So I guess I forgot this one… I sent this on September,2nd, Not one response. What did I expect?

Final Request for Dismissal

Here is the final request for dismissal (the link above) I sent as well as the email down below


Message body

PLEASE NOTE: There are over 150 people CC’d & BCC’d into this email. I have had it with the corruption in the city of Everett. So I am not “yelling” at any of you included in this email, it is directed at the City of Everett & it’s minions. My hope is that SOME ONE can do something about this waste of taxpayer money, the corruption & discrimination that is running rampant & the people in power who continue to let this happen. If you feel you have gotten this message in error please disregard.


Mayor Stephanson, James Iles, Mike Fisher, Lori Trask, Shannon Delgado, Judge Mitchell & Doug Ricks

I am filing a Motion for my FINAL request for Dismissal. It is attached to this email. All of the documents to back up what I am saying are on the website I have created. http://www.taamuvcityofeverettanimalcontrol.yolasite.com/

it has all of the documents related to this case & to prove what I am saying. It also co-oberates my motion as well. Today makes NINE MONTHS since you took my animals away. You are withholding them from illegally & you know it. You have done nothing but bully me & torture me for 9 months. I don’t care who listens to me but someone is going to. You are not above the law, you don’t make them up as you go along & in the words of your Prosecutor in an open Superior court “Everett is a first class city & we are not bound by the Constitution, or the Washington state Constitution” (as evidenced by states exhibit explaining what a 1st class city was) I’ve got news for you. YES you are bound by the laws & rules of the country in which you reside, I know no one has ever stood up to you before so this might be kind of hard to take, but it is true. You’re very right to existence is ONLY granted by the authority of the great state of Washington & you need to learn that.

I have been to court 31 times on this matter, for 1 misdemeanor, & we haven’t even been to trial yet, nor will you give me the discovery I requested: Copied & pasted vet records without lab results & grainy black & white photos with no date stamp are not evidence most favorable & you know it. Giving me the garbage 2 days before court so I wouldn’t even have time for an expert witness to look at it let alone come to court is not discovery in a timely matter.

Maybe you can explain to the people CC’d into this email why your shelter has prevented all of the rescuers on my witness list from pulling all terriers from your shelter & are now killing them all even though they are highly adoptable, but only the rescues on MY witness list.

Maybe you can also explain WHY every dog I rescued from your shelter was maced, injured or both,

Maybe you can explain why my dogs didn’t arrive at your shelter til 7 hours after you took them, & why 1 was bloody, hypothermic, & missing teeth, another was in full throes of seizures after being seizure free for well over a year & for the love of GOD explain why my terminally ill dog was bleeding from his rectum & couldn’t walk.

Maybe you can explain to them why your Officer is so obsessed with the fact that I am a “Thin Native American” woman, & what do you think a jury is going to think when they get a look at her?

Maybe you can also explain why your AC officers are treating my animals, which is against the law.

Maybe you can explain to them why you refused to let me see my dogs & cat for 9 months, & let me vet come check them out so I wouldn’t have a witness or a case, or what you did with my dogs body, or why you refuse to tell me if any of my other animals are still alive, or why your vet would be giving my Kelpie 4 times the dosage of phenobarbitol, or give an Australian shepherd Ivermectin when it is known to cause death in dogs with the MDR1 gene, or why you are giving my pom medicines that have almost killed her as well,

Maybe you can also explain to these good people WHY 3 days after I filed my Tort Claim against the city you offered me a plea deal giving back my dogs only if I would drop my Tort claim, even better yet

Maybe you can explain to these people why you dropped 3 gross misdemeanor charges against your state’s witness in exchange for her testimony against me for 1 misdemeanor.

Maybe everyone would like to hear Judge Mitchell tell me in open court that “I abused my dogs so the Everett Animal Shelter knew what was better for them then me” & when I asked if he had already convicted me you refused to answer, why didn’t you step down & recuse yourself right there & then?

Right before court I seen an almost color picture tinted blue where you could see the blood all over my poor little schnauzers face so I know what you are hiding, my worst fears were true, you couldn’t just stick to beating pit bulls, you had to take it out on my helpless little animals.

You represent everything corrupt & disgusting in Government abuse. For 9 months I have tried to tread lightly, but after seeing the vet records what ever the copied pasted version was you gave me that was out of chronological order, now I don’t know if ANY of them are alive so I have nothing to lose anymore.

Knowing that you are killing all of the pit bulls now to exact even more revenge on me is also just despicable & reprehensive. You could’ve given me a ticket of some kind & railroaded me into something some other way but to use, abuse, & torture animals who can not defend or speak for themselves shows the depth of your disregard for life itself.

Again I want my animals back, if they are still alive, if not I want their bodies so I can give them a proper blessing or burial, I want the charges dismissed & my record expunged,

I want you to install cameras where you house the pit bulls terriers at, & a full investigation into what happened to my animals by an outside agency of MY choice,

I want a lifetime No-Contact order against all of the AC Officers at EAC.

I want officer Trask relieved of her duties in any capacity in caring for or being responsible for any kind of animals, period.

I want the interim Manager relieved of her duties as well, not only did she LAUGH at me when I was crying when I found out you had murdered my dog, but she is facilitating this illegal, discriminatory behavior.

I am also NOT willing to drop my Tort Claim because I am going to use it to start a shelter of my own in Everett or hire the best animal advocates & lawyers your money can buy to fight your illegal BSL.

If you are not willing to do this then I want the color photos, all of them showing my dogs warm & dry when they were picked up, showing the cases of dog food & bags of dog food in my car, I want all of the lab results from the lab. I want enough money for an expert witness, Mr G Paul Mabrey, & I want your photos authenticated by Frederick Grant, & I want ALL of the discovery in my case, & furthermore I want my attorney paid by the hour, or I want outside counsel not contracted with the City of Everett, near as I can figure this whole case that hasn’t even went to trial yet has cost the Tax payers of Everett almost 96,000.00 so far, for a MISDEMEANOR,

I’m sure they would love to know that, especially with you guys losing your pulp mill & over 850 jobs at that company alone, not to mention all the jobs that will be affected by those 850 losses. Now is not the best time to play around with taxpayer’s monies, & during election time no less.

I will go to court & file a motion for each one of these things separately if I have to since you guys have nothing better to do than drag me into court over 30 times maybe I can start bringing myself this time.

I am not going to lay down & let you kick me anymore, you have taken everything I loved & abused it, possibly killed it.

I have NOTHING left to do but fight you & your corrupt system & if the state doesn’t sit up & take notice of your behavior, then since you are acting as an agency of the state they will also be accountable. Heads are going to roll here, I am done playing with you, & quite frankly I am done with you playing with me. You will follow the law, you are not above it, you are nothing except for what the state grants you the right to be, get that through your heads.

Even if it takes me the rest of my life on this earth I will make sure my animals & all of the Pit Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, Staffordshire Terriers, & Mastiffs you have murdered get justice.


Reverend Brandia Taamu
(425) 319-3298

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