My court date finally…

I wrote this last night but didn’t want to post it until I got a continuance. This is the real truth about how court was going to go. The prosecution was rip roaring & ready to go today because they KNEW I would not be ready since they just gave us money for an expert & the vet records on AUGUST,9,2011… Yes 2 days before trial!!! Of course they were going to win if we went ahead today. The tides are turning now…

After 8 & a 1/2 months of waiting, I will finally get my court date. I know most of my readers think that it means I will finally be absolved, & my animals will be returned & life will go on. Most people believe that you can find justice in the justice system, in reality this is the farthest thing from the truth. Especially when you’re dealing with a corrupt system. Having a jury of my peers gives me a better chance but it doesn’t guarantee anything, if the prosecutor is having a good day, or if Rose is on top of her lying game, or if one of my witnesses doesn’t show up, or says the wrong thing that the prosecutor can twist around, I lose. My animals could die & that would be the end of it, I can take it to appeal but at that point it would no longer be a battle for their lives, it would be about retribution. I just found out we don’t have a vet for an expert witness so we are screwed.

They are moving my animals around today, I can feel them, I don’t know where they are taking them but what woke me up was seeing Hoki, in a steel box in my dreams & it was moving around, I am hoping it is the AC van, & I am hoping he is still alive. Please remember this boy is the one who had seizures so badly that he wasn’t given til December of ’09 to live until we lowered his medication & he hadn’t had a single seizure until that moment that he was picked up by Everett AC this is a shelter where I was receiving injured & maced animals from… So I have had to ask myself the question: What did they do to him to cause the seizure? They upped his meds again so I’m pretty sure he is having them again if he is still alive & since I have no way of knowing if he is in the shelter or in a foster home I don’t know who is doing what to him or any of my other animals for that matter. I live with that every day & as horrible as it is for me, I can only imagine what it must be like for them. These were all dogs that were abused & neglected before & only God knows what they are having to endure right now…

I took my bulldog to Portland last night & so if I get locked up right at the court house she will be safe, & the attorney has the paperwork to get a stay of execution for my animals, if the judge grants it, but I don’t expect them to given the lack of action from them in the past unless he gets a different judge.

This is turning into an idiot convention, I have 2 witnesses out of 10, no experts vet witness, & it is not showing any signs of getting better. I wish I had better news to report but I just don’t. I will let everyone know how it went, if I am not sitting in jail. My attorney’s investigator is just now getting a hold of people, he was supposed to have started last week, but no one got a hold of the Vet until I called & he is in Evanston Indiana, which would’ve been nice to know LAST WEEK. I have 1 person looking for a vet & I am trying to get the medical records from my lawyer so I can take them to Dr Briskey & see if he can do it. They still have not challenged my charge, which is the WHOLE statute, not just a single charge which they did so they wouldn’t lose. It will make it automatically appealable because it is so vague but if my animals are dead what the hell does it really matter? I can only promise everyone & my animals win or lose I won’t quit fighting, I will never quit fighting. If I lose I have nothing to lose anymore, so all i will have time for is fighting them. The thing that should be noted here… Whether I lose my criminal case or not, my Tort claims is still good, yes it is. The Tort claim is based on Constitutional law, & various laws concerning different laws they have broken, malfeasance, discrimination, violation of the ADA & RICO & has very little to do with the criminal matter! I just found that out from my Tort Lawyer today so that was about the only good news I have gotten so far. I wish it was the other way around, though, bad Tort Claim good chance at getting my babies back…

Not much fun watching your whole case crumble right in front of your eyes. The good news is that the witnesses they have are liars, the problem with a lie is keeping it straight. The vet tech they have will be my best defense & the vet they have will be her own undoing if my attorney listens to me & asks the questions that I ask him to.

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