Search terms for the week….

I just realized something very critical… Although someone is communicating to me through search terms that is literally stalking Pam Deskins. To them I have to say, you will reap what you sow….

I just got some very disturbing search terms, but then I realized someone was trying to communicate to me about 2 other situations.

I take very seriously the abuse of animals, it is EXACTLY why I have gone this route, blogging & making web pages about them, because if my case goes to court, rather to appellate court it will set a very sad precedence for animal law when it is challenged & true animal abusers will be getting off SCOTT FREE because my case will be in the public forum for any attorney to use to get their clients off.

Animal Sexual abuse is the most horrific crime aside from child molestation & abuse. It is your duty as her mother & as a human being to report her to the right authorities, any children she may have could also be subject to this abuse maybe not by your daughters hand but by partners she may bring others who have the same deviencies into their lives. I’m sorry but it is an absolute fact of truth that as a grandparent you are just as morally responsible for your grandchildren as your own children. Yes she may hate you but she is sick, she needs help beyond the scope of what a caring parent can bring. Also consider this, if in fact the authorities are alerted & they find out that you knew you could be considered an accomplice by duplicity, & then  any hope you have of getting your grandchildren so they don’t end up in foster care is lost, as it should be. I don’t mean to sound so harsh but the second fact of truth is that you are responsible for your children for the duration of their lives. The third fact of truth is that those animals are helpless, they can not help themselves, they can not cry out for help, your grandchildren have half a hope of being able to tell a school counselor, or having thumbs to be able to call for help, those animals know nothing but pain & misery. I would expect this matter to be resolved immediately if not sooner or I will step in. Period. I have your IP address which gives me access to your home address, which tells me which jurisdiction or municipality you are in so I can alert the proper authorities. I will call on Monday to find out if you have contacted the police & your local animal authorities.

Just because I am a Minister does not mean that I will keep secrets that endanger others. As a matter of fact next year you are going to find me lobbying for a bill in our state that put people in the clergy on MANDATORY reporting status the same as doctors, teachers & public employees. I am a Minster, not a Catholic Priest, I let people who come to me know I will report them if they are in danger or someone vulnerable is as well. Seriously as much as I HATE the Everett Animal Control, I have reported a couple people who are abusing animals in their jurisdiction because it is my duty as a human being to at least try to help those who can’t help themselves.

Now onto the second set of search terms… THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I never would’ve found that if it wasn’t for you so now I have the info. Nothing like dirty politics, & skeletons! Get’s ’em every time. Now I have to figure out how to use that, keep it quiet & make them sweat it out for the next 4 yrs or bring it up here now. Hmmmmm…. What to do? Also if anyone is thinking of trying to subpoena my tracking records keep in mind I erase them every week & store them somewhere else so that you CAN’T get access to them, have fun trying to figure out where or how. My Uncle Bill already warned me about all your little tricks…

So onto our other search terms for the week

Search Terms for 7 days 2011-10-15 to 2011-10-22

finally home rescue blog,  brandia ta’amu, brandia taamu vs. the city of everett, “finally home rescue” wa, “finally home rescue” wa everett, brandia taamu mental,  finally home rescue seattle, finally home animal rescue, harassment journal, gingers pet rescue. This is simply the City of Everett & Rose Adams using their search terms, all from their IP addresses, I am assuming the Brandia Taamu Mental is someone looking for Rose Adams or Rose Adams Beutler as she calls herself, 3 mental evaluations that show her to be very unstable, so much so that not only were her children removed from her custody, but they were taken permanently. It is also the reminder I need to be able to file suit against Ginger’s Death row rescue, I keep forgetting, so the little reminders help, thank you for that!

kush susie, susie kush marysville, susie kush stolen husky marysville, “marysville dog stolen”, stolen husky charges, dropping charges susie cush, husky marysville, marysville dog theft woman cleared, susie kush marysville, marysville dogs stolen, takoda theft, marysville stolen dog, marysville husky, husky taken from yard in marysville, husky stolen in marysville, who stole marysville dog, stolen husky no charges marysville, stolen husky marysville dog theft. AGAIN WITH THIS!!! SUSIE KUSH WAS CLEARED OF ALL CHARGES BECAUSE IT WASN’T HER IN THE VIDEO TAPE. One of her co-workers was plastering her work schedule all over the newspapers & I sincerely hope they are fired, & that the newspapers who were so hot to blame her will step up & apologize to her, & FINALLY report it on their front page that she has been cleared of all charges. The person it is, is claiming to have  an illness that I also had while raising 7 to 12 kids & having 2 jobs twenty years ago before anti nausea meds. So don’t expect them to ever be prosecuted, for anything in the future

jeff moore everett address, brenda stonecipher, tom stiger + port, everett candidate forum, ron gipson everett wa campaign, scott bader everett, ron gipson everett wa, troy meade, ray stephanson everett political affiliation, judge tracy waggoner, brenda stonecipher vote, prosecutor discreation and city of everett, wa tom stiger port, everett city council robinson nielsen stone, candidate forum evergreen middle school, everett wa everett heralod, june robinson, city of everett lawsuits,  city owned and ran shelters.  It is election time in Everett for 4 council seats, the port commisioner, & for the 1 vacant slot in the school board. there was a candidates forum on the 18th & oddly enough Everett Herald reporters were not there, the Snohomish Tribune was, I haven’t seen their story on it yet though. I might also point out my 4.75 million dollar Tort Claim has also not been reported on by the Herald oddly enough, but every other suit is (?) I lumped in Waggoner because she is the idiot who didn’t have any clue what was going on, & that helped the City Attorney & Prosecutor bolster my Tort Claim. Just remember the 2 Candidates who are already in office that CAN’T BE BOUGHT are Drew Nielson, & Brenda Stonecipher, June Robinson is the dynamic behind the non-profit housing sector so she understands & fights for the people who need help the most & Jackie Minchew can add the true “working man” voice to the council. As for Scott Bader & Erv Hogland, I think if they don’t win this year, Everett’s best hope is that they run for the next available Council seats.

patpat slack dui, aaron reardon, “scott north” and “aaron reardon”, “mike hope” police abuse, “kevin hulten”, patrick slack snohomish county sheriff, kevin hulten, mike hope smear, This is all the Snohomish County Elections bullcrap all lumped together, drunk cops running for office, drunk cops in power in the sheriff’s office, county elections smear campaigns, one on TV, one on the newspaper, I should’ve moved somewhere else.
rose adams lynnwood washington
pam deskins we found you I will be sure to let her know, but I have a newsflash for ya babe, she wasn’t hiding you were just too stupid to find her. DUH!
pam deskins why do contine Why shouldn’t she?
animal abusers lawsuit against rescue slander libel  Really funny this one, this is Rose looking up my lawsuit for Ginger, which I almost forgot to file, thanks for reminding me before the statute of limitations ran out.
krem 2 news in stevens county
hsus,corruption in humane society  This was 2 search terms I put them together, one was from Humane Watch & the other was from HSUS, figured that wold irritate them both a bit
impotent men pathetic 
russian cushold sex  I don’t even want to know what this is
pro se marsden motion Look on  our web page to find the form you need for a Marsden Hearing but before you file it please consider this is someone’s livelihood at stake & their reputation, I had to think long & hard before i filed mine, but my attorney opted out before we could go to the hearing which is what happens most times anyway
“be who you are and say what you feel, because those who matter don’t mind, and those that mind, don’t matter.” dr seuss 
connie guthrie save our strays hoarding  Real funny first she gets ripped off for over 20K now you are going to try to say she is  hoarder when she transports literally THOUSANDS of dogs a year to shelters all across the country, some people are just such big pieces of shit they need to be scraped off someone’s shoes & disposed of properly. You are an asshole, really. Hoarding my ass, if you think you can do so much better take your ass to Oklahoma & help out a little bit, until then shut up or put up.
blackmail and “standard of proof”   

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