Weekly Search Terms Week Ending 9/18/2011

As most of you know I have trackers, counters & a bunch of other widgets to gather info about who’s on my page. Part of WordPress built in capabilities is to show you which search terms someone used. Once I have identified the IP Address it becomes pretty obvious who is using what search term, It is also precious when someone copies & pastes my page & sends it to someone else.

Now it usually just amuses me seeing certain search terms, but some honestly alarm me, I don’t know how they end up on my page with some of the terms but they do. I sometimes get personal emails, or they leave a comment & I just respond to them privately. Sometimes I get youngsters in distress & that just upsets me.

Please people remember, every person you come across in life… You have the power to touch them somehow, whether it is just a simple hand shake or a hug, or listening, or just reaching out with a kind word. I have walked up to complete strangers & just given them a hug, & it always breaks my heart when they just melt into me & break down in tears, I always cry too. Just a word of warning don’t do this unless you have an additional hour of your life to share with another human being & warn people before you do it so they don’t think you’re being a perv.

We see all the bad people in the news, but most people are generally good, they have desires, they have dreams, they have needs, & they have SO much to offer, but we have lost sight of each other in our own race to survive. Everyone alive has their own issues they are dealing with, everyone has their own personal thresholds of what they can handle or tolerate, when someone is being especially rude don’t respond back in anger, ask them SINCERELY what is wrong, sometimes they just need to be heard & again you would be amazed at the things people are going through. Last night I got brave & walked down to the grocery store & the lady at the check out line was being so RUDE I wanted to smack her a good one, seriously, but then I looked into her face & I seen the pain so I asked her what was wrong, & she just broke down: She had just buried her mother, was caring for her father full time now, her son had just been diagnosed with some kind of a blood disorder & to top it off she had just gotten back biopsy results that day & she has cancer. Sometimes people are just jerks because they are just jerks but I have found that is very rare.

So onto our new “Category” Search Terms for the week… Please keep in mind I don’t release how many times a search term has been used & they are in no specific order

Search Terms for this week
brandia taamu    This is the prosecutor & Rose Adams Beutler playing I spy
ron gipson everett wa    It is getting close to election time….
brandia alida marea perez taamu    Prosecutor & Rose again
mike fisher prosecutor of everett, wa    No Clue
marsden hearing    No clue
corruption in wa. state courts    I would hate to think Everett is the only bunch of dirty players
brandia taamu vs state of washington    This is a from another article
jim iles everett wa marrital status    Okay I don’t get this one… If you are interested in him, just say so, ask, in person, if you are seeing him & don’t know, then you need to re-examine your relationship with him
water for life international tim rasmussen adventist    This is that Prosecutor in Stevens County that is having Lawyers donate to one charity & then the parent charity “Donates” the money back to his charity. kind of a money laundering ponzi scheme all at once. Every year they donate 10 to 15K to one charity, then the parents company donates 10 to 13K back to his charity
everett city prosecuting attorney    No clue
rose adams accident wa state    No clue but I am going to be looking!
malicious prosecution washington state    Working with this man to help him find a good attorney
“officer gowin” king county    I wrote about Officer Gowin in STEVENS COUNTY who came onto Ms Deskins property & left her helpless in her  driveway. It has nothing to do with Officer Gowin in King County
“lori trask” everett    No clue
she’s a liar everett, wa    Rose trying to be sneaky & use a different search term
guard dog training schools everett wa    No clue
wa state accident rose adams    Now I really have to figure tis one out…
city of everett animal shelter    No clue
shannon delgado everett animal shelter    No clue
wordpress releasing personal information    This was someone looking to see what they could do about my blog… I don’t print or say anything I don’t have proof of I don’t have to lie, they gave me so much ammo that you can’t even make this stuff up!
stevens county district court in washington state    Probably someone just looking for an address
what does “special address information” mean for a company in washington    Investigating my business license
rose marie adams-beutler    Rose checking to see her name in print, gotta get some attention some how LOL!
she lied everett, wa    Rose
marsden” hearing    No clue
judge david mitchell everett 
shannon delgado everett
wolf kill dog    Stevens county pieces of shit wiped out almost the whole second wolf pack & they claimed it was a pack of wild dogs, but the pix were CLEARLY of wolves, not even fish & game has done anything, corruption rules in the good old boy club
animal abuse everett 
ron gipson, everett, wa Council up for reelection
judge david c mitchell everett wa my judge who doesn’t do anything
larry kristianson judge wa No clue, I think this is someone from Stevens County
tim rasmussen adventist
tim rasmussen colville
commisioner tracy waggonerrer The idiot commissioner who knew NOTHING about the law, or her role in t & helped james iles & mr fisher get all of the info on my case to use against me. I’m not sure if she was being malicious or just stupid
ginger’s pet rescue this is the rescue I am starting litigation against
city of everett police impound fees no clue
june robinson everett washington one of the candidates for City council, NEW BLOOD!!! Vote for her :~)
brenda stonecipher everett Everett City councilmember up for reelection,
“washington state government” + corruption + online forum or online blog no idea, but maybe I should start an interactive forum for statewide corruption
ode to an aging, ugly troll Someone else knows a troll? LOL!
everett city council candidates ron gipson  This is the an who is in charge of the Everett animal shelter, one of the ORIGINAL people who voted yes on Everett pit bull legislation, if you want the killing of innocent dogs to stop then GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE
shannon delgado animal   POS shelter manager in charge of helpless animals, that loses dead dogs bodies, & laughs when they die
falsely accused of animal abandonedment    no clue
taamu vs the city of everett    
mike fischer everett    the city of everett prosecutor
ron gipson vote    DON’T VOTE FOR HIM
“government corruption” or “political corruption” + “state of washington” or “washington state” + online forum    
june robinson for everett city council website    
mike fisher everett prosecutor    
erv hogland 2011    This is the guy to vote for! He is a bit renegade & Alva Long all wrapped into one, he will change the way things are done, if the voters are smart enough to come up for air
water for life rasmussen    
who is running against brenda stonecipher    
horse rescue stevens county washington 2008    
coral kerr, in jail for animal hoarding    
“government corruption” or “political corruption” + “washington state” or “state of washington” + online forum    
brandia taamu washington state    
volgistics log in everett animal shelter    Someone else is investigating the Everett Animal shelter & it’ll make me look like a splinter in their side compared to them
shannon affholter city of everett    Up for reelection, DO NO VOTE FOR HIM
craigslist seattle terrier 0800    
“shannon affholter”    
tim rasmussen seventh day adventist    
intimidation do i show i don’t care?  I don’t know who this is, but if you need any help please let me know
kate reardon, everett    I don’t know why anyone is looking for Kate, she is the City’s spokeswoman this is who’s skirt tails the Mayor hides behind because he is too good to communicate with us lowly voters. She should be the Mayor since she seems to be the ONLY one who knows what in the hell is going on
guillen v. contreras (sup.ct.enbanc.no. 82531-9(9/2010)

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