What happened in the 5 or 6 hours that AC had my animals?

I think about this every moment of every day. My worst fears confirmed, my own precious babies left in the hands of someone who would hurt them to get revenge on me. I don’t have Misty’s records on my computer yet, but they are much the same thing, I will add them later this evening. I am absolutely amazed they gave me this much shit, they thought I wouldn’t have an expert witness & wouldn’t be able to discern what was going on, but I have to be able to read vet records & understand animal health, for one to rescue from shelters & for two to be able to aid in an investigation of abuse for some of the animals I take in.

There are 3 sayings you obviously didn’t take heed to:




I would tell you all to go screw yourselves but it will be my pleasure to do so.

This is George’s record showing he was bleeding from his rectum, & unable to walk, he was not seen til 5:19 he was taken at 10:30 so where was he at this whole time? This is the only dog they had right, on age & sex though…



This shows Hoki had been having seizures, & it also shows the earliest recordings of my dogs being at the shelter at 4:40 p.m. he was not seen by a vet even though he was in life threatening danger & they also make a big deal about him drinking a whole bowl of water. He had not had water since the evening before when we went to bed, & they had them for over 7 hours & withheld water from them & food during that time. It also says he has a positive Giardia test, a Giardia test takes at least 3 days to come back. His age is completely wrong. His birthday is 8/15/2003.




This shows that on 5/21/2011 Hoki had tapeworms, which means that he has fleas, my dogs NEVER had fleas because they are allergic to them. I told them assholes to MAKE SURE none of them got fleas. None of the vet records show any of them had fleas when they were taken because they didn’t




Taz is listed as a year & a half old cat, but they had him listed as female, his birthdate is 7/29/2004 but he has no dental tarter… Can you tell what horrible care I took of him?






It says on the 20th that Taz has Giardia, which means TWO things, he got it from the shelter, & those assholes REALLY WERE telling that crazy bitch all these lies about me. This is the last time Taz is listed so I don’t know if he was killed right away or what…




Here my little Libby is UNALTERED MALE dog… She did not have any balls the whole time I had her. It says she drank a whole bowl of water because they had withheld water from her all day long, DUH. Wouldn’t the name Libby have given the dumb asses a CLUE about her sex?





Again here we go with a positive Giardia test that day, not even possible, but they think I am stupid enough to believe them…




Here are several things that really upset me. Libby has some strange skin condition, if you change her food, she gets stressed or if she gets fleas all of her falls out & she gets sores all over her body, so she got tapeworms from having fleas in late March, she has a breakout & then they start giving her meds that are threatening to kill her. Next the PIECE OF SHIT animal control officer Lori Trask is TREATING MY DOG, I don’t want the bitch touching my dogs let alone treating them, it is against the law for anyone to treat another person’s dog if they don’t have a license, which is why when I do my free shot, flea & wormer clinic I make people sign the dog over to me then I sign the dog back over to them as this is what the veterinary board advised me to do so I wouldn’t get thrown in jail for it.




Next we have them giving Libby Baytril & again one of the animal control officers Ingrid Weaver TREATING her, this is the Officer who lied about my vet, so I really don’t want her touching my dogs at all, period. Most importantly look at how sick Libby is from all the different meds they have her on. Also please note the previous page is from 3/29/11 but this page has 3/1/11 4/6/11 & 4/15/11 as all of these papers were copied & pasted out of order




On this page it shows that Libby had some kind of reaction to the Baytril which I TOLD THEM NOT TO GIVE HER, but no where in her records does it show she was ever seen for the reaction or what it was only that she is lethargic, throwing up & agitated (previous page)




Here is Soffies intake sheet, she is listed as 7 yrs old, she is 12 yrs old, it says she is thirsty, big surprise since they withheld water from her all day long. It also says on 1/12/2011 wait to vaccinate til Dr Thompson can examine… So they didn’t check her before that? Also keep in mind they said wet fur, they didn’t say matted. Also please don’t tell me they have mud puddles in the shelter, or is that how they are trying to say she got wet & hypothermic?





This was the most horrific of all the intakes, my Soffie left my car, warm safe & dry, she had all of her teeth, but the pictures they took at the shelter show her wet & bloody. It says she is missing teeth, she had all of her teeth, it says she is bloody but doesn’t say where. They would never give us date stamped color pictures & at court they showed us a blue tinted kind of color picture that showed her whole face bloodied. It also says she had urine stains but she is grey, that is impossible, & they said she had mats but you can clearly see ringlets in all of her fur from the wet pictures they took of her, if she had mats there would’ve been lumps everywhere not ringlets






Again here we have the magical instant Giardia test but none of the dogs have diarreah… Oh & it should be noted that only a couple had “Giardia” supposedly, LIVING IN A CAR???? We would’ve all had it! You fucking idiots, if you’re going to lie at least make up some shit a person with more than 3 brain cells MIGHT believe





AGAIN why is this bitch Lori Trask treating MY ANIMALS? What is she doing to them when she has them alone?

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2 thoughts on “What happened in the 5 or 6 hours that AC had my animals?

  1. I am having trouble adding all of the pictures the captions are above each one, but some parts aren’t showing up, I’ll get my it guy to fix it later & show me what I have done wrong (((sigh))) Sorry folks, I’m trying & here is the rest of what I was saying…

    This is what Everett Animal control & shelter has done to innocent babies, so next time you want to donate to Everett Animal Rescue Foundation, remember you are donating to animal abusers, who have only used less than 1/2 of their monies to help any animals, remember they have assets listed at 92K yet only 40K is shown as being used for animal welfare. If you care anything about Pit Bull or ANY terrier they kill them immediately & they take GREAT PLEASURE in it, they have stopped everyone on my witness list from rescuing them so they can make sure they get to kill them all at their leisure, keep in mind this Breed Specific Legislation was put in place by the same city council members who have been on the board for over a decade. CLEAN YOUR HOUSE UP EVERETT. grow a pair & take your city back from these dirty bastards

    All you see here is paperwork, but these are words about living breathing feeling beings, they were my kids, they were my babies, I read these & it was everything I could do not to just take a gun & shove it down my throat & let go, I would rather die then let someone hurt my babies but here it is: IN BLACK & WHITE. I failed them, they got hurt, horribly. Why or how does a perfectly healthy dog end up hypothermic, bloody & missing teeth, or a dog who has been seizure free come into mltiple seizures, WHY IN THE HELL WAS GEORGE BLEEDING FROM HIS BUTT & UNABLE TO WALK??? This is the stuff my nightmares are made of & I can not wake up it is real.

    Is there any question in anyone’s mind why I am going after these people with such a vengeance, a piece of shit mayor & council that lets this happen, a piece of shit judge who talks to the prosecutor behind my back & has already convicted me & stated in court I am guilty. A piece of shit prosecutor who got all butt hurt once I proved to him his star psycho bitch witness was a liar & that I am the one who got the info to close down their little puppy mill up there. Finally animal abusing AC agents. What the hell is wrong with a city that lets this go on??????? The City of Everett Govt is going to hell because I plan on taking them with me when I go, slowly, as soon as they fart sideways I am going to be up their ass around the corner to the left & they will always know I am around. ALWAYS, I have had so many people give me info about so many of these folks that I will be able to keep them busy for the rest of their miserable lives. Once this court case is over then we are going to dance. They better hope they have a good lawyer doing their settlement for a Tort Claim. I’m sick & tired of holding my tongue, consider this formal notice that now I am coming with a vengeance, in the boardroom in the courtroom, whatever venue I have to take you down in I am going to do it. You can’t stop the internet, you can’t stop free speech, you can’t stop me from talking, or having an opinion & best yet you can’t stop me from printing the truth! Believe that. Oh & don’t try to be a bunch of crybabies, I am not threatening your lives, I am only threatening to make your lives as miserable as you have made mine, if at all possible.


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