This is my "Official Notice" to The City of Everett

Just a quick apology to my regular readers, but I just returned home to find that I’ve got pest problems which I am going to address right now… Sorry for the outburst but I can not take anymore of these people stalking me. I realize this is a public forum, I have made this public because I have been in fear for my life, health & safety, because as most of you know I previously had a stroke & if this stress doesn’t kill me I don’t know what will. Plus we’ve got their mentally unbalanced “witness” that continues to stalk me DAILY. I figured that no matter what happens to me this will all be here forever, always recorded, so that these people can’t hide behind the laws they are breaking because of the positions of power they have. Evil can only exist in darkness & this is the the truest form of evil I have ever seen & I plan on being the light that shines on it.

Just a little note to say, I am done, I am sick & tired of your games. I have drafted my FINAL Motion for Dismissal, it is MY FINAL OFFER. Snooping around my Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Web Pages is just pathetic & having your little FREAK snooping around is just as petty…

My final count is 42 laws, rules & Amendments you have broken FORTY TWO. Maybe if you were smarter than a BRICK you would take a look at my friends lists on FB! I have other prosecutors, lawyers, & activists from the Patriot Community helping me, so I know the games you play, & the bull you will pull well before you even think about it. How is it that you think I know that you have consulted with outside counsel on this matter? You also realize that this is considered outside communication? Since you saw fit to use “part” of this blog in your Motion of Limine, it will all be included.

Should I get you another shovel? Or do you have the money to pay for more of your own… Or is the TAX PAYING CITIZENS OF EVERETT’S POCKETS you’re digging into to pay for this too. 96 THOUSAND DOLLARS & counting, & trial is going to cost you at least 50K… What about the Tort Claim? Trust me, since I will be in front of a jury of my peers, the actual tax payers of the City of Everett I am sure they would love to know that you dropped 3 gross misdemeanors for someone with well over 80 law violations to prosecute me for 1 misdemeanor & I will be sure to bring an accounting of the 30+ court hearings we have had so far, along with all of the other expenses.

Since you are all so fond of reading what I have to write, please take note that I have finished my complaint to the Judicial Commission, the Ethics Board, & to the Bar Association against
1) Judge Mitchell
2) Commissioner Waggoner
3) Animal Control Officer Lori Trask
4) City of Everett Prosecutor Mike Fisher
5) City Attorney Mike Iles
They are sitting in a mailbox waiting to be picked up by 7a.m.
I am still working on the complaints about
1) EAS Asst shelter manager Shannon Delgado
2) Animal Control Officer Ingrid Weaver
3) City of Everett Vet Lisa Thompson

Also I have no idea who Deborah Wright is but she is claiming to be the head of the Everett animal shelter & snooping around my LinkedIn account so she’ll be in my report to the Dept of Justice too. Since the Mayor & the City Counsel has failed to intervene they will be named as well, except for Shannon A. since I haven’t contacted him yet

You do realize that you could’ve saved yourself & me a lot of grief by admitting you were wrong & just giving me back my dogs in January & letting me go on my way, but your egos just couldn’t let you do that. I will take the stand in my defense & you can object to what I say til hell freezes over but I will be able to tell the truth, you can object but once the jurors have heard the dirty disgusting games you have played, the brutality you have put my poor helpless animals through, & the money of THEIRS you have wasted, they will set me free & you’ll be seen for what you are.

I have tried to figure you out, to figure out how you sleep at night, to try to understand how you can brutalize innocent helpless animals, how you thought you were going to get away with this but as someone very wise pointed out to me, in order to understand you I would have to think like you… I pray God takes my life before I ever become like anything resembling any of you.

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