Answers to a few questions

I am going to take a moment to answer some questions I get quite often

Why isn’t my comment showing up?

I don’t post a lot of the comments, I respond personally for several reasons. I do it mostly for your safety & to keep the prosecutor & my crazy stalker out of my business & to protect your identity. The stalker woman emails anyone who talks to me, & the prosecutor has such a flimsy case that all he can do is sit on my web page & my blog looking for things to use against me. Also if you are a citizen of Snohomish County I absolutely can not in good conscience post your comment because it contains your personal info & I don’t want you to suffer any retribution.

Why is there an ISP tracker on your blog & web page?

Well that is because I keep a running log of the ISP’s  that are visiting my site so I know who is here & why,  it is also a part of my Tort claim & will be used as evidence to get my anti-harassment order. Literally, my stalker is on my pages up to 4 times a day. City of Everett minions several times a week.

Why don’t you post your whole case on line?

I do have a lot of my info posted on line, but there are some things that I can’t release until court & my Tort Claim are settled. The information I have posted should be enough to help you if you are facing the same things, but keep in mind if you have an ineffective or impotent judge as I do in my case, no amount  of law will help you because they don’t feel like they are bound by the laws. My judge & the prosecutor have been communicating without my attorney present over this whole case, he actually told on himself by saying in court that the prosecutor had told him there was blood tests from the dogs & they were in horrible condition. The judge actually looked surprised when I told him that that was absolutely NOT true! Let me explain: The prosecutor has already prejudiced the Judge in this case, my attorney HEARD the statement & didn’t challenge it, as a matter of fact he just now got around to asking for the real vet records, & lab results. He hasn’t asked for a change of venue, he hasn’t challenged the municipality conflict, he hasn’t asked the judge to recuse himself, even though this same judge already told me that I abused my animals so Everett animal control knew what was better for them then I did, my attorney didn’t challenge that either. The judge should’ve recused himself in April when this happened, but didn’t. So if you have a good attorney & an honest judge, the info here will give you some defense, otherwise you are looking at the same thing as me, I won’t win at the local level, I will have to take this to appeals court. The only upside is that for my Tort Claim I can file it in King County & they can’t play dirty over there, their “Good Old Boy” club doesn’t have any power in King County. The reality is: what the hell good does money do? It can’t give me back the last 9 months, & it can’t bring back my animals, but it is the ONLY thing they care about & it is all I can do to get some kind of justice for my babies & make sure they think twice before they ever do this to anyone ever again.

Does the Dansoft ISP tracker tell me who is visiting my site?

No that is just a fun widget, the real ISP tracker runs in silent mode & it doesn’t tell anyone else your info.

Why doesn’t my info show up on your Feedjit tracker?

I know who visits my blog & web page, so I have made it so your info won’t show up, it is all a simple matter of programming. Again I do this so you can’t be tracked. We have someone very adept at programming, & intel who does all of this for me because if you left it up to me I’d still be figuring out how to  try to post for the first time.

Aren’t you afraid that they will retaliate against you for posting on your blog & web site?

Absolutely not. What else can they take from me? I never post anything I don’t have documentation for or that is untrue, any pictures I have used are on the internet as public domain. I honestly believe they have killed all of my animals, I have nothing left to lose, all I have left to do is fight.This is America, we all have the right to express our opinions. I can say any fool thing I want to outside the “People’s Republic of Everett” they can not stop me. That right was paid for in blood, the blood of my sons, my uncle’s, my dad & my grandfathers, not even those POS can take that away from me.

I think everyone who knows me knows I have NOTHING but contempt for these Kangaroo courts, but when I am in front of the judge I always say “I am sorry your honor but…” that is the key, you can say your peace & they can’t convict you of contempt if you say those 6 little words. I learned that nifty little trick from the Patriot Community. No that doesn’t mean that you can say “I’m sorry your honor but you are dirty lazy POS of shit who wouldn’t know the law if you had to pay for it by the hour like your latest girlfriend because the best part of you slid down your momma’s leg” That is NOT NOT NOT a good idea. (That was an actual  question! YIKES!)

How do you get through a day let alone 9 months of this garbage?

I don’t have a choice, I grew up as a physically & sexually abused child, there was no rhyme or reason for the abuse I suffered, there was no explanation for the anything that happened in my life. You learn to live on auto pilot, you learn that there is no reason to expect compassion, peace, love or kindness, you cease to live & begin  to merely exist. My stepfather took great joy in abusing me, torturing my animals to death & causing me pain, the people I am fighting are just like this man, this is the only power & control they have or will ever have unless there is some unfortunate spouse or child left to their mercy, this type of behavior is not left at the office, it is who they are. It is the reason I relish being able to get up in front of a jury of my peers to & go face to face with all of them, I am not a helpless child anymore laying in the dark waiting for the pain to start.

Why is it when I read your blog I come back & there is more added to it?

Well my word program is all screwed up so I can’t write my blog & then post it, several months ago I found that every time I was trying to write here my browser or computer would crash, & I would lose all of my work. Oddly enough my drafts don’t save & yes I have confirmed my computer is being tracked but it is okay, I have other ways & email addresses to communicate with the people who are helping me. My email is also compromised as well as most of my sites,but no worries I keep a record somewhere else, so even if my data is all lost it is safe somewhere else. The fun part is screwing with them, I have people email me all kinds of crap so they never know what is real, what is not & what even matters. Remember I have the IT guy who programs everything for me, even the ghost ISP’s show up, yes it pisses me off that they are monitoring me but I figure if they weren’t they would have a good case, which they don’t, & using against me whatever they  think they “find” on me here can only backfire on them. The other thing is that people in power make lots of “Frenemies” people who seek me out to give me info so in the end it is me who will walk away with my name cleared & them who will be playing grab ass. It can’t bring back my animals, it can’t bring back the time I have lost if any of them are still alive but it will make their lives as miserable as they have made mine for as long as mine will be….

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