Why I post….

I have been advised that me putting up this & the other website is making things harder on me & making the City of Everett look stupid, I would beg to differ, this is exactly what you’re not supposed to do, you’re not supposed to fight back, you’re not supposed to call anyone out on the mat, you are supposed to lay down & take it like a good little defendant. I can’t tell you this enough times, I don’t plan on winning in the city or superior level, there are too many dirty people running the show, all I can pray for is for them to hurry the hell up so I can get to the State Supreme Court, they are also trying to stall because I am not supposed to file a tort claim til my case is over & they are waiting for the new anti-cruelty laws to go into effect so they can try to get a better conviction… If in fact m dogs die in this time it will only make me more hateful, hurt more & go after them with a vengeance like they have NEVER seen or fathomed in their piddly little existence. All they had to do was give me my dogs back & leave me alone, but their little egos just couldn’t let them do that. I know I sound like a mad woman on some days & quite frankly over the past 2 weeks I have been as close to giving up & taking my life as I have ever been. This is not about bullshit beauracracy this is about my babies, to all of you reading this they may just be animals, but to me they are my furry four legged kids with speech impediments & no thumbs. Have they forgotten me, do they hate me, are they scared, are they warm, is someone comforting them, are they getting spoiled or ignored, are they sleeping in a nice warm bed or a concrete floor, which ones are in foster homes, which ones are still at the shelter, do they still think about the day they were taken away, will they ever forgive me, will I ever see any of them alive ever again, how do I breathe without them? I am their mother I was supposed to protect them, I saved them all from horrid circumstances, I promised I would take care of them til they left the earth, & now I am a liar… Maybe this is the goal of the Everett City Prosecutor, destroy me, & make me suicidal, so I can’t fight them. get rid of me like they did Diane Cowlings… Problem solved for them. They evidently DON’T understand a mother’s love, nor do they have any understanding of what PURE UNADULTERATED HATRED can help you accomplish in life. As a teenager I learned to let go of that hatred, but now it is time to take it back up & use it to fight with them, I will not be the same person I was from when this started, I will lose a part of me, I lose the battles every day with these FUCKTARDS that won’t obey the LAW because they think they are above that law, when in reality they are a bunch of piss ant municipal level idiots who have no real power over anyone above them. I might be losing the battles but I damn sure won’t lose the war, if I have to fight til my dying day the house of cards this POS city has built is coming down, the Mayor is a lawyer so he knows how to play the games, he condones this type of behavior with his silence, he is the one with the power to make it right & all I hear is a deafening silence which speaks louder than words… What does he care, it’s not his money he’s wasting or his time, he’ll have his lawyer friends pull out all the stops on me & pay them with taxpayer dollars, like he’s doing for that cop. Same old game, same city, politics as usual. I know a lot of you read my blogs & think that maybe I am making some or parts of this up but please check out our web pages, I have it all documented, it is all in black & white. The worst part is I am adding new info daily. It is such an asses mess that 1/2 the time I can’t figure it out & since I am autistic I can’t explain it in a way that makes sense half the time

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