Stevens County… Now Spokanimal & SHS too???

It is widely well known I have NOTHING but disdain for Stevens County, namely the prosecutors & law enforcement. I on the other hand have had nothing but respect for Spokanimal… If it wasn’t for them I never would’ve gotten my wolf back after a year of searching & over 20K spent looking for him. I being a rescuer see the pleas that go out all across the state begging for help with the plethera of dogs that pass through their doors daily & I know the workers to be out for the best interest of the animals.

So when I received this I was upset to say the least. I already know that Mr Rasmussen is gearing up to trump up any charge he can think of against Ms Deskins, I already know that he is a dirty player, but I also know NOW he is not the brains behind the whole thing, he is merely a prima donna puppet, but he also thinks he is smarter than anyone else with his ponzi charity scheme, aided by the CHURCH no less. I am seeking legal counsel as they have REFUSED to release the public records I have requested, so they will be sucking the tax payers dry to cover their tails for that too. The public information officer is the prosecutor & evidently the info I asked them for will show the waste of tax payer money & the malicious prosecution of Ms Deskins & who knows how many others. I’m glad that the people in Stevens County can afford all of this, maybe they have no unemployemnt, no poverty, their roads must be paved with top quality grading, their property taxes must be the lowest in the state & their public education must be super funded, so I guess they are free to spend upwards of 2 million dollars to prosecute a lowly little woman who mouthed off to them. I have included the letters written to Ms Deskins as well as her response.

I personally am losing my objectivity in this issue, I have worked with Spokanimal & with the Spokane Humane Society, if it wasn’t for the latter my life would not have been so richly blessed, I got well over 25 of the Kennewick Eskimo from them & again Spokanimal is the very reason my boy Chunky is alive. I have read the statements made by Gail Macke, I have seen pictures of bloody dogs waiting in cages all day long during one of the raids, dogs tranquilized that could not recover & they died, I seen the pictures of beautiful healthy little puppies that they claim the mothers ate because they had cleft palates, no where in any picture was there any indication that there were cleft palates which are most times visually obvious, nor that they were unhealthy & if in fact the mothers did eat there young it was because they were so stressed out that it was the only thing they could think of to do to help themselves. Personally I do not believe any of the above. I rescue from these shelters, my dog was almost dead when I got him from Kennel Cough, Secondary infection, an unknown strain of doggie flu & it took him almost 4 months to recover, but we KNOW these are the consequences of rescuing from shelters, the shelters are the pet garbage cans of society doing the best they can do to clean up the mess that IRRESPONSIBLE people leave behind. Ms Deskins on the other hand did private rescue & had not been exposed to the shelter environment & for those who don’t know or understand it is a HORRIFIC revelation.


What concerns me here is the fact that the attorney is only concerned about appearances, yet slandering, & libeling Ms Deskins was okay when it garnered sympathy & donations. I would have to say that Ms Macke was only parroting all the lies that Mr Rasmussen was spewing about the situation, but once she got on site & seen for herself the conditions the dogs were in, she should’ve retracted her statements, even Rasmussen was smart enough to say the dogs were in good physical condition. As for the dogs not being socialized, well they had already been through one raid & imprisonment, & folks for those of you who have never lived in a rural community, dogs don’t have to go to the dog park, they are not expected to socialize with everyone, they are there to guard property & livestock. Farm dogs are working dogs in whatever capacity & niche they find on that specific farm, Ms Deskins lives in an area with a high concentration of predators & had livestock as well, the dogs were as they were intended to be. Look at all the predators, the killings, the drug grow operations, the bombers & the violence up in that area! Ms Deskins would’ve have been absolutely idiotic to have socialized her dogs in any capacity, not to mention those idiots up there shoot wolves, dogs, whatever they want at will & if Tim Rasmussen is your buddy YOU CAN DO THAT & get away with it. Obviously Ms Deskins is NOT one of his favorite people as evidenced by his repeated threats to come up with new charges to further harass & intimidate her.


All of this being said, I will welcome comments but keep it civil, bashing & lies will not be posted, I will be in my own little corner trying to reconcile this in my own mind. What is right is right, what is wrong is wrong. Reading both of the letters has broken my heart & it took many hours of contemplation before I could sit down & post or write this article. SCRAPS is still a good agency, & I truly hope that Spokanimal & the Spokane Humane Society come around & give Ms Deskins the information she requested & issue her an apology for the horrendous statements they made about her that they knew not to be true (eventually). Ms Deskins has made some very valid points in her letter & up to this point I did not understand the horrible things she had gone through, I knew some of it but in dealing wit my own garbage she has spared me a lot of the details. Reality bites!

Please note the attorney is quoting the law but not actually citing the law, on which it is based, oldest trick in the book but what about the things they said about Ms Deskins? What about the things Ms Deskins suffered through? I read the craigslist posting, I have been to this shelter, I have seen the conditions, I also know what is & isn’t feasible as far as keeping the shelter in order. Wouldn’t you be PISSED if your dogs went from a farm sanctuary to a cage full of their own feces & waste? How is that any better?


Cease and desist letter to Deskin re Spokanimal (S0368581)

Letter to Kamel 9-16-11

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One thought on “Stevens County… Now Spokanimal & SHS too???

  1. FOLLOW UP: To date there has been no apology from any agency, nor have they released the requested records. The attorney is claiming they are not obligated to do so for either agency when she KNOWS full well that both of the shelters she represents receive city & or county funds which makes them accountable to Public Disclosure Records, I have forwarded the Clarke V Tri-Cities case to Ms Deskins so she can send it on to them.

    As I said before I feel like my objectivity in this matter is very much in question. I am NOT a people person, I rescue animals because animals I understand. I don’t care if Jack the Ripper was here today, if he was rescuing animals we would be friends. Ms Deskins has suffered immensely & again I firmly believe that the things perpetrated by Spokanimal were because of Tim Rasmussen. I also know conditions at ANY shelter can seem “deplorable” to a lay person, disease runs rampant, & volunteers are in short supply, & it is up to the shelter to clean up the mess society makes. If what you see in the pictures bothers you… Get off your computer & got to one of the THREE shelters in Spokane & volunteer, walk dogs, help clean kennels, clean out your closets & donate bedding, toys, supplies, open up your wallets, maybe forego a couple of Lattes a week & donate, but most importantly get your dogs or cats, fixed, chipped, & licensed.

    The really shitty part of this is I will be called to testify when this matter comes to court, & it is ONLY going to court because all the parties involved won’t be honest & forthcoming. Maybe I could ask the IDIOT attorney to pull her head out of Tim Rasmussen’s ass & QUIT COMPROMISING THE SHELTERS ABILITY TO HELP ANIMALS. I am positive if it was left up to Gail & Dave they would’ve rectified the situation & then we could get back to doing what we are supposed to be doing & that is saving animals not covering stupid people’s asses. If you could see the emails I have gotten from these three agencies when it comes to saving dogs, you would know where their hearts are & what kind of people they truly are. Lawyers just have to screw everything up for everyone, it’s kind of like parents getting involved in kids fights on the playground, the kids make up 2 minutes later but the stupid parents are mad for years afterwards.


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