Be a wise consumer The truth about shelters, & animal welfare groups (Part One)

Everyone I believe has good intentions. People see the HORRID commercials from ASPCA, HSUS, AHA, & even PETA & they pick up the phone & donate away. What they don’t realize is this

HSUS doesn’t have any shelters, they show up with the media & leave when they do. They dump the animals that they have “rescued” at local shelters & take the money & run, they also claim to have animals they don’t, that are long dead, or that another rescue is footing the bill for. They advocate legislation that strips Americans of their basic rights & eventually they will outlaw all meat eating if they get their way. Now why would that worry me? I don’t eat meat except for maybe a couple times a year, never if I can help it. I have had experience with HSUS with the Kennewick Puppy Mill fiasco, so this is not something the CCF/Humane Watch told me. I might add that most of their legislation either destroys the constitution or does NOTHING. Take our new “Puppy Mill Law” sounds really convincing til you get to the last paragraph. You can not start a NEW puppy mill with over 50 dogs, but if you were here already you are grandfathered in. WTH? Did the older puppy mills pay for that to eliminate the competition? Oh but hold up, any pet owner can be stripped of at least 4 of their constitutional rights if an animal control or police agency get it in for you. So YOU donated 500 Million dollars to HSUS to dump off animals at high kill shelters which are already full & over capacity, & to help in the erosion of your constitutional rights as a citizen of the United States of America. Back to CCF I don’t approve of their ways very much but they do have a very good article that explains what HSUS is really about. I only reference this because they use documentation to back it up. I wouldn’t support them either, they want you to donate money to them to bash & watch HSUS, but please use that money for a local shelter or rescue!!!

Humane Society Of The United States

ASPCA yes they have shelters, they are doing some good for actual animals but alas… the money from their shows in New York & Houston were not enough, so they coined a new “Bread N Butter” term HOARDERS, there is NO scientific, nor psychiatric designation for it, & it has gotten so out of hand that I was recently called by a police agency in SW Washington for a “horrendous hoarding situation” I got there & there were 8 damn dogs I DROVE 187 MILES FOR 8 DAMN DOGS???? I took the dogs, helped the lady shovel about 1/4 of a wheelbarrow full of the dog poop out of her front yard, steam cleaned her carpets & gave her damn dogs back to her.

Now keep in mind these words:




PETA They have always been a little off, but they have other agendas now. Their vision is to eliminate ALL animal ownership, all farming, & all meat eating, include fishing in that. It was them who had a hand in the EPA calling HAY a pollutant, I swear with God as my witness the EPA has declared hay a pollutant, you can’t even make crap like this up. If a farmer opens a bale of hay in his field & the EPA agent comes by & sees it, they can fine the farmer or rancher, or even the homeowner, to date this ridiculous bullcrap has not been levied against any of the big slaughterhouses though, they would have the money to fight it, & that is not the goal anyway, the goal is to run all the small farmers & ranchers out of business so they can take down the big boys but get funding to do so from seized property & assets off the backs of the smaller guys.

AHA The American Humane association, a spin off of HSUS. This is the agency you should fear. They are consolidating Children & Animals “Protection”. For those of you who don’t know. Centuries ago there were Animal Protection laws long before there were ever any Child Protection Laws, as a matter of fact the Child Protection laws we have today were modeled after the olde Animal Protection laws. True story. AHA has the absolute power to harm, & they are gearing up in light of the recent mistrust towards HSUS to go for major campaigns.

ALF Animal Liberation Front… Now they mostly go after labs, & institutions, who systematically torture & maim animals for YEARS, legally, they are way over the top but I’d bet my life the animals they set free or save don’t care, as long as their suffering stops. You don’t see them on TV misrepresenting themselves, or pulling at your heartstrings to get to your credit card, they take action, they do, they react. What I would really like to see is them sneaking up on a group of baby seal hunters & club them to death but I don’t know enough about them to give you clear concise information one way or the other. Sorry.

Okay so now remember the words up above? You will hear them in every cruelty or neglect situation involving animals & children, I have even heard of a case where a woman had 5 children & she is now being called a “Child Hoarder” WTF??? Are we in China? So now we are limiting the amount of children one can have? Farmers, & ranchers can’t feed their animals, people can’t have more than a set number of children, & animal welfare laws let the Government seize your animals & property at their whim with NO recourse unless you have the time money & resources to go to the United States Supreme Court, which is where I am heading with my case.

So before you pick up the phone for the SAME tired ass commercial please remember you will be funding, destruction of your own & other American’s civil rights, you will be paying over 240 million for high priced, corporate salaries, trips, & fringe benefits, there are millions of animals in this country that REALLY need your help, there are 100’s of thousands of them dying today & 100’s of thousands sitting in a dumpster waiting for the garbage man or for the rendering plant to come & make DOG & CAT food out of them, yes you are feeding your animals other dead dogs, cats, roadkill, downer & diseased animals & then wonder why the cancer rate in our pets have gone up over 5000% percent


So there is what I know about animal welfare advocacy groups & pet food…

Moving on to Shelters

Let’s start with shelters… First & most importantly shelters are not yours or animals friends, they don’t have a magic wand that finds magically perfect homes for animals, they employ bullies, & they kill animals. I always get a kick out of euthanasia vets who cry & whine about how much they DON’T want to kill these animals & how bad THEY feel about it, but they go to work everyday & do the same thing over & over again, they look an animal who is scared & fighting for it’s life in the eye, or who is looking up at them with trusting eyes & THEY KILL THEM. A shelter is a warehouse for idiot irresponsible owners to get rid of their responsibilities & walk away from a creature who would have gladly given their lives for these assholes, all the animals got for their love & loyalty was a cold hard needle & having their bodies dumped in the trash with other animals who were dumped & abandoned. Unfortunately there are still MILLIONS of people who still believe that shelters are good places. Now there are shelters who do try, who will move mountains to save as many animals as they can. I have the pleasure of working with quite a few of them.

In order to understand how a shelter operates & functions you have to have some grasp or accounting, politics & human nature. You have City shelters, & you have private shelters, private shelters are usually publicly funded by donations. County, or City shelters, are run on a budget delegated by several factors, the number of intakes, adoptions & euthanasia rates. It guarantees the death of animals. Okay if a shelter takes in 5000 animals a year & adopt out 4800, there is a need for services to sustain the animals, but not a huge need for money because it is assumed the adoption fees in part fund some of the daily operations, but if that same shelter takes in 5000 animals & has to euthanize 4000 animals well hells bells there is a HUGE problem & they need super funding.

There is more money in death then in actually putting forth the effort to save any animals, not to mention they sell the dogs & cats bodies to a rendering plant to make more dog & cat food so they get some extra money there, money by the POUND.

I hear this complaint all the time from people. The shelters charge such a high fee for little dogs… The reason is because the fee from that dog will keep 2 to 3 other bigger less adoptable dogs ALIVE, seriously. If you can not afford the extra hundred or so bucks for a little dog then what happens if your dog gets sick & I mean to tell you that little dogs cost 10 times more to take care of then a big to medium dog.

The best advice I can give you is to investigate any shelter or rescue that you are going to adopt from, donate to or volunteer with. They are not all good, they are not all bad, but most could be better with more community support.

Of course I am going to examine the Everett Shelter & the Everett Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF). This is a VERY strange creature. It is a city shelter that has a 501(c)3 & it is strange. The non profit reports 90K in assets, & has donated about 40K to taking care of dogs at the shelter, the shelter manager was Bud Wessman who was also the head of the non-profit, but then he “stepped down” as the shelter manager & was running the non profit. BUT up til I made a stink about it he was still listed as the shelter manager & Shannon Delgado was listed as the assistant, supposedly because the shelter couldn’t afford to give her the title of manager & now all of a sudden she is the manager, or she is listed as such… but so was Bud Wessman for 2 years after he was supposedly gone. I’ll figure it all out with my pubic records request. The interesting thing is that since the charity supposedly “belongs” to the City of Everett all of it’s dealings are considered part of the public record, but they don’t list there financial report on there page, it always listed as “coming soon” Now we all now I was rescuing animals from the Everett shelter & they were ALL coming out injured or maced, sometimes both. Once I complained about it they stopped me from pulling anymore dogs with a crapload of bureaucratic bull. Fine I did what the others in the rescue community asked me to do, keep my mouth shut & back off, but by then they had it in for me. I will be interested to find out what their euthanasia rates are now that they have the 501(c)3 with an extra 50K laying around, again that will go to the public records request. It should be zero to none with that kind of money rolling in.

Please also keep in mind, they had access to 90K when they euthanized something like 82 cats because the one came in with kitty distemper or some other disease, they could’ve saved those cats but they chose to murder them ALL, no one was even given a chance, they were systematically murdered one by one in less than a day. So they saved their precious money & even made some off of the cats bodies. Oh & here’s a nugget for all of you cat lovers out there, this month & part of next month almost all of the black cats are killed because of Halloween, they wont adopt them out & that was their policy, the same for Seattle Humane Society, but they don’t murder them, they just take them off the floor or keep them in foster.

I can only speak about shelters I have dealt with because it is my butt on the line but again I have worked with a lot of good shelters, city & county funded & privately funded. If you look east of the mountains here in Washington at the small underfunded shelters that is where you will find your faith in human beings again, most of the shelter managers, workers & volunteers will spend most of their own paychecks to get dogs & cats safe & out of the shelter or get them fixed, or get them medical attention, & they get limited funding, sometimes not even enough to buy food let alone meds or get the animals spayed or neutered, they pay for it, they beg for it, & they hustle for it.

So the next time you are thinking about donating to some big corporation who does nothing for animals, please look to the smaller rescues & shelters & consider saving a life. The next time you are looking for a new family member look across your own state & as always if you see a dog from Seattle to Spokane you want but can’t drive in the snow or get across the mountains, you email me immediately & I will go get the dog or cat for you for the cost of the gas money!!!


Stay tuned for my next (Part2) write up about rescues. Education is key, please take the time to research any agency you are dealing with.


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