Laws needed to protect rescuers

I don’t know why, but I am still amazed with all the corruption, & malicious prosecution going on in this state, in this country for that matter. It is like a school playground where the bullies rule.

My case, Ms Deskins case, Ms Kerr’s case, Ms Lieghters case, & a few others. It should be noted all of these people are rescues. I have been sitting here thinking about the fact that we as rescuers need some laws enacted to protect ourselves. This is beyond ridiculous, past outrage, & most times totally illegal. It also needs to be noted that all of the cases I have been following have been instigated by city run animal control agencies, (except for one case) that are in direct competition with the rescue. You would think that would be enough to prove malicious intent, but since they have a program of murdering all of the animals & their scripts firmly in place about all of the animals being in “deplorable conditions” most times they knock the fight out of the rescuer, when they murder their own animals. It is a cruel yet effective method of totally destroying their competition.

Sometimes it feels as though this is the ultimate proof that NO good deed goes unpunished.

In order to understand the motivation you have to know how municipal shelters get their funding. If a shelter takes in 500 dogs a year & adopt out 480 well there is not really much of a problem, BUT if a shelter takes in 3000 dogs a year & has to euthanize most if not all then WHOA NELLY there is a big problem, they have to get more funds, so along comes a rescue, a shelter that is living high off the hog, & has it’s own 501(c)3 to boot, is getting donations & city funding, along comes a little rescuer & next thing you know they are taking in 500 dogs again, well they can’t get the exhorbitant funding & donations start to dry up… Not to mention they are also losing money on the corpses of these animals who they sell to a rendering plant to make more dog & cat food, so it hits them in every pocket. What to do? Well DESTROY the competition of course! How to do it? Well look to your big brothers at HSUS & ASPCA to find a way, use the laws they lobby for to attack full on.

This may sound like the rantings of a crazy person but mark my words when they show up at your door & one of the dogs nervous piddle or an owner surrender in bad shape has just been dumped on your doorstep, you WILL BE CHARGED with animal neglect & cruelty, the will take everything you own, they will kill most if not all of your animals & then you will be left with nothing. I have documented well over 480 cases of this happening & it is getting worse, please keep in mind I am only following the cases that appear to me to be a sham, others out there may be but I can only speak for what I know or am reading. I have a Google account with notifiers & every day I receive notice of at least 10 to 15 new cases a day!!! Of those 3 to 6 are almost always rescuers.

What we need is a HSUS or ASPCA reject, someone who finally seen the light of day & knows how they operate, that can help us to write laws to protect ourselves… but don’t be surprised if HSUS or ASPCA comes along to try to lobby against us or worse yet FOR us. WOrse yet the HSUS watchdog group, I had subscribed to their newsletter & they do a good job in getting the info out there but they are not very forthcoming about their own agenda, in the last letter I got from them they went on & on about how HSUS was bringing up their parent company but refused to tell anyone it was the Center for Consumer Freedom. So in my eyes they are no better than the other 2 agencies.

I don’t want a big money maker or a watchdog group with an agenda to get more donations riding my coat tails, nor do I want them involved with any of my activities. What I need are great legal minds.

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