Susie Kush Cleared of all charges in stolen Marysville Husky

The owner told everyone in a comment stream that Susie Kush had been cleared of all charges.

It didn’t make the front page news like her arrest did. Why is that?

It didn’t take a ROCKET SCIENTIST to figure out it wasn’t her on the video. So now what?

The person I believed it is, is using a disease as an alibi, a disease I went through while raising 4 of my own children, 5 of my siblings, 2 nephews & a niece. Yes 12 kids & 2 jobs, & that was 20 yrs ago when the Chemo & Radiation treatments were brutal. So really I am not buying it, I have dealt with this person for over a decade, I just seen them & they looked fine.

So it looks like they will get away with it Scott Free… That is the way it is up here. I know pretty much everyone in the rescue community & NO ONE who resembles this woman is involved in rescue. I have went back through over 20 years of photos of rescuers & volunteers because it is the best interest of rescuers everywhere that if this woman was supposedly from a rescue that she be caught & dealt with, & EVERY rescuer I have talked to says the same thing. If it was a rescuer one of us would’ve already turned her in.

I don’t have the following of the big newspapers, but I thought I would at least put it out there that this woman has been cleared, since the newspapers won’t.

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