Follow Up to the Investigation into the Stevens County Prosecutor’s Charity

Charity Mess

I wrote about my findings to the Bar Association, so we will see if they
act upon it or not, but I am also preparing this for the Dept of Justice, the
FBI & the IRS. I figure if one won’t do something the other might. I have
had it with the corruption, & no matter what I write, do, or say, they
continue to conduct themselves as though they are above the law, because they
firmly believe they are above it & for many years they have been. I had
hoped that maybe in writing this they would back off & quit harassing Ms D,
but they have only gone after her even more so, so at this point I have no
choice but to go after them in any & every way possible. The thing they seem
to forget is I would have NOTHING to report on if they were obeying the same
laws they claim to be charged with enforcing. By them entering her property
illegally, they have made it very clear they will break whatever laws they want
to in order to get her to be quiet, & break her down. They can not sht me
up, they can’t break me down. I have enough sense to ONLY print the truth, I am
only reporting what I find in Black & White, things that are documented with
state & Govt agencies. Ms D is in hiding, what a sad way to have to live
because of someone’s twisted ego & criminal misconduct…
I was directed
to write to you regarding my findings about a Stevens County Prosecutor &
his charity, I was told by another Stevens County prosecutor that the
investigation was complete, if it is you may want to re-examine it again. His
statement to the bar didn’t make any sense to me so I checked into all 3
charities involved, I have forwarded this info to several newspapers & TV
stations as well, who may be able to glean even more information, to help you in
this investigation, so this matter is not swept under the rug or ignored. I
would also like to know how it is almost 2 years after the fact, & no one
besides me has figured out this information. Are you by any chance taking
applications for investigator’s?

1) Mr Rasmussen owns/runs a charity called Water for Life
International or H2o for Life, it is a registered charity.
2) Various
lawyers donated to another charity called “International Children’s Care”
International Children’s care’s parent or partner company is Versa Care
Versa Care DONATED 13,000.00 to Water for Life International in 2011, 13,000.00
in 2010 & 10,000.00 in 2009. How that is NOT a clear benefit maybe you can
explain that to me

I have included all of the links as well as 3 tax
returns to show the connection, but their web pages say it all. I had a donor
list that totaled the amount donated by the lawyers involved but I can’t find

Here is Mr Rasmussen’s statement to the

Tim Rasmussen: “I am a
board member of Water for Life International”… “I have never solicited or
accepted any donations from any Washington criminal defense attorney for Water
For Life International.” …. “I have accepted donations from Washington criminal
defense attorneys who are friends to assist an orphanage in Guatemala. “… To do
that I asked people I knew to donate to International Children’s Care for the
Guatemalan facility.” All donors received a receipt for their in-kind donation
directly from International Children’s Care” …”We pooled our resources and
bought things for the campus and children. . . . “We sent the things in
containers of equipment being sent to the orphanage by the drilling project.” .
.. “ I did not benefit in any way, directly or indirectly from any contribution
. .”.. “The Guatemalan Orphanage …is owned and operated by International
Children’s Care which is based in Vancouver, Washington.”… “I am not connected
to them in any way … except I have made donations and solicit donations from
friends to assist the orphanage in Guatemala.”.

I did
not believe what he said so I checked but now I realize I was WRONG he didn’t
just receive 13K this year, he also received 13k last year & 10K the year
before. It should also be noted all of these organizations are 7th Day Adventist
organizations, so make that 36,000.00 dollars he has gotten from Versacare, a
partner or parent organization for Children’s Care

This is the website for
International Children’s Care

Partnership Organizations

Click on one of the following links to find out more information
about each organization.
here at ICC have been privileged to work in partnership with the
Their passion for improving the lives of disadvantaged children has
developed into a team effort that gives us a greater reach in saving
orphaned children.
To read more about how Versacare has helped ICC click here.
Visit Website



Versacare has a long-standing relationship with the International
Children’s Care organization. We are proud to partner with this outstanding
humanitarian organization which has cared for thousands of homeless and needy
children since 1978.

2011 Grant List

2007 | 2008 |
| 2010 | 2011 |

Water for Life Guatemala $13,000

2010 Grant List

Water for Life Guatemala $13,000

2009 Grant List

Water For Life Guatemala $10,000

International Childrens Care Inc. Vancouver WA USA




















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3 thoughts on “Follow Up to the Investigation into the Stevens County Prosecutor’s Charity

  1. It should be duly noted that Officer Gowin may have lied, but I am positive that Mr Rasmussen lied at a court hearing for Ms D. He claims that Off. Gowin went up to Ms D’s door & heard dogs inside of her home. There were 4 witnesses there that day that can state otherwise & there was some footage taken by one of the contractors as well. It just never ends, & now it has become personal to me so I will hand over the reigns to my Ghost writer & let her work her magic, I can no longer be objective, only disgusted. I haven’t heard anything back about my Public Records Request, so I will be sure to start action if I don’t soon.


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