The economy in Everett… "Fiscal Leadership"

Wow first a big chunk of Boeing, then the Kimberly-Clark, now even the National Guard has taken flight. Can the City of Everett “afford” more of the same old same old? Oh wait your city’s leaders don’t have to worry about it… The taxpayers are footing the bill. Nevermind, it’s okay now: Just go to work & pay your taxes like good little boys & girls.

Okay I’m sorry, I just am flabbergasted at all the FAILS going on. The Pulp Mill Closure is going to cost 850 local jobs, the closing of the Armory is going to take away 320 + people bringing income to the Downtown area to a screaming halt, the people at the Armory up to 320 also bring friends & spouses down for lunch, for events, & for shopping. The 850+ folks that are going to lose their job at the pulp mill wont be down there spending either. If the population of Everett is 100,000 that has effectively created an unemployment rate of 10% added to the state’s 9% unemployment rate already.

Okay, please keep in mind that I used to create & develop small businesses for a living as well as doing taxes, adjudication hearings & other odd accounting. So while a politician may be able to tell the average person this is not a big deal, it is devastating to the economy. Walk downtown Everett during lunch time… Take 1150 people off the streets, close their wallets & send them home. Where would those 1150 people spend their money? Small businesses! The small businesses keep other small businesses running like suppliers, vendors, etc… All of it has a snowball effect & that snowball is roaring right on into the City of Everett’s economy, at a time when they claim they are facing a 1 million dollar budget shortfall (Wonder how THAT happened!). Now I could take some joy in this but there is no joy in it, this will affect families, children, public safety & services that are already scant, transportation will suffer as well, but it is the children & animals who will suffer first & the most. Animals will be dumped & neglected & unless a child is in school school meals may be very well all they get. I am just sick that they can spend 100K plus probably another 50K for court when that money could’ve gone ANY WHERE else.

I will promise the people of Everett this much, I can’t back down from my Tort Claim, if I do these people will continue to bully people & abuse animals & I am an animal rescuer. I will only ask for 1/2 of what I requested & do it in a structured type of settlement, & I will wait a while so that maybe if you get some new blood in office I can take this court maybe your economy can rebound… I know the prudent thing to insure a victory for myself is to go for the throat right now but the truth is I am only doing this for my animals, what good does it do me to hurt innocent people. I can only make this promise if they don’t pull anymore crap & if they haven’t killed all my babies.

Ive said it before & I’ll say it again. The most dangerous creation of society is a man or woman with nothing to lose… Someone obviously never heard that saying…

Everett mill will close & lay off up to 750-850 people


Everett Armory to close taking 320 people with them

Oh for the love of G*d!!! It only gets worse. I don’t know how I missed this one, I just found this nifty little article by Debra Smith at the Herald as well:

Postal Service may close Everett Processing Center

By Debra Smith, Herald Writer

EVERETT — The bad jobs news just won’t quit in Everett.

First came news earlier this month that the city could lose Kimberly-Clark, its last mill, and all the 750 jobs that go with it.

Then Providence Regional Medical Center Everett announced it could cut up to 175 jobs.

Now this: The U.S. Postal Service is considering shutting down an Everett mail processing and distribution center that employs 290 people.

The Postal Service announced Thursday morning that it’s studying whether to consolidate its operations at 252 locations across the country, including Everett, to help stave off financial disaster.

It’s not clear how many jobs could be lost if the facility is shut down since the Postal Service would try to shift positions to other sites, said Ernie Swanson, Postal Service spokesman.

Please note that this article says 750 jobs lost, but the numbers vary with each report…

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