My Aslan (or Turkish Van if you will…)

On the morning of July,26th, I seen a cat outside, my husband threw it a piece of roast beef, & several hours later, my neighbor comes over & says there is a cat who may be dead in her garden. He was cold, unresponsive but had a pulse & was breathing. It was wet out & he was dirty oily & bloody. I got him in the house & started warm sub-q fluids, got a heating pad & gave him some pain meds, then we got him into a warm bath (the sink) & pretty soon he suddenly remembers he is a CAT & he does not like warm baths, but his legs were totally useless at this point, but I didn’t want to stress him so we wrapped him in a towel, then the heating pad then a big comforter, my vet was closed & all I had was 40.00 & the problem with an animal in shock is that the shock usually kills them when you start screwing with them. A couple hours later he starts shivering a sure sign that he was hypothermic. So we laid him between our bodies, I gave him some more pain killers, rescue remedy & sub-q’s every 45 minutes. I got more money & took him to my vet, but since he was a stray not a rescue the vet refused to give me rescue rates, he wanted all the money up front. Good thing I had 70 bucks because they charged me 69.80 for an exam to tell me nothing & give him anti-biotics.

I had previously called the Everett shelter, they said they would put him down, I called PAWS they said they would humanely euthanize him. All of the other rescues & shelters were full so we kept giving him pain meds & the anti-biotics the vet prescribed. I posted him everywhere, called everyone I could think of praying his owners would claim him & get him to a vet, it is now the 5th of August & the sad fact of the matter is that no one has called, no one has emailed, & now he is up walking around, his hip is displaced but our vet tech came & stayed with us for a couple of days to care for him as well. I am taking him to Purrfect Pals in a couple of hours to get fixed, literally & while he’s under they will try to pop the leg back in. He is what is called a Turkish Van, with a batman shaped brown spot on him so we were calling him Batman but after once again reading the Chronicles of Narnia it hit me! A prefect name for him Aslan, like the great & mighty Lion, he is sweet but he can kick the dog’s butt’s laying down. We had all the grand-dogs for a couple of days while the kids went camping & I can promise you he was not amused with the array of goofy dogs in the house, he was very relieved when the last one left today. I looked up the word Aslan & guess what??? It is the Turkish word for Lion! Talk about a perfect name :~)

Cat Hit on Hwy 99

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