If anyone knows where a list of Mr Gipson’s contributors are please let me know or post them here for me.

Everett City Council Position #5 Drew Nielsen V Erv Hoglund

This is also a very interesting race but the man for the job is Drew Nielsen, he stepped down as Vice President of the Council losing almost 1/2 the wages because of his conviction about voting for his conscience. He also is the NAY vote in so many schemes & waste of taxpayer money the Mayor & his buddies can come up with. I had chosen Mr Nielsen, but had said that Mr Hoglund was a good candidate, but in looking at his biggest contributors here I will fight him tooth & nail if he runs for re-election, his top contributors are the Stokdals, who run 1/2 the City’s real Estate & are looking to acquire the rest, he is also getting funding from the Mayor. So it looks like the Mayor is lining up his row of “Yes Men” & the Stokdal’s are looking to line up a good vote for themselves as well. Now Mr Nielsen’s contributors can be seen here & most of them are from REGULAR PEOPLE, not big corps, or real estate Moguls, not special interests, but real live working class people. That speaks volumes about his connections to the community he lives & works in. Stop & think about this for a moment, working folks who believe in him are contributing to him, but the special interests, the lobbyists AREN’T. We need to keep him so we can be sure that someone will vote for US!

City of Everett Council #6 Brenda Stonecipher V Scott Bader

Here was another fall from grace, but I am hoping that I am incorrect. My pick is Brenda Stonecipher but I really liked Scott, & was hoping he may run again if he lost. Seeing his campaign contributors  here I was very disturbed. He & Erv Hogland both seem to be funded by Stokdal Real Estate, & I don’t want a bought & paid for candidate period, not to mention he is being endorsed by the Mayor. Again I hope I am wrong & he turns out to really make a difference, because he didn’t strike me as an underhanded conniving politician. Brenda’s list of donors is also impressive, seen here & again her biggest contributors are the working class families which also speaks volumes about her connection to the community. Please remember that her & Mr Nielsen are actually BRAVE enough to vote against the MAYOR. Also let’s NOT forget, the children’s theater fiasco that is being hounded on right now, THE MAYOR ORIGINALLY ENDORSED IT but once it became an issue he rolled it off of his back & right onto Mr Nielsen & Ms Stonecipher’s back. It almost worked but he was quoted in local papers talking about how much he was FOR the whole idea. She also won’t vote for the Good Old Boys club, she is not afraid to speak up for the little person or for ethics.

City of Everett Council Position #7 Shannon Affholter V Jackie Minchew.

Now here is where I wish that I could really get it across to the local people that we  need Jackie Minchew in Office. he will not leave the working people hanging, his vote won’t be bought & paid for by special interests, it won’t be lobbied for daily like a common street walker, he will be thoughtful & make decisions based on what is best for his community. I don’t hate Mr Affholter, I just don’t want another yes man for the Mayor he is bought & paid for signed sealed & delivered, & looking at his contributors here you will see it for yourself. Most know that Jackie is not collecting donations so he can go in & not owe anyone anything, even if he doesn’t win this one I hope he keeps coming back until he does to give the voters a chance to see what someone fighting for them REALLY looks like.

This is all my opinion, based on hours & hours & hours of research, the thing is that I will be making an informed decision about my votes based on what I have taken the time to learn & what is important to me. Next year you have the chance to end the high level corruption that has become so prevalent in the City of Everett, but it doesn’t hurt to get some folks in there that will not let us get taken to the cleaners before we end the reign of terror & misspending going on now.

My need to educate myself was born out of being a target & a victim of the corruption. Once my legal battle has ended I am moving to sue the City on behalf of the tax payers that they have wasted almost a million dollars on for a malicious prosecution on me for. I am also going to try to get the Meservey family involved. YES the Citizens can bring about a civil suit against the Govt for wasteful & fraudulent money! Could you imagine 100,000+ people bringing a personal suit against The City of Everett Public employees & Elected Officials? Idiots took my animals, my liberty & my livelihood away from me & gave me nothing to do but learn how to fight them.

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2 thoughts on “Countdown to Everett Elections 2011

  1. I don’t have a lot of time but just a note to a question that was asked about my posts about the candidates.

    My “case” should’ve been a simple matter where the prosecutor didn’t even file charges, but this was personal, it was malicious prosecution, even the City’s Attorney got involved in this issue which let me know that this was a personal vendetta. So in the things I learned I found that the only way this thing could’ve went as far as it has is ONLY if the Mayor approved it. So that let me know I had to go after them FULL BOAR to get people like that off of seats of power. I’ve had other Judges, Lawyers & Prosecutors explain to me the whole process so I know who is behind it & how it works. They have all told me I have to break down the power structure or else this town will remain under a corrupt Government & that I am just as responsible as they are if I just lay down & do nothing.

    I am not just fighting for my basic civil rights, or for my own animals, I am fighting for thousands of other animals & for others that the city will strip of their civil rights if they aren’t ousted or put in check.

    As for the releasing of information that I have obtained about all of these people, I will A) not post anything I don’t have proof of, & B) will not post it without sending it to the actual person first, & C) Will not publicly post anything to do with innocent children or vulnerable adults. I will also decide when that will be. Pre or Post Election doesn’t really matter because once it comes out they can be ousted & I don’t want to run the risk of posting things that can be covered up or buttered up. I want ALL of the info so it is clear & convincing. Or I may just keep it to myself so that if these people remain in power that just maybe they will straighten up & fly right because they will never know when I am coming. It doesn’t even take me “showing” them whatever I have, they know full well the info I might have, & if I do show it to them & not make it public I can be charged with blackmail or extortion which I really don’t need.


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