My weekends are NOT made for Michelob

I learn something every day, whether I want to or not. As a mother of 6 boys & 1 girl I learned something a long time ago: Just don’t ask or someone will answer you, & the answer might just give you a brain hemmorrage. There are also things that make you stupid just by knowing them, literally you can feel the brain cells dying as you are hearing it.

I also realized that while I may be lacking in some social & mental resources there are people out there who just should not be allowed to go outside unattended, but they are!!! I also realize that NO MATTER WHAT YOU TELL PEOPLE if they don’t want to hear it they won’t listen.

This weekend started out what seems to be the beginning of a very long week in terms of stupid. This weekend the neighbor goes off & abandons her kid & her cat. The landlord finally found the kid’s grandpa, & gives me the cat, but my roommate is deadly allergic to him so it’s a mad scramble for a foster. My vet flaked out on me AGAIN for a prepaid spay, & the people are threatening to call the police on me, so basically I told them I would come get the dog get their money back from the vet & be done with it, so then all of a sudden it was all just a big misunderstanding, which by the way it is Tuesday & I’m still waiting for an appt. Then I find out a dog I adopted out last month got sick & the people call me screaming at me but once I explained to them the incubation period for Kennel Cough, they figure out it has to be a sickly little dog that is a stray in their neighborhood & can I come trap him. Fine now I have to find a trap. Then a guy calls me to ask if I can take his 110lb dog/cat/people aggressive dog cause he is moving on Monday. Um… NO! The dog outweighs me & I don’t have an available foster who takes psychotic dogs that could kill someone. So he calls me back & tells me I am a heartless bitch & now his dog is going to die because I am the biggest piece of shit on the planet. Then I get a call from a shelter that I as supposed to do a transport for to tell me nevermind they had a parvo outbreak & pretty much everyone was sick so yesterday they put them all down, even the cats, WTF??? Oh but not to worry, I’ve got 4 breeders & 3 shelters begging me to take their animals & the breeders are hard headed & won’t give them to another rescue & the shelters have no one else because everyone is only bringing in cute little designer dogs from California & abandoning the shelters & animals up here. So I have a couple poodles on my site for adoption, & I get an email from another rescuer who YELLS at me for 3 paragraphs about WHY I can’t charge such a low adoption fee & how am I supposed to make any money & am I trying to run them out of business & once again I am a bitch.

Saturday I go to cash a check from an adopter & it bounces but not before I was out of gas, so I got stranded for 6 hours in the rain. My toes are still wrinkled from walking around in the rain in my moccasins to go to the payphone because OF COURSE my cell phone died & I didn’t have my charger.

Wait back up! Thursday was my granddaughter’s Birthday, my other daughter in law asked me to watch my twin grandsons & I told her okay but she had to be back by 7a.m. because I had an appt. at the Dept of Justice about my case at 8:30. So she gets here somewhere around 11a.m. & screws up everything I had planned from going to the DOJ, getting our dog food donations, going to my attorney’s office, going to use the printer at my friend’s office & taking my other son to a job interview. FRICK!!!

I made it through Friday, I lived through Saturday, so Sunday that should be a day of rest. ON ANOTHER PLANET (& I want to go there)!!! Guy calls me, his dog got hit so can I take it? By a car? He thinks so (WTH?) Has he been to the vet? NO Is he in this state? NO! REALLY? How in the hell did he get my phone number? One of my adopters in Oregon told him about me, so I get someone down there to foster & take pix for me, got x-rays & there is no broken bones, but he has a gash in him about 9 inches long & about 3 inches deep, Can it be stitched? NO BECAUSE THE DOG GOT HIT A WEEK AGO!!! Great so there went all the money I was supposed to use for a rescue run. Now keep in mind. Doing the 501(c)3 thing any money that comes in for the dogs MUST remain for use for the dogs, but you must have dogs, & they must get adopted or there is NO money, so I had to borrow money from my mother which is despicable, but not many other choices. So the usual flurry of calls on Sunday of people who are moving on Monday & must find a home for their dog, cat, pig, rabbits, chickens, raccoon, horses, & friggin snake (and that was just on Sunday) so 5 no’s later, & being told that I was a bitch twice I turned off the phone & plotted on how to get anonymous to shut down DEX who in all their wisdom LISTED ME IN THE PHONE BOOK IN PIERCE COUNTY, it is a 425 number for fricks sake!!! Get a clue DEX. So my husband sensing my impending nervous breakdown takes me out to Dick’s but the line was longer than most concerts we have gone to in the past so we head to another one, I get my food & of course a 1 legged Seagull lands on our car, yep you got it, he got 2 orders of fries & a Dick’s deluxe & for those of you who don’t know, if a one legged Seagull trusts you enough he will sit next to you & share your milkshake, & they really enjoy it, immensely enjoy it. All I can say about that is at least they don’t slobber, but people sure do like to STARE. So as I am taking the bags to the trash hop along is behind me squawking until I let him thoroughly check the bags to make sure NOTHING was left, at which point he hopped back to the car & tried to jump inside. Just to clarify, the husband said no we can not have a seagull. As I am walking back to the car a homeless kid walks up to me & says lady I can’t take care of my dog, can you take him. I don’t see a dog, & the kid looks strung out, so I ask him where the dog is, he pulls a little 4lb Yorkie out of his jacket, he has an envelope with all of her vet records she is freshly groomed, she has her microchip, license & rabies tag on, his & his grandmother’s dog but she just died & he has no other family so we haul him up to my old Bishops house & he takes the kid in, I find out he’s not strung out yesterday, he has MS, but now the church will take him in as a ward & he will get treatment & be able to keep his little LuLu for as long as he will live. He is only 14, was a straight A student, & has no other family, his parents died via murder/suicide, but bless his little broken heart he went cold because none of the teen shelter including the CPS group homes would let him bring the last thing he had left in this world. He is going to make someone a good husband & a father some day, he will not abandon his family.

As cruel as this world can be, as hard as I think I have it, I can always be dropped to my knees at the MIRACLES that I am witness to & part of every single day, I will never be able to say that there is no God because everyday he shows me his absolute power, his divine love & he gives me situations & people to help me or for me to help on days when I think I just can’t go on.

So today promises to be another crazy messed up day with people calling emailing & knocking at my door expecting me to fix their problems, I have to finish up 6 complaints, go to Occupy Everett tonight, get to my friends office, check on the dog that was hit, go check on the dog that was shot  (that was the weekend before last) find out if the vet is going to flake on me again, probably have to listen to those people yell at me again, find out how another sick dog is doing, try to find another 60 bucks to do my transport tomorrow after I go to court AGAIN, & get 13 dogs into foster homes. Find puppy formula for an orphaned litter, find a way to get shots for 30 dogs, & a cat, get my dog food donations, & get them out to all the fosters.

Did I mention that I have agoraphobia??? The weird thing is if it’s for an animal or my kids or grandkids, I can go to New York City, but if it’s for me, forget it, besides that every time I leave the house I end up with an animal or a kid for crying out loud, sometimes I end up with BOTH!

I am tired, I am being bullied by the Judge now, he is making me come to court every week because the PROSECUTOR WONT GIVE US THE DISCOVERY, but you know what? People, scummy people like that, they will always get theirs in the end, if not on earth then sometime after, even if I am not there to see it, I have faith that Karma will bite these dirty coniving people right where it counts.

If you can please consider donating to our PayPal account, we are really in a bind right now & the next few months aren’t getting any better. If not then please share with whomever you can think of. I really hope that your week is going better than mine. I am working on some other stuff but I’ll post again later tonight!

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