Never stop being inspired by someone…

You all hear me blast the impotent leaders in a certain County & a certain City, they more than deserve it.

I do have people in Government that still inspire me, & amaze me. Now this evening I got the most pleasant surprise I have had in a very very long time. Someone I respect more than any other man in this state just reached out to me. I am sure he seen it as a small gesture, I seen it as an honor & a privilege. Now here is the kicker, I’ve been on the receiving end of his bad side, but I still will always have the utmost respect for him.

I’m going to keep it to myself whom this person is but I hope one day to have the integrity he has. I just have to say that in this day & age with all of the corruption in Government & all the self serving egomaniacal dipsticks running our lives, there are still people of distinction that serve you daily. They are usually not popular, sometimes they are irritating like myself because they don’t go with the flow, they refuse to compromise their principles & don’t kow tow to special interests. These are the dreamers, the artists, the poets, they still believe they can change the world. In the words of the immortal MLK, “I have a dream”… My dream is that the poets, the artists & the dreamers someday rule the world. People with morals & empathy, people who are not afraid to stand up for justice, & don’t make decisions based on the poll results, but based on their conscience.

Soon you will have to make a decision about who you will let lead you, they can take you to new levels or drag you straight to hell with them. don’t make your decision based on your comfort level. LEARN about the candidates, I’m not talking about all the election speeches & the hollow promises… Look at their records, do the research, they can say any fool thing a speech writers tells them to when they want your vote, look at what they have done, how they have lived & the decisions they have already made that impact your community.

I said that I was going to run for office in the City of Everett, it wasn’t a frivolous statement, but I have learned that I have to be a resident for at least one year & I wold rather set myself on fire one match at a time. It is not the people, it is not the Police Dept or anything else about Everett it is the corrupt govt I can’t abide by. So my answer? I will campaign vigorously til we get some “House” cleaning done. I also have reviewed some of the positions coming available & I want to make sure I have something to offer the citizens, something viable, something useful: Until then I am not going to waste your valuable time. I am researching every city record available to me, I am researching the fiscal history, the employers, the services, & every dime going out & coming in.

Most importantly remember the politicians want you to believe that your vote doesn’t count, but it does, & it is your duty as an American to become a part of the process, to take charge of your life & take back your wallet, your homes & your damn dignity!

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