Ranchers Beware… HAY declared a pollutant???

This is fresh in from Dean Ayers @ Dogpress… Okay he sent this to me over 10 days ago & I just now read it (((grins)))

YIKES!!! So what this means is if a farmer doesn’t store their hay in a pollutant approved container or leaves an open bale of hay in his field he or she can be fined right out of business by the EPA BUT this only applies to smaller farmers & ranchers, to date not one of the Mega Ranches has been hit with this fine. So who was behind this new designation? Well I aim to find out for you!


So why would a Vegetarian be concerned over smaller ranchers? Simple, the goal of HSUS & PETA is to eventually outlaw all animal ownership. To create a Vegan world. I eat what I eat by choice, but I do know that the smaller ranchers aren’t as brutal in their treatment of their animals, they have more of an interest in their health & well being. With all of the rescues & sanctuaries under attack by these agencies as well as ASPCA’s new money making term of “Hoarding”. These agencies get BILLIONS in donations every year by pulling on the heartstrings of good kind people, yet they don’t even have a shelter & you can not get any help from them if you are a shelter even if THEY dump a crapload of animals off on one of them. This has been my own personal experience, not just an internet story…They go in with cameras rolling & do these big rescues & the TRUTH is they dump those animals at high kill shelters this is also something I have seen with my own eyes. They claim to have animals that they don’t have, they fight for legislation that flies in the face of the Constitution of the United States of America. They will make sure you can not own a pet in a very few short years…




EPA Declares HAY a pollutant

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