Search Terms for the week ending 10/1/11

Another week ending, I didn’t wait til Sunday because I am going to be busy tomorrow. Once again we have search terms for the week. It is getting comical… Someone is using search terms to “argue” with me & ask me questions instead of just commenting on the blog, like a 2 yr old child. So we are going to do the search terms in 2 parts today. Today is the last time I will acknowledge you until you grow up.
Search Terms for 7 days ending 2011-10-01 (Summarized)
1) pam deskins why are you looking for your dogs    4

Please refer to my earlier story about the Deskins situation

2) pam deskins how did pam deskins afford the proper care for 60 dogs you claim to be a friend of hers explain how the dogs were taken care veteranary care    2

This right here, this tells me you are an idiot who is being spoon fed lies & eating them up like a gullible seagull. 60 dogs? Again please refer to the slideshow which show NOTHING but healthy dogs, with beautiful coats & a beautiful licensed rescue & sanctuary, no one needed vet care except for the puppy left Spokanimal left BLOODY in a cage all day long, & the dog that Spokanimal staff tranquilized that day who died from an overdose.


Also please realize something else, Ms Deskins was in the legal profession for well over 40 yrs, she had more than enough funds to take care of 60 dogs if that is what she had on her property, but that is not the correct number & I might note you just told on yourself as to who you are or who you have been talking to, you also should take the time to learn how to spell correctly, your statement had the same exact spelling errors on them.

3) pam deskins why do you want your dogs back    2

Again please refer to our previous story “Answers to your questions about Pam Deskins”

4) pam deskins why are you looking for your dogs    2
5) how many lamas did pam deskins have    2
6) Spokanimal    1
7) why do you want to get your dogs pam deskins    1
8) pam deskins word    1
9) pam deskins spokane    1
10) pam deskins spokane crap    1

At this point I am done, all of it can be referred back to my original story & the whole story will be on our new web page I am building for this case. PLEASE NOTE: I not only claim to be a “friend” of Pam Deskins, she is my family. Her dad & my mom are 1st cousins… Why do you think I ALWAYS say you should always know who you’re messing with??? As hard as I am fighting for my dogs I will fight for my family too.

Okay folks onto our regular Search Terms for the Week!

everett city council ron gipson   Everett City councilman who is up for reelection remember he is the original councilman who voted for the destruction of all pit bulls & terriers & the person who is in charge of the shelter but does NOTHING about it.
rose marie adams-beutler    Don’t know who is looking for her, but stay away from her, she is evil
brandia taamu    This is how the City looks up my page to see what I am saying
city of everett tort claim  Someone looking up tort claims, don’t know if it’s mine or not I didn’t recognize the IP address
patrick slack everett washington    This is the cop who went down to Arizona & got a DUI but the Everett Herald reporter Scott North said it was okay since he was such an upstanding guy. Most stories in this paper are now editorials these days
kimberly clark everett wa    This is the mill that is closing in Everett at a time when they are facing a 1 million dollar budget shortfall, they are also loosing the Armory, & the postal service at about 1200 jobs. Great government in action at the city of Everett. The Armory is moving to Arlington, so atleast they will have a better economy, Arlington seems to be the city to watch, they have parts of the Naval Base, now the Armory & many many big businesses, maybe they can give the city of Everett a helping hand to get the city out of debt.
rebecca m. baker, stevens county judge
rose adams everett, washington    Whoever this is knows her real name… interesting. If you are a landlord please note she has 32 evictions…
falsely accused of animal neglect?    Please read our whole page & go to our website (the link is on the right side of the page. If I can be of any help please let me know.
big hoarding maker    Not a clue
patrick slack dui arrest    Someone looking for info about his drunk driving arrest
aaron reardon harassment    This is in regards to a sexual harassment claim against someone in Reardon’s dept who resigned, I am not sure what the status of this is. I haven’t researched it yet, but Scott North at the Everett Herald has it in for him so I have to find a different source to be able to understand & disseminate the information before I comment.
stevens county wa humane society    Stevens County doesn’t have a humane society or a shelter
slack dui    Drunk cop again
being inspired by someone  Someone sharing my story, Thank You!
city of everett prosecutor’s office mike fisher    The POS who is prosecuting me even though he doesn’t have a case, but he has the judge in his pocket
don hunt russia  No clue
if you have a dog kennel in spokane county do your dogs have to have dog licences    Anywhere in this state if you have a kennel, all of the dogs must be licensed as well. Every kennel license is different in the amount of dogs, cats or other animals you can have but they must all be licensed. The licenses keep count over the amount you have as well as protect the animals if they get lose they can be returned to you if found
pat slack dui arrest    Drunk Cop
spokanimal    One of the 3 shelters in Spokane
frivolous animal abuse cases   Again please contact me if you need help
rose adams everet, washington    Hmmmm, someone who knows this woman’s real name is on the hunt for her, please go look at our web page, I have her entire criminal record, the records from when she got her kids taken away for abusing them & the smear campaign she has waged against me & a few other people is all on there.
hsus    Stay away from them, they don’t even have a shelter & they get over 500 million in donations a year making people think they help animals, when all they do is show up with cameras with big raids & then dump the animals at HIGH KILL SHELTERS, yes I have proof of this or I wouldn’t say it
spokanimal 2005 benny    Not a clue
epa fines farmer for open bale of hay    Okay this is a true story, the EPA has declared HAY a polutant, seriously, so if a farmer opens a bale of hay on his field, the EPA can fine him for polluting if the animals don’t eat it all right there. To date none of the BIG slaughterhouses have been fined for this but only small farmers & ranchers.
thurston county rose adams    Okay & they know about all the havock she wreaked for her boyfriends family in Olympia too???
425-750-7126    Rose’s number which she posts all over the place when she posts lies about me so people can call her so she can get some kind of attention
seattle phone 425308XXXX Not a clue
brenda stonecipher everett    Another City of Everett councilmember that is up for reelection & another one of the original pit bull killing signers!
ron gipson everett wa    Everett City councilman up for reelection, whom I “affectionately” call Pit Bull Killer Gipson

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