Our story has gone National!!!

WOO HOO! We have went National & even International. David Jones has this posted as well as the Dean Ayers at the Dogpress & hopefully soon it will be on the Canada Free Press as well! I have also learned it has been submitted to 20/20 & Rachel Maddow for consideration!!! I got two phone calls today as well but that will be news for later, but I got two other phone calls today, one from a dear friend letting me know she survived Irene, relatively unscathed, (Thank G*d) the other from an unknown person, she said who she was, was not important, but that she had been following my case for the better part of 6 months & she wanted me to know that victory was at hand, & that soon I would be vindicated & the world would know what was done to me & to my animals, so that I would be free to do what G*d had always intended for me to do, & then she hung up, so I didn’t get a chance to ask her when, or if my animals were still alive, or what it was I was intended to do. :~(

Sometimes answers just create more questions…

So I have gotten used to playing the waiting game, I sent out my email just in time for the people it was addressed to, to have 3 days to think about it. So this weekend in the 80 degree weather, somewhere in between their bar-b-ques, & beers, they will have to think about me, they will have to consider what they have done to my animals, the ones coming up for election will have to think about what the cost will be. It occurred to me last night that they think about me probably 10 times more than I think about them.

Something else also occurred to me, living well is the best revenge. My psycho pathetic stalker & the whole crew at the city of Everett have NOTHING on me. A wonderful husband, beautiful sweet children, precious grandchildren, a growing church full of people from every walk of life coming together & caring for each other,wonderful true friends, & my soul. They can’t take any of that from me, most of the people involved in this know them for what they are, no one I know was fond of Everett Animal Services before this, now even less so. The people I was worried about what they would think, they are standing behind me more solidly than I could’ve ever imagined, at one point this almost destroyed my marriage & caused me to end my own life but now all it has done is solidified my marriage, my relationship with my children has grown stronger, & they have grown stronger in their own relationships. The intent was to break me, to divide & conquer, but instead they have only helped me to acheive greater things in life. Yes I still cry, yes I still have nightmares, yes there will always be scars, but I don’t want to end my life anymore, I will fight this corruption til I die & I won’t lose, I will go to school & get the means to fight them, to take them on full bore, & they will never forget my name, they will never ever forget the faces of the innocent animals they have so brutally tortured & killed. Even my mother, sisters & brothers & I have gotten closer because of this, mostly it was because I have been on suicide watch so they won’t freakin leave me alone but now it’s just because we like to see each other, we found the joy again in just “hanging out”. My mom is asleep on the futon right now, I watch her sleep & imagine the little girl she once was, her life was so brutal I am not sure how she survived, as a consequence my childhood was brutal as well, but one day, she did something no other woman had hardly ever done in the 70’s, she left her abusive husband, she changed things for my younger siblings, she changed things for herself, she is the kind of woman I can only hope to be like when I grow up. Tomorrow when we are out in the mountains & we stop to camp, I will make sure to tell her how proud I am of her.


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