DOH!!! (AKA What the heck was I thinking?)

I thought I was too late to register to vote! Look out Candidates here I come! I have been sitting here thinking, dangerous, yes, but I have been known to do such things without warning or provocation! I was thinking about all of the people on my friends lists on various social networking sites who are in Politics & then it occurs to me I can go to my area State Representatives, Senators & Congress people in regards to the issues I am having with Everett! So I was thinking (again!!!) I haven’t even had time to register to vote so why would they listen to me? I missed the deadline for the Primaries but not for the elections! So we’ve got a few weeks to see what these people are made of:

you have completed your application
Transmission ID:00VR201109160000004
You should receive your voter registration card in a few weeks from Snohomish County Elections.
You will receive your ballot by mail. Contact Snohomish County Elections for in-person voting options, registration or election-related questions.

US REPRESENTATIVE DIST 1 Jay Inslee         
21st DIST SENATOR Paull H. Shin         
21st DIST REP POS 1 Mary Helen Roberts         
21st DIST REP POS 2 Marko Liias         
COUNTY EXECUTIVE Aaron Reardon (Prefers Democratic Party)

I was told by a friend tonight that my decision to campaign for the officials I like in Everett could lead to something called a slap lawsuit, but nothing would please me more… For 2 reasons. First off I don’t have any money so they can’t get that out of me & second if they DID do that it would mean I was getting under their skin! I never write ANYTHING that is not true, & I am entitled to my own opinions. Even if I have to go door to door I will do what I have to make sure we can end the corruption & waste going on in the City of Everett.

Now the fun will begin soon here because if my OWN representatives won’t intercede for me, once they see this case then I’m going to have a grand ol’ ball with them too.

As far as what use I can be to the opposing candidates… Well taxpayers have had enough of the waste of their tax dollars, once they see how common & rampant it is they will be highly upset & again if I have to go door to door so be it. I don’t care, everyone will know my story.

Here is where I get a little blurry though… Aaron & Kate Reardon, let me explain why: Kate is the person I have to “yell” at to get to her boss since he won’t even list his own email address, if you notice all the letters I send are sent to her but addressed to him, just for the simple fact that she hasn’t told me to walk west until my little hat floats is monumental. Now Aaron is her husband, & his service to Snohomish County has been invaluable. Matter of fact I just pretty much blew any chance I had at the Herald doing a story about me because I hammered one of their reporters for slinging mud in EXACTLY the same way as someone else, what really upset me is that he used the death of Pat Tillman to his own ends, Pat is the kind of American that NO ONE has any right to speak about let alone use to segway into a bashing campaign. At the time I didn’t realize he was MY representative & sent him my response. I also have to admit that they are just ADORABLE, yes I know adorable doesn’t make you a good candidate, but they still are, adorable that is. Even more important they are capable. Why do I keep saying “they” well my hope is that since Kate seems to be the ONLY one who seems to know what is going on in the City of Everett I think she should run for Mayor, I am NOT NOT NOT joking either. Quite honestly all of this will make it just plain hard to be mean to either one of them. I am also friends with a few of their friends & I have NEVER heard a bad word about either of them (((sigh))) Well except for the Herald writer who got his panties in a twist over something or another, but this is the same guy who said that Pat Slack getting busted in Arizona drinking & driving was okay cause he was his buddy, mind you this is one of the top cops in Snohomish County & that really pissed me off. He is NOTHING like any SnoCo Sheriff out there today. Therein lies the problem: I have never met a cop up here I didn’t like in any City, or in Snohomish County, & his conduct was unbecoming an officer. Well I’ve got a busy day ahead of me so just remember VOTE or quit complaining!!! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! It is not only your right but it is also your duty!

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