You won’t believe this.. The case has been continued

Feel free to slap or head or sigh in disgust now… This time it was me asking for the continuance, my first time after 27 court hearings. Very strange day though. I didn’t have an expert witness to examine or explain the vet records & if I can’t assimilate that to a jury I am screwed, but worse yet it means another 2 months of my dogs being held hostage.

So the shelter manager Shannon DelGado was in the court room acting like she didn’t know any of the other workers… It was very strange. Ummmm… HELLO! I used to rescue from the Everett Shelter, the only 2 people I didn’t know where the vet & vet tech. Seriously, why sit in the court room acting like you don’t know anyone? Again it is just part & parcel of how superior they think they are & how dumb they think I am. Really? She gave me the dirtiest look when they gave me my continuance too, she was so ready to just try to crush me today, not going to happen, now we have the vet records, NOT the vet reports. I finally seen their photos in color & Soffie had BLOOD all around her mouth. I got some info on how that happened, which I will share after court. She was warm & dry when she left my care, & by the time she got to the shelter almost 7 hours later, she was bloody, hypothermic & missing teeth. Also my Kelpie who hasn’t had a seizure in well over a year was having seizures which are now only caused by head trauma. So where were they with my dogs for all that time?

They tried to bring up the Plea Offer again… I don’t think so, the pictures I seen today no one should’ve had to look at, no one should ever have to see, no animals should have ever gone through what they put my little girl through. Now because of the fact that my attorney’s investigator didn’t start “investigating” til 3 days before trial, because the courts stalled payment for an expert & an investigator on purpose & the fact that they didn’t get the vet records to us until the 9th, even if we would have had an expert witness they would not have had enough time to review the records by the 11th & most are so vague they will need extra scrutiny. What a pitiful pathetic attempt at trying to win, just like I said earlier, I could sit here for the next 2 months & tell you what they were going to do play by play, they are doing the same exact thing that Mr Rasmussen did. My attorney had to subpoena the damn records! So they figured if I didn’t have time to prepare or prepare my expert witness, they could hope to win, now we have 2 months to get it all figured out. Someone hurt my dogs, just like they hurt the pit bulls up there & I am powerless to stop it or help them.

OMG I just figured out who my expert vet witness is going to be!!! HELL YEAH! I will let everyone know once I get it figured out & get her on board. Just remember this term “They will sh*t bricks” This is why I write, to work out all the stuff my autistic brain hides from me :~) I just realized my first REAL chance at winning!!! WOO HOO!!!

All of their witnesses were there, I’m sure they were pretty pissed at not being able to get up on the stand & spew their drama & lies but they’ll get their chance soon enough. I am somewhat befuddled by these people, I read all the lies on their statements, I see their reports, & it just escapes me how you can keep a straight face & say these things out of your mouth, how they would be able to place their hands on a BIBLE & swear the lies are the truth, I also don’t see how they can keep their lies all straight. Yes I realize the problem is within myself, in order to understand I would have to think like them, not possible for me, so I guess I will never understand.

I might also note that they again did not even offer me a “Sign of Life”… Like I told my attorney, even terrorists & kidnappers offer a sign of life, but not these people. The last contact I can find for each one of my animals is as follows

Last exam after a seizure 8/2/2011
Listed as a 3 yr old male, actual Birthdate 8/15/2004

Last exam 1/20/2011
Listed a a 18 month old male. Actual Birthdate 7/29/2004

Last exam 4/29/2011
No age listed listed as a male (?)

Last exam 4/29/2011
Listed as 7yr old female. Actual Birthdate 1999

Last exam; 6/21/2011
Listed as 3 yrs old. Actual age is at least over 5 yrs old

Last exam: 1/11/2011
Murdered on this day…

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