Update on my case Taamu V City of Everett

Okay so here is my update. I will go to court next week FINALLY, it only took 25 court hearings to get to it & 8 & a 1/2 months. 211 days, nevermind that pesky little “speedy trial” right guaranteed by the constitution, they don’t care for those things in Everett. Nevermind that so far we’re close to 96,000.00 in expenses for the City of Everett so far & we haven’t even gotten to the trial phase, yet. Nevermind they have lost my dead dogs body, & nevermind that have broken about 87 different, state & federal laws by now. It has been TWO HUNDRED & ELEVEN DAYS since I have seen my animals, my babies.

I filed my tort claim & as I wrote about before they made me a plea offer afterwards, which I didn’t accept because they want me to plead guilty to something I am not guilty of & pay them money I never would’ve owed if they had not broken the law themselves. Not to mention I honestly don’t know if my animals are dead or alive & the piece of shits won’t even throw me a “Sign of Life” to prove they are, which is terrifying to me. Everyone seems to think that a Tort Claim is a sure sign of getting rich, but it far from it.

What happens is this. The city looks it over, since they found out I have a good claim they made me a plea offer, since I refused it now is the time they will hire all of the mayor’s good buddies, he by the way is an attorney so he knows how to do this, & he is GOOD at it, look at the case where Officer Mead shot that guy in cold blood, they stalled the internal investigation so they wouldn’t be liable when it comes out badly for them, they spent over 650,000.00 DEFENDING him, & probably another additional 350,000.00 hiring outside firms to defend themselves, not to mention he was on PAID administrative leave this whole time, they settled with the family for about 1/8 of what they spent covering their sweet asse[t]s.

So now according to their little handy dandy handbooks the next move is to hire outside counsel to look at the case, & then they will advise all the parties involved to file counter suits against me, & even though they know they will lose they figure they will keep me tied up for years, eventually I will win, they will appeal keeping me tied up for a couple more years, & finally it will end up being mediated right before the hearing. By the time it is all said & done it will cost the tax payers of the City of Everett well over 7.5 million dollars, possibly more. The things they didn’t count on is I wrote to every big firm they have hired or consulted with over the past 15 yrs, I emailed well over 723 attorneys in this state & even covered the Metro Portland area as well as ANY attorney licensed to business here or in another state, so they are ALL automatically conflicted out, once I get a public disclosure & even so much as one of those names is on there the attorney & the city are going down. It’s called leveling the playing field.

Next, it is too late to bring it up in court but I didn’t realize that they couldn’t take 2 of my dogs who are registered as a therapy & a service dog to me, but the ADA & the ACLU as well as the Rutherford Institute are VERY interested in it & it will be brought up in my Tort Claim. They can’t fight the ADA, no amount of legal wrangling can get them out of that one.

Most of you know I am an Interfaith Minister. I personally follow my Native American beliefs & philosophies, but most of you don’t know I am Jewish by blood, & there are aspects of the Jewish Culture & religion I follow because it too is my heritage. I have always tried to teach my children all of our cultures because I am of the firm belief that if you don’t know where you come from you can not know where you are going. This is as important as breath to me.

We are nearing the end of “The 3 weeks” it is a time of mourning & rememberance, for all of the ancestors passed, for all the suffering from the past, for our own loved one’s lost, & a time for reflection. There are certain things you do & don’t do & at this time I couldn’t enter into a contract with them anyway. When that was brought up a comment was made about whether I was a native or a Jew… Really? You can be of different bloods & faith in this country last time I checked, & one is not so far of a stretch from the other anyway as it has always been held that the native are all a part of the lost tribes of Israel anyway. DNA studies are showing the truth in this daily. I get my Jewish blood from my Native Ancestry, seriously I have the DNA to prove it going back well over 110,000 years.

So now it is a matter of “Hurry up & wait” after 8 & a half months of waiting it is still amazingly hard to know the end is near, whether I win or lose, it will only start another journey that will go on for years. I will finally know if Hoki, Soffie, Taz, Libby & Misty are still alive or not, as well. The only thing I can promise everyone is that no matter what I won’t quit, I will never quit. Yes it hurts, yes I still cry myself to sleep, yes I still have days I would rather be dead, but I don’t really have a choice, I have to go on, I have to fight, I can not quit

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