Answer to your question about Pam Deskins…

I noticed today that I have a new search term that was used 4 times:

Pam Deskins why are you looking for your dogs

Let me tell you why she is looking for her dogs….

But first let me ask you why you are hiding them from her? Why did you lie to her? Why did you steal from her? Why did you lie about her?

For those of you that don’t know there is a prosecutor in a little podunk town that Ms Deskins challenged, she also is a very strong outspoken woman & she stood up for herself. So in collaboration with a few shitty neighbors they began a campaign to destroy her. In 2008 she helped Patti Shoendorf fight the city of Spokane concerning her dog who had been declared dangerous & found out that the ordinances in Stevens County were just as flawed, so Pam began a campaign about it, LO & BEHOLD 10 days after her article was published, they showed up on her property & took all of her dogs. Beautiful healthy dogs, & the ONLY thing they could come up with was that they were unsocialized, so for 84 days they were held hostage in a shelter where she couldn’t even touch them. In order to get them back she was FORCED to CHOSE several to be euthanized, yes she had to chose which one’s were going to die to save the rest. ON CHRISTMAS But don’t ever forget the day they came to take them all they were using catchpoles, & were there almost all day, they left puppies BLOODY in cages all day, they tranquilized dogs that died, they traumatized those dogs so badly that they were never the same. The “round-up” was the worst act of cruelty I have ever seen.

Fast forward to 2010, well Mr Pissy Pants Rasmussen couldn’t be outdone by a lowly little woman, & ONCE AGAIN he had her property raided. When the shelter & rescues showed up to steal her livestock & dogs, her fences, her sheds, all of her farm & livestock supplies, they locked Ms Deskins up so they could systematically steal everything she owned at their leisure. They held her in jail knowing full well she had a heart problem, once she was released she went immediately in for open heart surgery, which she is still trying to recover from while fighting for the return of her dogs. Notice this she is not trying to get back her fencing, her property, her livestock, her supplies, she only cares for her dogs return, some of which she has had for 10+ years.

Oh & here is the best part, Mr Rasmussen sent the neighbors over to Ms Deskins property to film the dogs, anyone who KNOWS dogs, knows that they dogs will guard the property, & when they are in guard dog frenzy & can’t get to whatever is on the other side they will redirect on each other, so them causing & taping her dogs fighting is how they got her. At her trial the courts & her lawyers were INCOMPETENT & CORRUPT, Ms Deskins lawyers were the same people involved in his funneling of charity funds to his charity, they didn’t pay for Ms Deskins expert witnesses, nor did they call for any witness for her & they actually sent away some of her witnesses!! This is NOT something I am making up, this is not any kind of exaggeration, it is all a matter of court record, AND most of the “kangaroo court convictions” have been overturned, the last 2 are in appellate court pending hearing right now. I might also add the states motion to strike was not just denied but they were also chastised by the Justices who told them it wasn’t their job to do their job for them.

So once all of this is overturned & Ms Deskins or her estate comes after YOU for theft, conversion of property, violation of most of the basic constitutional laws of this land, & numerous state laws, PLEASE DON’T HAVE THE NERVE TO BE SURPRISED. Just so you know… Even if Ms Deskins doesn’t survive all of the BS that all of you have put her through, she will have an administrator who will continue with the proceedings. Guess who that is going to be?

I think we can establish the fact that when we all went on her property everyone seen NOTHING but healthy unsocialized dogs. The dogs that were killed were killed by the caretaker who is a fetal alcohol syndrome baby, who was also being threatened, who’s own dogs were taken & killed at the hands of CARELESS rescuers, I still haven’t told him what the fate of his boy was. 4 of her dogs were lost by rescuers, only 1 was recaptured, 1 was immediately hit & killed, & the last 2 have never been found, there was also another one of her dogs that was lost in West Seattle but I haven’t told her about that. We can also establish that Hope Merkison LIED about those puppies who supposedly died, but keep in mind I am also on the same rescue groups as all of you & there was a call that went out for some rott mix puppies at the same times, I have the messages. Even Mr Rasmussen had enough sense to say the dogs were in good shape. For those of you reading who live in the city, country dogs are NOT supposed to be socialized, they are working dogs, they are there to protect livestock & property. Generally all of those dogs are kept as outside dogs, Ms Deskins dogs were inside/outside dogs which is amazing for that area, since she had quite a few husky mixes, they liked to dig little tunnels in the yard to hang out in & anyone in the city with a yard knows how much they love to do this, but they tried to say that is where these dogs lived, the dogs would’ve probably been happier to do that but they had to come inside at night for the most part.

You know what? I am going to post all of this crap on Scribd & I am going to create a whole new web page for all of this so the whole world can see what a bunch of dirty bastards you are & so everyone can see how people use the laws put in place to protect animals for their own purposes, to destroy someone but don’t use them to actually protect animals.

Pam wants Goober & Mr Magoo back, that much I know, there are several others too. The rescues were innocent in all of this but because Mr POS Rasmussen LIED to everyone they thought they had a right to go on to her property & take her living breathing feeling sentient beings from her. Now everyone is going to be hurt, whomever adopted them, whoever had them, whoever has them, & no Mr fancy pants attorney can negate the law. If your attorneys are in fact telling you that you are safe from prosecution: You need to get a better attorney, if the attorney for the shelters there think they can bully Ms Deskins & ignore her public records request, they are full of crap, they can’t. I will be her Administrator for her Estate if she dies & you can bet your life that I will NOT let this go, I will continue the fight, until her name is cleared & the people who have done this to her are reduced to the same status she is.

Yes I realize your search term was meant to get my attention, YOU’VE GOT MY ATTENTION NOW, you might not have wanted it… I have 19 days of down time, just enough to make a whole new website! I also have TONS more info I can’t put on here which I can on a web page :~) I have a lot more information that I haven’t given Ms Deskins mostly because I didn’t want her to be hurt, but I think it’s time to make it all public now.

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Rosh Hashanah (New Years) to everyone else!

Here is the link to the documentation of the HELL & HORROR these dogs & Pam went through at the hands of Stevens county.Please note some of the pictures are graphic & show bloody or deceased dogs. Please note that not one of these dogs is starving, or in bad shape, they all have beautiful coats, good body weight & when they were taken they did not even need a vet’s assessment


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3 thoughts on “Answer to your question about Pam Deskins…

  1. I was going to do a follow up to tell everyone that Stevens County is pussy footing around & trying to put off the appeal because they KNOW that they are going to lose but then it just clicked on me at 1:30 in the morning, they are putting it off because Mr Rasmussen is up for re-election this year!!!


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