Legal stuff in Laymans terms: This case in review

Okay first a Thank you to my followers, my friends, & my family. I realize that I have a tendency to go off on tangents about this legal term, & that legal paper & this law without explaining what a lot of it means. The knowledge I have didn’t come from a fancy university, it came from pain, fear & suffering. 18 to 23 hours a day I sat up & read & learned, I know more about the law then I ever cared to, so much so that I now have aspirations of becoming a paralegal, & possibly a lawyer.

I will be the weird lawyer, the one that pisses everyone off, that doesn’t schmooze & will probably spend more than my fair share of time in jail for contempt of court & I will decidely take cases in Everett pro-bono or low-bono. I promise to be the most irritating low cost attorney you can get, irritating to the judges & prosecutors that is.

Okay so my trial date has FINALLY been set, I have been to court now 28 times. I have a reporter looking up the cost of each hearing & each filing, as well as the man hours the City Prosecutor is wasting on prosecuting a misdemeanor charge. This is what happens when you get their knickers in a knot. I evidently have a gift for this.

As I blogged about before as soon as I filed my tort claim they offered me a plea deal… Evidently they don’t get the fact that I will not plead guilty or otherwise, to something I am not guilty of, but it was pretty smart to dangle the promise of the return of my animals in front of me to sweeten the deal, but if they believed I was guilty of neglect or abuse there is absolutely no way in all of hell that they would’ve offered to return them. DUH! Seriously why would the city send a bunch of helpless animals that can’t defend themselves to evil lil’ ol’ me? LOL! It also let me know that since one of the conditions, the ONLY condition in BOLD LETTERS was that I drop my tort claim, it also let me know I have a valid claim. Everett has an attorney for a Mayor, so he will get all his buddies to work like mad on this case & literally spend upward of over 150,000.00 to fight me on this, combined with the court costs & fees, Everett will eventually spend upwards of a quarter of a million dollars to maliciously prosecute someone for a misdemeanor.

Seriously though, I have not been allowed to see or get status reports on any of my animals & they have lost my dead dog’s body so why would I even entertain any kind of agreement? Really I wasn’t even offered a “Sign of Life” which even terrorists give to someone, but not Everett.

So here is what is next. My attorney & their attorney will banter back & forth as to what is admisable for evidence, they will argue over what evidence will be presented, they will refuse to allow the crazy woman’s past record of child abuse & criminal conduct to be entered into evidence. Then everyone will be talking to witnesses, then comes jury selection, I want a panel of thin Native American women but it doesn’t work that way… We will go to court & the testimony will begin & the prosecutor will twist everything around to make me look like a heathen dog killing murderous sloth BUT then I will get up on the stand & trust me, it will be fun. If anyone would like to be present let me know & I’ll send you the date & court time. See the critical difference is that I will be able to talk to a “jury of my peers” they have nothing to win or lose by being there, most of them will be interested in the whole process & most people take jury duty very seriously. These will also be TAX PAYING CITIZENS OF THE CITY OF EVERETT who will also be very interested in how much the city is wasting of their tax dollars. In a recent poll it was said that over 85% of US citizens have little to no faith in the justice system. (WONDER WHY?)

So here is the answers to some private questions, that I do know. I don’t know why my attorney won’t bring up the fact that Rose Adams had SIX pending charges, 3 of which were gross misdemeanors for dogs at loose, pit bulls in the city which are gross misdemeanors, & that the city dropped those charges in exchange for her testimony against me for ONE misdemeanor, but I do know this:

I have 17 different judgements for evictions, I have her mental evaluations for when the state took her kids away, I have various assault charges, I have about 32 anti- harassment orders she has filed & that have been filed against her. I have forgery charges, but NONE of those are considered crimes of dishonesty so to all you forger’s out there evidently it is perfectly honest but not legal to be a forger.

As for why they charged me with violating the WHOLE code it is because they had no chance in hell in winning with only 1 or 2 parts, but they can’t fight my affirmative defense which is law, so it up to me to PROVE I am innocent, it is up to them to prove I am guilty, they just made it infinitely harder on themselves by offering me the plea deal though.

Next is I grew up with an abusive step-father, & then an abusive husband, very verbally abusive, in order for a prosecutor to be good at what they do they have to have a little bit of a batterer inside of themselves, I am very adept at defending myself in verbal sparring.

I have faith that all will work out as it is intended. I will never give up, ever. No matter what I will continue to fight in the memory of my own babies, my little furry children. I have also found out that since 2 of my dogs are considered a therapy & a service dog that may open even more avenues to go after them.

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3 thoughts on “Legal stuff in Laymans terms: This case in review

  1. This is like reading “War and Peace” one sentence at a time. I hope you finally get some resolution and that it brings you peace and brings your babies back to you. Then I hope you sue the snot out of them and kick their asses for them.


  2. That is the plan :~)

    Funny thing is I just bought a book called War & Peace & one called “The Art of War” tonight. I don’t watch much television, but was told both of the books were good.

    Thank you Lynn


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