Search Terms for the week ending 10/16/2011

Well this was a boring “search term” week… Same stuff but here it is anyway 😛

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2011-10-16 (Summarized) 2011-10-09 to Today

1) susie kush – suzie kush in the news – susie kush dog rescue – kush susie  marysville dog theft – “marysville dog stolen” – stolen husky brandia taamu – marysville dog theft name – husky dog stolen and returned  – susie kush marysville – susie kush, dog – suzsie cush – susie cush old dog haven – marysville, stolen dog – stolen husky marysville – suise kush – dropping charges susie cush – update on susie kush animal cruelty case marysville, wa – husky marysville    This has been a big week for Susie, she became a villain, immediately, every local media forum was all over her, front page news when they thought she was guilty, but very quietly the Marysville Police dropped all charges against her because SHE WASN”T THE ONE IN THE VIDEO, but not one single paper or TV station had it on the front page so I figured I would put it out on the net so everyone will know that she is innocent, meanwhile one of her co-workers was posting her work schedule right on line, I would take that straight to her boss & get an attorney to deal with Marysville PD & the local newspapers

2) drew nielson erv hoglund – brenda stonecipher – stonecipher campaign for council everett – jeff moore everett address
june robinson everett – ron gipson everett wa campaign    
donate to ron gipson everett campaign – shannon affholter
shannon affholter jackie minchew – scott bader everett Okay here is all the candidates & contenders for the 4 Everett Council positions, people are actually starting to research their candidates or else it is their campaigners looking to do a little damage control. What ever the search term for donate to Ron Gipson was for: DON’T DONATE to him, Brenda Stonecipher or Drew Neilson, they are the pit bull killing bill signers, people who have no compassion for animals have no compassion for people. Shannon Affholter said he wasn’t going to run for office again but… He’s back…

3) mike hope” snohomish – mike hope unbecoming
“kevin hulten” – mike harris mike hope mill creek police
aaron reardon + corruption – mike hope suspended
aaron reardon – mikehope disciplined for threatening cops
kevin hulten facebook – kevin hulten

This whole thing is just WEIRD & STUPID Mike Hope is the drunk passenger cop who has friends who threaten other cops as well as him doing it too, & then we have Reardon who is currently in office but there is a bunch of stuff about sex scandals, & one of his flunkies who got the info on the cop, so basically it is a smear campaign, the Reardon Camp does it on TV the Hope campaign lets the local paper do it for him for free. The last day to register as a write in November 7th & I sure hope someone does so I have someone to vote for. I was going with Reardon but he is my representative & hasn’t done squat to help me or even responded to me since I didn’t come complete with a campaign donation

3) “lori trask” everett… Wondering what I am writing about, remember I don’t lie, I don’t have to, the truth is all I need
4) bud wessman everett… The former manager of the Everett Shelter while simultaneously running a 501(c)3, then he wasn’t the manger then he wasn’t the head of the charity, & now who knows, or rather who cares
5) everett, wa 2011 election candidates There are 4 positions open, hopefully all 4 will change

6) pam deskins what is she doing know… It’s 1:44 am. she is probably sleeping
7) tim rasmussen stevens county… Mr Rasmussen checking to see what I wrote him. Isn’t the next election next year? Are you ready? I am & once I get you to give me the Public Records I requested I am going to have a whole lot to tell the voters
8) investigation prosecutor’s office tim rasmussen stevens county washington… I am assuming this is about the Charity that Mr Rasmussen says he doesn’t run but does, all of his attorney friends donate to another charity & that charity’s parent company donates the money back to his charity. Brilliant if there wasn’t such a paper trail online for everyone to see
9) bar complaint charity fraud tim rasmussen.. This was the only interesting one so far, the county public records person said this investigation into the charity was finished & he was cleared of all charges by the Washington state Bar Association but someone forgot to tell the bar that

10) gingers pet rescue… No Clue
11) hsus They were reading my post about their finances
12) aspca HSUS was also reading about them

13) who wrote “how to catch a pig” I wrote about it but it is a folk story from my Russian/Jewish/Aleut Great Grandmother
14) brandia taamu vs city of everett My web page
15) who is behind finally home rescue everett I am… Why?
16) reconcile for dogs and mdr1 This must’ve landed here because of me writing about the MORONS at EAS giving my Aussie a med that causes death in dogs with an MDR1 gene
17) craigslist puppies seattle… No clue

18) blackmail and “standard of proof”
19) rose adams lynnwood washington
20) rose marie adams All 3 of those search terms came from the same person… No comment needed

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