Pieces of me updated…

As so often happens with my ADD/Autistic brain, I got sidetracked on my previous post once I realized how much money the city spent on lil’ ol’ me. Amazing once you really think about it & now I’ve got my former public pretender’s office sitting on my page & blog as well….

I was talking about discrimination. The discrimination I, or rather my animals have suffered because of hatred. I need to explain what I was explaining before I got sidetracked.

I don’t want to leave the impression that my life is ruled by thoughts like this, or that I am surrounded by folks like this, in fact if it were that way none of this would’ve bothered me because I would be “used to it” but you see I am surrounded by people of all races, religions, body proportions, ages, & economic classes that are loving accepting dynamic people, that is my world as I know it. As was said some time ago, most of my female & a good deal of my male friends are bigger people, most everyone is bigger than me, but I try to surround myself with loving caring people. I will tell all of you about my friends, once my court date has passed, & you will see how truly, absolutely incredibly blessed I am. As hard as this is, & much as it hurts that I can’t just go whining to them because most are on my witness lists, I know without any doubts that they are there for me 110% I never have to wonder, I never have to worry about that.

I just don’t want my experiences to define someone else’s perceptions of people, I have the bad luck to be dealing with the mother load of buttholes, but most who know me know I will not be beat & it will not break me. It will not make me stop reaching out to people, or caring for others. My belief is that people are prejudiced because of something they feel is lacking inside of themselves or something that person represents that the person fears about themselves. The biggest homo-phobe’s I knew in school are the biggest Queens I have ever seen, the kids in school who used to call me a sand nigger, a spic, or a blanket ass are now married to Mexicans, Black or Native people. I just seen someone the other day at Wal-Mart & realized, this was the same blond fair skinned girl who used to spit on me in Jr High, I almost didn’t recognize her, she had black hair & her skin was so tanning bed baked that her skin looked like turtle skin, I asked her name to be sure, she didn’t recognize me, then she followed me around asking me who I was, I looked at her & said I was the little girl you used to spit on, call a spic & torture because you wanted so badly to be me. Which is what prompted my previous post. People like that are the exception, not the rule.

All you have to do is look at my Facebook pages, or take a day trip with me as I wander around the state (or states) & see the people that I am blessed to have in my life & you would know where I get my strength & my faith in humanity from. I am surrounded & blessed by people who love me in spite of myself (((grins))) I have friends on parole & friends in Congress, I have friends from every walk of life, & each one brings something special to my life.

Because of all of this drama I actually have had the pleasure of exchanging conversation with Justice Sanders, my last surviving hero in this state. That was an honor beyond all belief. I get emails & phone calls from all around the world from people who are just good kind people, I have made new friends that I never would’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

The most important thing to remember in all of this is NONE of this is really truly about me, it is about my animals, it is about the 1000’s of terriers that have been tortured, abused & murdered at the hands of Everett Animal Control, it  is about getting retribution, for all of them, it is about changing things in that piece of crap shelter & city. It is important to realize that these people are not indicative of the citizens themselves, they have been snowballed & excluded from the process. I plan on changing that too.

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