The Countdown begins…

So we have 8 days before court, I say “we” not because there are other people living inside my head, there’s only enough room for me in  there :~) I say we, because 1000’s of lives of dogs, cats, a few ferrets, pigs, horses, chicken snakes, spiders, rats, & the occasional wildlife is all depending on the outcome (NO pressure there). Last year alone I rescued, or transported well over 1500 animals, this year far less, only a couple hundred or so. I also learned that: Yes, a 400lb stray pig can fit in a Toyota Corolla if they are willing to jump in & it can not outrun a 5 point buck with an attitude on a mountain trail, but you can fit 32 dogs of various sizes in it as long as you don’t have to go to the bathroom for a 2 state duration, thank God it wasn’t southern California, I also learned that it won’t run out of gas until I roll into the shelter parking lot, then I’m on my own.

If I lose thousands of animals will die in the next 2 years, which I am sure would make the City Of Everett Prosecutor Mike Fisher, Shelter Manger Shannon Delgado, Animal Control Officer Lori Trask, City of Everett Attorney James Iles, the City’s Mayor Ray Stephanson VERY HAPPY. See this is about ego’s to them, they don’t care about life, it’s all about getting the one up. Evidently I brought a pickle to a gun fight. They won’t care about all of these innocent souls who will die but they know I will so that will be the greatest pleasure for them, just like mutilating, beating & torturing my dogs was. So thinking that I may lose I have figured out the bright side of all of it, I have NOTHING to do for the next TWO YEARS but crawl up their butts for 24 months, then there is also my Tort Claim & my Appeal. My Tort Claim still stands even if I lose based on Constitutional law, if it was only Municipal, or State my chances would be slim. So what happens then is the Mayor approves another couple million dollars to fight me, they are almost at the Million dollar mark for a misdemeanor so what another 6 million or more? The taxpayers/voters have elected him, & they are letting him take care of their money so he can use it any way his ego sees fit, evidently the Troy Meade case didn’t give them a clue how far he was willing to go to spend their money. The Everett Herald reports numbers around 1 million dollars the truth is it is about 6 or 7 million dollars (possibly more) after all is said & done & it is still ongoing. Now that I have itemized the costs with my big mouth now if ANYONE actually cares to investigate it I will sure they will find more. Oh & the way I found out is a retired Judge broke all of the court costs down to me, he should know.

Now it is said that most of these cases don’t go to court, so that is how they justify the costs, but I am taking this to a jury trial. I will be televising the court proceedings whether by audio or video, so that you can see what happens when Judge David Mitchell is willing to ignore constitutional & state laws, when he should’ve dismissed it months ago, but you know: I talked back to him so now I have to pay… I figure I have already had to pay with the blood of my animals, & the abuse they have suffered for almost 11 months, & bet he’ll be the happiest man on the earth if I lose & he gets to pronounce me guilty. He will also impose the MAXIMUM sentence, you know: To teach me a lesson, about not laying down & having my civil rights violated. Bad defendant!!!

That is the BOTTOM LINE here: How dare I challenge them, they are far superior to me, they are untouchable, everyone does what they say… Or else!

Now if I win… I have no idea what is left of my animals, emotionally or physically or who is even still alive. They have had to stall  out on giving them to me since they have various outbreaks, been given poison meds, gotten parasitic infections, fleas, tapeworms, possibly been attacked or hit by a car, & you have to ask yourself WHY would anyone donate to Everett Animal Rescue Foundation if they knew what horrendous care they DIDN’T take of animals entrusted to their care, which doesn’t surprise me considering the extent of the damage & injuries to the animals I was rescuing from there in 2009. I wish to GOD I wouldn’t have listened to the other rescuers & had went public with this then & maybe by now something would’ve changed for the poor animals that are abused there on a daily basis judging from what I seen & experienced. (Remember it’s not slander or libel when you have WRITTEN documentation)

I would like to invite anyone who feels like coming to the trial so you can see & hear for yourselves, how your tax dollars are being wasted. It is at the Everett Municipal Court, at 8:30 a.m. on November 3rd & November 4th 2011. If you are not able to make it then I will be televising it like I said before, either by audio or video. I’ve got someone setting it up for me so you will be able to go to specific parts & to create a search index for it as well. Since someone already took the liberty of sending me a list of all the volunteers for the shelter, & family members as well as any friends or family to the City Govt so we won’t get a rigged jury. It is truly amazing to me how many people hate the Government in Everett. It is also very humbling to see how many people stand behind me & how many agencies that have invited me to come & live in their jurisdiction so I can continue to save animals & contribute to their communities, or even how many elected officials & other govt employees have pitched in to help me understand the process & what to do to fight. My entire appeal will be paid for in full if I lose because of the kindness of attorney’s who are aware of this as well from as far as New York who are willing to help & put in man & research hours to assist state’s attorneys.

All I want is to feel my babies in my arms again, all I need is to see their beautiful faces, to be able to lay my precious baby George to rest & free his soul so that someday he may return to me, but I am fighting evil & this world is the Devil’s domain as evidenced by the actions of the City players in this drama, but in the end Good always triumphs over Evil.


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