Do you have to see me to know I am coming?

Every day I make it through without my animals, is another day that I will hold the City of Everett accountable for their heinous behavior. As most know the Council seats are up for election this year. An election that has become deeply personal for me. I figure coupled with the Troy Meade case & my case the citizens of Everett will finally come up for air, pull their heads out of the Council’s tail end & vote for a real change. If not I will show them why they should. I don’t care if I have to go door to door. I don’t care if I have to spend hundreds on making flyers, whatever the cost I will try my best to make sure we get rid of the impotent city leaders that have destroyed the economy & the faith in the Police Dept. I really hope that they don’t try to turn this around on our new Police Chief. Her conduct is exemplary & I won’t stand by if they try. The Atwoods as a whole have always been an excellent public servant family. I have dealt with both the male Everett & Snohomish County Atwoods & they have always been fair & professional.

So we have people perusing my page even more than my stalker now who stand to lose the positions of power they have been so used to having for so many years. The problem with the same old same old is that it is the same. It is time to get some new blood who won’t run everything business as usual. The other problem is that once someone has been in the same position for so long unchallenged they have a tendency to act if they are doing the tax payers a service by just showing up, they believe they are all powerful & begin to have nothing but disdain for the very people they represent because their ego’s have grown so out of control that they are no longer grounded in reality.

The Troy Meade case speaks for itself, it was NOT the Union, it was not the police dept who made the decision to stonewall the investigations, it was the Mayor, City Council, & the City Attorney. So you have a Mayor who is an attorney, who is greasing the wheels of his big attorney friends with TAXPAYER money so they don’t have to admit wrongdoing, it is all about ego & winning at all costs. How much more ego & misappropriation of funds can the City of Everett handle, I mean if you like working for the City’s minions so they can make decisions based on what they want, who will carelessly throw your hard earned money away, then please go to work & be happy. If you would like a council that actually is concerned about the needs of the people it is SUPPOSED to serve, yes people, not agendas, please vote for a change, even if all of the contenders turn out to be complete idiots you will at least know they are not being controlled by their egos, their intentions are good. That being said, once you change the dynamics in place, the Mayor won’t be guaranteed that everyone is going to back up his idiotic decisions & might actually have to acknowledge the tax payers.

So if you are angry about all the money that has been spent & gone to waste do something but first look to yourselves, if you vote for idiots then  you’re going to be ruled by idiots, unfortunately it took the cold blooded murder of a human being for you all to realize the depths these folks would go to to waste your money, but now you know. You have the power to change things but you must vote, that right was paid for in blood by righteous men & women, please don’t disrespect their memory by whining about voting doesn’t make a difference, that is what they want you to believe so it can be the same old same old…


As I said before I will run for office myself, I don’t know what position, hopefully by next year but I want to make sure that I have something concrete to offer the citizens of Everett so I’m not the one wasting money.  I’ve got one of the best campaign managers in the western United States doing research for me to try to figure out how to make the best use of my business, experience. I have owned my own business, am currently a business owner, & I know how to run a business on next to nothing & for spare money I used to help build & develop other small businesses & only 2 of those didn’t make it because they switched to someone else’s business model. I have tax & book-keeping experience & can negotiate quite well through all of the red tape that is Government. The only problem I foresee is that I am used to dealing with honest people & situations, I have discovered this is not the case in Everett so it may be the straw that breaks my desire & ability to serve the public. Any thoughts or opinions, even info on the candidates would be appreciated, just keep in mind nothing will be published here that can’t be substantiated, personal opinions are welcome as well, I won’t edit those & they will be posted freely.


I have found enough info for myself to make election time lots of fun, for me anyway but we’ll see…

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2 thoughts on “Do you have to see me to know I am coming?

  1. 1981 there were about eight armed robberies on Snohomish County 7/11’s. I saw a police rendition/description everyday. I spotted the gut at a Denney’s I called the Everett Police 9/11.

    I watched that guy eat his meal at 2:00 am. 30 minutes later he got up, paid and left. Cops never showed. Called 7/11 security next day, they came unglued!!!


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