I guess I have been going about this all wrong…

I just realized something very important… The Everett Courts are at the very bottom of the food chain, I have been fighting a battle of the precious wounded egos. I didn’t fare much better in Superior court because I got a Commissioner who had no more of a grasp on law than I did at the time.

But I just realized I can file a Motion under CR 7.24 Motion for Declaratory & Injunctive relief & Replevin!!! Idiot that I am didn’t even think about it til now! I used to stay up til 1 a.m. trying to figure out how I was going to get money for vets, or get across the state to save 5 dogs from 4 shelters that were going to try to kill each other the whole ride home & try to figure out which foster home they would fit in & now I am thinking about Writs of Mandamus & the latest Supreme court cases dealing with the original Bill of Rights & sadly realizing that most of the people I know don’t even know what the Bill of Rights are, because we have become a Nation of “Sheeple” we complain about “The Process” til the day is done but we don’t do ANYTHING about it. the dumbest thing I ever hear is “I don’t even vote anymore because it doesn’t make any difference if I do” WTH??? That is exactly what the Sheeple Herders want you to believe.

Look, I am upsetting the natural balance of things at the “People’s Republic of Everett”, I am challenging them, I am standing up for myself, this is unheard of, a lowly little blanket ass is standing up to them! How dare I? I mean they have been doing things the way THEY wanted to for years, & everyone has just laid down & took it. except for me, it has cost me the life of my dog, the last few days he had on this earth, it may have cost me the life of my other dogs & cat, the sad thing is that I have always figured that I had no way to get back at them, but after their last plea offer I realized I do! They were willing to give me back my animals without admitting wrong doing as long as I dropped my Tort Claim against them & plead guilty, at that moment I realized I have access to something they think is just as precious as my Animals are to me, their stupid dirty filthy blood money. Money that the tax payers work for & that they are free to do with whatever they want because the tax payers don’t say or do anything about it. Do you know what I am going to do? I am going to run for Office in the City of Everett!!! Anyone who is silly enough to believe I am joking check back with me next year. No worries though I don’t want to be the Mayor, but I do want to live long enough to become a problem to those in power. Hey maybe I can get Tim Eyman to help me!!!

See what happens when I don’t have my dogs to take care of & nothing but time on my hands? The city has created their own little monster… Or as I tell them all the time: The most dangerous creation of society is a person with NOTHING to lose… Maybe I’ll only be dangerous to corruption but again… I have nothing but time on my hands.

Okay so back to my DIR & R, I can file it in Snohomish County Superior Court & if they deny it I can go straight to Division One of the State’s Appellate court. I don’t need an attorney for that, & Everett has NO say so over what I do or don’t do about any of that. Since the City won’t back down maybe the state will have to stand up & knock them down a notch. I have to go study the format for the Motion for Replevin & Injunctive Relief so I’ll be off line for a couple of days but might pop back in if I find something really cool.

I also see my little loser stalker is on my blog again, what a sick pathetic little existence… Oh & I see the City got my last message as well. I make sure to get a photo caption of every visit, every day. Do you realize just how creepy that is? Somehow someway you have got to find a way to get over me…

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2 thoughts on “I guess I have been going about this all wrong…

  1. UPDATE: I have to be a citizen of the city of Everett to run for the available offices, until we get some of the corrupt officials out of there & I get a permanent injunction against AC I can not safely live there. I will however be involved in any & every campaign I can to get rid of the people in power now. I have to make the decision to move there by the 1st of January, 2012, so we’ll see what happens in court.


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