“It does not require many words to speak the truth.” Chief Joseph

“It does not require many words to speak the truth.” ~ Chief Joseph ~

I am sitting here thinking about the cases I am following, my own case & a new case that has sprung up. The common theme is that ALL of these cases are so convoluted that there is no way for a sane or logical person to follow them.

Seriously for those of you (bless your hearts) that have tried to follow my case, or who ave been following the Deskins case, or any other case I have tried to explain to you, it is almost mind numbing the amount of dirt, lies, & drama that is spun continuously into the whole thing.

For years we have been taught if we want the real story on something tune into the news or watch your local broadcast, & if all else fails pick up your local paper. I tried to get the local paper up here to acknowledge my story, or to do a piece on it, there was some interest but that was only at the beginning, when it would’ve had endangered my dogs lives & my case.

There is some nonsense going on between 2 Snohomish County Officials about elelctions. One guy Mr Hope was accused of something or another by an anonymous citizen, it was investigated & found to be without merit, but the incumbent still had to have a “talking to” by his boss… Translation: It was swept under the rug & he was given a slap on the hand. That should’ve been the end of it, move on & get back to campaigning. Not so quick! Mr Hope is now accusing Mr Reardon of having someone from his camp file the report, & an address belonging to one of Mr Reardon’s aids was used as well as an old phone number, but the replies sent to that address were returned unopened & unread. Then another complaint comes in with a Seattle address, for a John Allen Chapman on Queen Anne. Who now has a Seattle attorney representing him.

The gist of it is that both party’s aides are well acquainted with each other so anyone would’ve known the others info. The Everett Herald is getting in it & reporting it based solely on their OPINION, they have already drawn their lines in the sand & went as far as to use the death of Pat Tilman to segway into a bashing campaign against Mr Reardon

The interesting thing is that now the “case” has taken on a life of it’s own & the Herald is on a bashing campaign against Mr Reardon & they are publishing slander, & innuendos at break neck speed. If it were not for my own case & seeing how these things are SPUN I would’ve most likely fallen for all of it, too. Mr Reardon is a politician, Mr Hope is a cop, so he understands better than most how to convolute any situation  ensure a conviction.

Now I have to admit several things.

A) I don’t trust a politician as far as I can throw a truck, but I have always trusted most cops, as a matter of fact I was pretty much raised by the entire Seattle Police Vice Squad nearly 30 yrs ago & with everything I am seeing in the news it looks like it’s not the same old police force as it used to be. Now as far as Sno. Co. I know someone who was a cop years ago here & he has to keep some kind of info in another state in a lock box to keep himself safe & even alive.

B) I wrote to Mr Reardon about my case & didn’t hear a thing from him, & he probably didn’t even care to look at it, or if he did he might’ve thought it was so complicated & convoluted that he probably didn’t believe it… So if I ever get a chance to meet & talk to him face to face, I am going to ask him how it feels to be in my shoes.

As Chief Joseph says it takes few words to tell the truth, so when you see cases like mine, or the Deskins case, or the Kerr case, or even the Amanda Knox case, & eventually the Reardon case, PLEASE REMEMBER, the more complex it is, the more likely it is NOT TRUE. It is the way they BURY you so that you can not recover or make a comeback, as soon as you get one point cleared, they pile on 50 more, so basically it is like being in a minefield with troops shooting at you from both sides, plus the media that has already “chosen sides’ has taken up the case to give it a life of it’s own, & they love to cite Mr Reardon’s shortcomings in the budget, & the there is the matter of a cover up with some sexual harassment scandal… I haven’t gotten too far into that because the ACTUAL person who was accused of it resigned & in my mind that part is over because I personally want to get back to the issues & the election. Although I am quite sure the person who was sexually harassed doesn’t feel the same way at all.

In all honesty it seems that Mr Reardon is at odds with many of his own council members as well. One particularly pathetic little petty pre-school move was just recently when in the face of a NINE MILLION dollar shortfall, Reardon announced a hiring freeze but the council like a bunch of little 5 yr olds cried Whaaaaa & said you can’t make us… Several months later they announced THEIR OWN hiring freeze but only after they hired 4 more advisors.

Here is the story here (click this link)

So this is the climate of the elections & the government in Snohomish County & the City of Everett… Maybe a long nap & few time outs for some of them would do them some good….

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