It’s getting close to election time in Everett Wa. (UPDATED 9/10/2011)

The citizens of Everett Wa are about to vote… Now let’s hope they don’t vote for stupid. Unless they want FOUR MORE YEARS of the same kind of garbage they have had. Now why would I possibly alienate the very people I may be working with in whatever position I run for next year? Well I will probably get impeached & removed from office because I don’t intend on kissing tails & catering to special interests. You won’t be able to bribe me or intimidate me, so if I disappear sometime after that please go search the local landfills for my remains.

As most of you know I am autistic, high functioning, but still autistic. I see things in black & white, right or wrong. When I see a pig I call it a pig not a height, weight challenged quad ped, IT’S A PIG (By the way I love pigs, they are usually smarter than most people) So even if I don’t change the world in Everett I will at least give people something to laugh about while you watch my big mouth get me into trouble.

I would like to make a disclaimer of sorts. The ONLY council member I wrote to was Ron Gipson because he is supposed to oversee the Everett Animal Shelter but instead of being able to control what is going on there he has chosen to stick his head in the sand ignoring the issues & will ultimately cost YOU the tax paying citizens millions of dollars in litigation & tort costs. In order to understand why you have to look at the money that the Everett Animal Shelter’s non-profit brings in. It is listed as a separate entity but it is one in the same. At one time the head of the shelter was also the chairman, & when I asked about it I got a good ol’ song & dance but no real answers. Here is part of their mission focus statement
ARF’s Focus
ARF was established in 2005 to support the work of the Everett Animal Shelter (EAS), Snohomish County’s largest and only open-admission shelter. Through fundraising, adoption events and education, ARF has spread public awareness about the Everett Shelter and the important work it does for animals and the community in Snohomish County. ARF is uniquely poised to provide assistance directly to the animals who most need it by funding medical expenses that fall outside the shelter’s budget. In 2010, ARF donated $40,000 to fully equip the Vet Surgery & Clinic in the new EAS shelter facility at Langus Park.

Yet… they list assets of around 92,000.00 so where is the other 50 thousand going? If you wonder why things have gotten so bad in the City look to yourselves. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results. So you have to ask yourself if maybe you have gone a little insane. I have listed the candidates down below & have struck through the people who have been in control of our lives & money for so long that they NO LONGER even try to hide that they aren’t out for your best interests, now they act as if the citizens “owe” them something. Please people for your own sake, safety & sanity please figure it out & do something about your city. You have to do something in order for something to happen, complaining gets you no where. Just think about how nice it would be to finally feel like you have a voice in your city & how it functions.

Furthermore take a look at all of the employers who have left, the pulp mill will be closing soon & 850 people will be out of a job, those 850 people support hundreds of businesses & other jobs, those will be gone soon too. It might be a good idea to get some new blood in those seats before Boeing moves the rest of it’s plant to the east Coast, or the Navy pulls up it’s anchors & sets sail too. It really is YOUR CHOICE.

Just one example of change that could happen… If you got new blood in there, you might get someone who could negotiate with the bigger companies, who might actually take control of the agencies they are responsible for!!! Seriously the claims against the city & the legal fees for a the screw ups they have had in the past 2 years have cost the tax payers MILLIONS of dollars, now imagine that same money going into the hands of Public Safety employees, crime prevention, neighborhood revitalization programs, social services, & street improvements!!! Literally millions of your hard earned dollars have went into covering their tails so they can continue doing what they do. Is that the legacy yo want to leave to your children, you have a voice, you have a vote, make it count. The freedom to choose is not just a fringe benefit, it was fought for with the blood of many innocent men, don’t let them die in vain.

COUNCIL POSITION #4 Nonpartisan office (4-year term)

June Robinson PO Box 1973 Everett WA 98206
(425) 923-7355
Ron Gipson 6716 Morgan Rd Everett WA 98203
(425) 501-6000

Please note looking at who is endorsing Mrs Robinson I am not impressed but her credentials are incredible & she has been a strong community leader for many years. If were not for her list of endorsers I would support her 100% but with Stonecipher & Nielson backing her that makes me incredibly nervous, & it could just be that they know she has a real chance & are jumping off of the sinking ship & trying to ride her coat tails. she is a person of integrity & gets results

COUNCIL POSITION #5 Nonpartisan office (4-year term)
Drew Nielsen PO Box C Everett WA 98206
(425) 259-6184

Erv Hoglund 615 Wetmore Ave. Everett WA 98201
(425) 870-2519

Please pay special attention to this candidate, I have researched him & he is exemplary, he will bring a new integrity to the Council that has been lacking for a very long time

COUNCIL POSITION #6 Nonpartisan office (4-year term)
Brenda Stonecipher 612 Maulsby Lane Everett WA 98201
(425) 308-9849

Scott Bader 3020 Leonard Drive Everett WA 98201
(425) 257-9436

Scott Bader is an Attorney & you all know how I feel about attorneys right now but he also seems to be a man of impeccable integrity. He also seems to have a good & realistic view of the problems facing the city, which is 90% of the battle. He honestly believes he can make a difference

COUNCIL POSITION #7 Nonpartisan office (4-year term)
Shannon Affholter PO Box 143 Everett WA 98206
(425) 418-6462

Jackie Minchew 5607 S 2ND AVE EVERETT WA 98203
(425) 238-8657

Jackie is a fun candidate but he understands the issues & isn’t afraid to go after them face to face no matter who’s little tootsie toes he steps on, furthermore he will fight  “City Hall” I believe as of this day he is sitting in jail in Washington D.C. for a sit in protest about the proposed Canadian oil pipeline which could be an ecological disaster waiting to happen, the question would not be “if” it would be “when” it would happen. Even if he doesn’t change the world he will make a difference in the way things are done in Everett, I doubt we’ll see any more “Business as usual” on the Everett City Council with him around!

I have no real issues with Mr Affholter I just would like to see a complete shake up in the council, a cleaning house. I have never contacted Mr Affholter in regards to my issues but I know they have had 4 council meetings regarding my case & tort claim so he is now aware of the issue.

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