How to catch a pig in Russia…

I had forgotten I wrote this,it is more than appropriate during election times. PLEASE read it but most importantly THINK about what I have said here. Don’t be a government owned pig….

How to catch a pig in Russia…

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 11:19pm

My great grandmother is Russian, a Russian Jew, & she would appreciate this story, she has told it to me in other ways but this most perfectly illustrates it.


In Russia where weapons are scarce, there is still a need to eat, so someone somewhere found out how to hunt pigs in Russia with no weapons, just some wood, nails & a hammer.


First day you must find the pigs, lay down some feed, build a wall next to them


Second day, lay down more feed, against the first wall build a second wall


Third day lay down some more feed, in the corner of the 2 walls build the 3rd wall


Fourth day lay down some feed in the corners & build the fourth wall


The interesting thing is that they never from that point on try to escape, they are content to be fed every day, not even reacting as the others are led off to slaughter, they just step around to get to the feeding trough.


So you have to ask yourself: Are you a Pig? The Government seemed to know this lesson well before, they have laid down the walls, & now we eat, oblivious of our ability to run or even save ourselves, govt subsidies, housing, social security for those who’ve never worked a day in their lives, welfare without limits, Who said we didn’t learn anything from the Russians?

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