Stalled out in Stevens County

I am at a stall with my investigations into Stevens County until I get the records I requested. Here’s a smile for the day. The lady who’s case I am investigating & the prosecutor seems to have run out of his own words & is using mine now.

In order to get records from Stevens County you have to go through the prosecutor’s office, if they somehow decide to grant your request they forward it on which seems pretty shady to me, but that’s how they do it.

They asked what I needed the records for & I said to establish a pattern of harassment. The “Information Officer” told me alot of the details of the case & invited me to come to Stevens County so I could look at all of the evidence. I called the lady back & asked her if A B C D E & F are true & what her side of the story was on it.

Two things happened that day. She evidently wrote a letter to the prosecutor/information officer, & Mr Rasmussen called her attorney ONCE AGAIN threatening to press new charges on her. Some time later the Info Officer forwarded me her letter, which quite frankly I didn’t understand but then I laid into him about harassing her, about having a bunch of innocent rescuers going over there trying to save dogs lives because the a-holes told us all if we didn’t get the dogs off of her property they were going to mass execute all of them. They keep telling the rescuers that they are not at fault for going onto private property & taking someone’s dogs, livestock & property & I told them they needed to quit lying to people & cited the laws that were broken & told them I finally had proof of Mr R’s wrong doing as far as his charity was involved & I’ll be damned to hell if with 90 minutes of my email Mr Rasmussen didn’t send a Sheriff Gowin down to her property to ENTER ILLEGALLY without a search warrant to come on her property & start taking pictures of her tenants, & contractors, dogs & horse. I got a call from the contractor who was afraid for his own life but Ms D. was on the ground & the Sheriff just let her lay there so the poor guy ran down the driveway about 400 feet to help her up. He was terrified for his own dogs as well & hid them.

So I finally got a hold of Ms D. last night through Yazmine & found out that now Mr Rasmussen is once again threatening/bargaining with Ms D. attorney. The State Court of Appeals has agreed to hear her case but threw out the states motion & chastised them on top of it. So Mr R asked Ms D’s attorney to ask her to drop her appeal & he would drop the probation violation… The problem with that is HE HAS NO JURISDICTION to do so, the agreement with the appellate court basically puts a “stay” on all proceedings, so he can’t do anything about it either way but it should be noted that he believes he has more power than the Washington State Supreme Courts do. Obviously that didn’t work so then he reverts back to threats & here is where he runs out of words.

Ms D. sent out 2 emails to various people who are currently withholding information on the whereabouts of her dogs BECAUSE Mr Rasmussen is telling them they are in the right ONLY to cover his butt because he knows when the boom falls it’s going to land on him & he doesn’t care if he takes the rest of us with him. SO now he is threatening to file charges against Ms D. for harassment for requesting information saying that “He was going to show a pattern of harassment” pretty much used MY words for the rest of it too. Even though I pointed out that him filing additional charges & harassing her further would ONLY bolster her case & show it for what it was. Malicious harassment. Plain & simple.

This is what happens when folks start to think they are above the law. So if Ms D. shows up dead or completely disappears we know who to look at, following are the 2 letters I sent to them.


I see the letter I don’t understand the letter. I don’t think she is speaking to me but since I stuck my own feet in it & everyone here has their butts in a sling over the legalities of these dogs, who are now in loving homes, except for the 5 that were lost or killed. Everyone’s attorneys are referring them back to the case in Spokane where they adopted out a dog from another jurisdiction, so everyone here is liable for civil & possibly criminal action depending on how far she is willing to take it & she doesn’t really have anything to lose either way. Everyone is lawyered up & waiting for the boom to fall. Other rescues have contacted me saying that someone in your office is telling them she can’t do anything, that they have nothing to worry about & that is a bald faced lie. Then Mr Rasmussen is threatening to press more charges on her, for what I don’t know but all that is doing is adding FUEL to her fire, she has already lost almost everything. I really have tried to come up with ways where this could work out for everyone, she wants her dogs & property back, she is legally entitled to that, & because of the shoddy job that your lawyers did for the appeal court they won’t even hear your side of the case & are moving forward with her’s. Please get a tape of it & look over it, someone should’ve at the very least thrown in a case or two & in the Justices’ response they even said it not their job to make a case for the state. So on these very important last 2 issues it looks from all perspective she will win & then not only will your county be screwed, but lots of good rescuers who were doing nothing more than your office’s bidding because you had an insane sheriff telling everyone he was going to kill the dogs if we didn’t move our butts into gear & get them out, when in reality she was not on the property, some of the animals weren’t even hers but Glover had to be a jerk & I do mean to tell you he is a jerk & he said he was acting under Mr Rasmussen’s orders to several of us. Every lawyer up here is itching for a shot at you guys.

I really appreciate the time & effort that you spent on me, & I have nothing against anyone up there except for Mr Rasmussen for getting all of us involved in his big headed issues & that Officer Glover. I want to write him a letter myself, before he tries to utterly destroy someone he should make sure they are destroyed, this one has some fight in her & a caveat for if she dies!!! Remember she used to be the sweetheart of some mighty big firms over here, which puts a lot of folks over here in a bind because a lot of the good lawyers are conflicted out. It’s just like with my own issue, over here, I tried to explain to everyone, you don’t take EVERYTHING from someone & leave them standing, because then they have nothing to lose, all they have is time to focus on the issue. I also hope that Mr Rasmussen understands any new charges at this point will look exactly like what it is, pure & simple retaliation. I have read most of the statements that I have access to & the only people who were against her were people she had had issues with before, legal issues, so that doesn’t look good, my understanding is the video authenticator said the tapes were so spliced & diced that they wouldn’t be any more admissable than tapes of bigfoot at the mall.

I am going to try to go down to her place over here & see if I can talk to her again, to atleast see if we can get her to leave some of the rescuers out of this, but I took her to see 2 of her dogs here, they were so shell shocked that even I cried for them. I go every week up into the mountain looking for her other dog(s) that were lost, & most times it ends with me sitting down bawling my head off because I have never failed a dog that miserably, we think 1 of them is dead, but the boy has a gimpy foot & I find his tracks quite often. These are not my dogs, so I can only imagine how she must feel, if she didn’t fight for them then I would question her motives. I am on a sinking ship either way, & Stevens County’s ship is taking on water too. No one is going to “win” in this case.

I still don’t understand the purpose of the ferocity of the prosecution of Ms D., it was ALL OUT WAR, it bordered on illegal from the beginning. She writes an article, 2 weeks later her property is raided, she pisses off a horse thief, Mr Rasmussen sends neighbors over to harass the dogs & her. Next thing you know she is sitting in jail, he illegally orders all of her property disposed of, she is denied medial access & outside access from the jail, til her piece of garbage lawyer comes to see her to tell her all of the animals were gone & that he wasn’t doing anything more on her case, who by the way is one of the lawyers who donated to Mr Rasmussen’s partner charity that turned around & donated the money back to him. Do you see where this is NOT looking good for any of us? The idiots who posted on the news stories, in the comment sections pretty much gave her all the ammo she needs. Because of the bad advice Mr Rasmussen is giving them they thought they were in the right but these past few weeks they have found out they are not. I would not be surprised if you end up with about 20 more records requests by the time this goes to appeal. I am trying to clear my schedule so I can come over there personally to see the court stuff as well. Thank you for forwarding my request to the Sheriff’s office, though.

Again all I want to know is why it was so important for Mr Rasmussen to totally annihilate Ms D..



Really?????????? I just went down to see Pam she is not here, she is over there, cause she had to keep an eye on her contractor & Mr Rasmussen sent a sheriff out to her property to take pictures & harass her. Are you guys serious? Her tenant called me in a panic saying she WAS ON THE GROUND & THE PIECE OF CRAP SHERIFF JUST LEFT HER THERE! What is wrong with you people???? I am calling the newspapers & TV stations in the whole state & giving them all the paperwork I have from the charities & all of the other info I have about Mr Rasmussen. I really hope he is proud of himself, the contractor has also sent me VIDEO from his cell phone!!! This is why I don’t believe one line of spiddle that comes out of Mr Rasmussen’s mouth. If anything happens to her I am going to make sure all of you are held accountable in every way. I am also contacting her tort lawyer & forwarding everything to him so even if she has a damn heart attack none of you will have gotten away with this. What kind of agency leaves a senior woman on the ground to die, yes she could’ve died. If anything happens to her in the meantime YOU WILL ALL BE ACCOUNTABLE, & remember getting rid of her does nothing she has an attorney that is going to proceed in the case of her death. How dumb can you all be? I want the public disclosure records, all of them. That is all.
Rev. Brandia Taamu

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