How much is too much & what is not enough?

My aunt called me from Germany, her tooth broke & she had to catch a train to a neighboring town to get care but she forgot her bank card & was not only refused but was laughed at. So she got back blisters on her feet, & prepared for 6 days of agony, mercifully the whole tooth broke off & she is now out of pain.

I recently lost everything I owned, my photos, my dogs ashes, & paperwork essential to my case because I was 42.00 short to pay my storage.

Money is power, people without it are subject to death, pain, suffering, loss & cruelty beyond measure. At one time I was making 5K + per month, I owned my own home, my kids had every luxury life could bring, the best clothes, schools, & neighborhood. After a divorce, & almost being murdered, it just seems like I could never “bounce back”. There are still days when I can not wrap my brain around the fact that I can’t just go to the bank grab a 1000 bucks & head out for a mini vacation, or fly over to a family reunion…

They say that everything happens for a reason: So lets look at my aunt’s situation for a minute, she could not afford the emergency clinic, but was going to have to find a way & be in agony for the better part of a week. Her tooth fell out, the pain is gone & now she can  go to an appt where she will pay 1/10th of what she would’ve had to. On the way there she met someone who has offered her a job making twice what she made at the job she just lost.

This kind of nonsense happens to or family just about every day. It’s like some kind of a curse-blessing syndrome.

So lets look at my situation. The most important thing is that my precious little Eskimo boy George was murdered then mutilated, there is no good or light in that. He lived his whole life in a puppy mill, i don’t have to “imagine” the horror he lived through  because I was in a tree filming it for months, I tried to get the Humane Society, the ASPCA, the Governor, the Attorney General, the Eskimo rescue in this state & was basically told by all of them to mind my own business or to piss off. The Eskimo rescue guy was the worst & I still get snotty little comments from some of them as well as having the new person for the club trying to destroy me & stealing 2 of my favorite dogs… but that’s another lawsuit later.

On to George, Soffie, Hoki, Libby, Misty & Taz. There are days when I would rather be dead, then to live one more moment without my animals, as most of you know I am not allowed to see them & they will not tell me if any of them are still alive. Here is where we get into the money. If I had the money I did before I could’ve gotten a lawyer, got them back & it would’ve been a 3 day ordeal. Instead I have to deal with numerous violations of the law, dirty politicians, corrupt lawyers & judges, seriously folks they are bordering on having broken almost 100 different laws, rules & ordinances!!! It would’ve been simple if I just took a plea bargain & walked away from my dogs, but they murdered one of my dogs, they have held the others hostage, & with the laws being what they are, it would’ve ruined my life & my life’s work. so once they figured out I was going to fight they PILED IT ON BIG TIME. Here is a “short list” of some of the laws they have broken for a misdemeanor charge which is a false charge anyway. There are more but I can’t share them right now, but I would think that this is enough to start off with.

III Laws, Rules, & Amendments
  1. RCW16.52
  2. RCW 16.52.207
  3. RCW 16.52.085
  4. RCW 16.52.085(3)
  5. RCW 16.52.085(4)(a)
  6. RCW 16.52.085(4)(b)
  7. RCW 16.52.210
  8. RCW 18.92
  9. RCW 9.91.010
  10. RCW 9.91.070
  11. RCW 9.08.070 (1)(a)
  12. RCW 9.08.070 (1)(c)
  13. RCW 4.28.080
  14. RCW 4.92.020
  15. RCW 49.60.030 (1)
  16. RCW 49.60.030 (1)(b)
  17. RCW 49.60.030 (1)(f)
  18. RCW 49.60.030 (2)
  19. RCW 69.50
  20. RCW 69.50.505
  21. RCW 69.50.505(a)(2)
  22. RCW 69.50.505(c)
  23. RCW 69.50.505(d)
  24. RCW 69.50.505(e)
  25. RCW 9.56.020
  26. RCW 34
  27. RCW 34.12
  28. RCW 35.01.010
  29. RCW 35.22.010
  30. RCW9.08.070.1(a)
  31. RCW9.08.070.1(c)
  32. RCW 9.62.010
  33. RCW 9A.20
  34. RCW 9A.36.078
  35. RCW 9A.36.080
  36. RCW 9A.46
  37. RCW 9.91.170
  38. RCW 10.14
  39. RCW 40.16.030
  40. RCW 42.23.070
  41. RCW 42.41.040
  42. RCW 42.52.020
  43. RCW 42.52.050
  44. RCW 42.20.040
  45. RCW42.20.050
  46. AIFRA Public Law No. 95-341
  47. Title 42 USC §1966
  48. Title 42 USC §3601
  49. Title 18 USC §88 (24)
  50. Fed. R. Civ. P Supplemental Admiralty or Maritime Clams & Asset Forfieture Action Rules A(1)B
  51. 4th Amendment
  52. 5th Amendment
  53. 6th Amendment
  54. 7th Amendment
  55. 8th Amendment
  56. 14th Amendment
  57. WAC 246-15-020
  59. Title 42 USC § 1983
  60. RULE CrRLJ 4.7
  61. United States Civil Rights Act of 196r4 (42 U.S.C. Sec. 3601 et seq.).
  62. EMC 6.04.
  63. EMC 6.04.070

So how could there be any “Silver Lining” in any of this? Simple, I will be acquitted if you will, I have a basis for a multi-million dollar tort claim, I will now be able to draw attention to the decades long killing & torture of animals at the hands of animal control agents in Everett. Even though I lost so much paperwork in my storage container, they have broken so many LAWS that I don’t even need that anymore! I know that if I continue to fight that I will be able to save lives in the long run. I know that this will bring about change for others & in this state, I know that even if those dirty sons a bitches killed my animals they won’t get away with it, & the sad reality is that if they are all dead, then they will never have to suffer again at the hands of those miserable asses. I also know that I have a new calling in life. I am going to go to law school in some capacity to be able to help others in my situation who are NOT loaded with money, who are being persecuted & who are left at the mercy of a bunch of public defenders who don’t give a crap abut anything but paying off their student loans & making friends with the PA’s & the Judges. I will be the brokest legal assistant or attorney in the state, every judge & prosecutor will learn to hate me & about the only time my name will be in the papers is when I have been thrown in jail alongside one of my clients. I am only 45, so law school is about 7 years,  52 to about 72 still gives me about 20 yrs to turn the judicial world on his stuck up little nose.

There are few men I admire in this state, just a few. One is Justice Sanders, the other was Alva Long. If you don’t know who Alva was you should look him up, I have always said when I grow up I want to be just like him… He said that was fine but to learn how to dress :~) Anyone who knew him would understand the humor in that statement. Do you think the state of Washington or the Judiciary is ready for a female version of Alva Long? So now I really need to run for Office in Everett so I can have some money rolling in to pay for law school.

This whole thing has also helped me in the fact that someone across the country who seen my story is working on helping me get my 501(c)3, she is one of the best non-profit lawyers around, but she doesn’t know animal law & she is too far away to help me that way. So how does that help? Well… She is setting up a legal fund for me so that if I lose in the Municipal court I will have the means to get an attorney for the appeals process who will be able to write off most of the costs, & any money I get from the Tort Claim can be donated to our charity to save more dogs & even people.They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, sometimes it just makes you hateful, or even bitter. So as I sit here wit a lap full of poodles trying to figure out how I am going to get them ALL fixed, or how I am going to get the gas money to get to Eastern Washington in the next few days, I know that soon this will all be over. I have went through this hell for 10 months now, one more month & I will know if my animals are still alive & whether I have to go to appellate court or not, but what these idiots don’t realize that I know, is that every motion that I have filed has now become a part of the court record, it has been ruled on, so… On the appellate side I won’t have to do a bit of work because it will all be there for a good appellate lawyer to figure out, hell I can even get an accelerated review because of the Federal Laws! I guess the city of Everett never heard the term of “Cutting off your nose to spite your face”

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