Just a note… Checking in :~)

I am busy working on my complaints to the Judicial Commission, Human Rights Commission, Ethics Board, Bar Association, Dept of Justice, & a couple other agencies. I just finished my FINAL request for Dismissal. As most of you know I can tell who visited my page, but I can also tell who visits my page on LinkedIn & Lo & Behold today I got a very interesting visitor on my LinkedIn Account (Oh & using different search terms STILL tells me who it was who visited my site – One has nothing to do with the other) The City of Everett’s employee who oversees the shelter operations is snooping around my account now, the odd thing is she was on my friends/contacts suggestions but a reporter had just told me that she is claiming to be the direct supervisor over the shelter & its operations so I deleted her. Rose is busy snooping around my page as well, I haven’t seen her posting about me on Craigslist lately so I am assuming she finally got the boot or else she is not on line, but I never fail to be surprised with her petty postings & lies… (She’s a liar Everett Wa) one of the search terms she used. LOL!

On a lighter note, I am enjoying my new found status of “fugitive” the police were out here in our apartments yesterday & I walked up to them & asked “Are you here for me” they said “No why do you have a warrant?” I said yep & told them why & they asked me if it was Everett, when I said yes they just laughed & said yeah screw em. So far seems like Lynnwood PD, Snohomish County Sheriff’s & the State Patrol pretty much can’t stand Everett. They like Everett PD but not the rest of the government… I have to admit I have a soft spot for Everett PD myself, most of them are almost as delusional as me & they honestly believe they are going to make a difference in this world, bless their hearts. My fav’s are Edmonds & Mountlake Terrace Police though, they’ll pull you over & ask if you know why they pulled you over & when you say no they’ll say “Cause I was really bored, how bout you?” but they’ll leave you be if you tell em your busy. Oh & if your car is broken down they’ll roll up their sleeves & get right under the hood with you, might not have a clue what they’re doing but by God they’ll try! :~) They also gave my son a mini stroke the first & ONLY time he got in trouble with the law, they called & asked me first & I told them if he didn’t pee himself then they weren’t doing their job, my son is still friends with those two officers & he is a hard working honest young man now.

I will post all of the complaints as well as the Motion once I get them all done & sent to the places they need to go first, but since I know they are snooping around I don’t want to give them too much information. Evidently they have had to call in outside counsel now so I might be dealing with someone smarter than them. I’ll be sure to let you know how much that is costing the citizens of Everett though, we’re up to about 96,000.00 so far, possibly more now FOR A MISDEMEANOR!!! Just think they could’ve had 3 gross misdemeanors & 3 misdemeanors but they gave it all up just to prosecute little ol me for just 1 misdemeanor! LOL!

I write a lot here, but just wait til this case is over when I am able to fully tell you everything… You will be amazed, amused, disgusted & just plain shocked. It is 3 a.m. & I have to be on the other side of the state later so I better quit yapping & get my bags ready. I hope everyone has a blessed & peaceful Sunday. I’m off to ride a few new horses! So if you don’t hear from me for a few days we went riding up the mountain & decided to stay up there for a while, the berries are out & all the medicinal plants are ready to be harvested! Maybe I’ll even find whatever or whoever might be left of our Wolf Pack :~(

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